strange smell in karachi

Residents of Karachi have been complaining about a weird and disgusting smell that has taken over the metropolis.

The citizens are wondering what is the cause of the sickening odor and are taking to social media to solve the mystery of the stink in the city.

The officials at WWF, this time last year, had revealed the reason behind the stench in the air and muse that environmental factors are responsible for it!

karachi smell

According to them, the decay of small planktonic dinoflagellate called Noctiluca Scintillans (also known as Sea Sparkle) has caused this stench.

It is expected that the strange smell citizens of Karachi are experiencing is due to the same cause.

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Meanwhile, Facebook page ‘Weather Updates PK’ gave an explanation behind this concern. According to them:

High Humidity

Last year, the page added that there is a high humidity warning due to LLC.

“Due to a developing Low-Level Circulation (L.L.C) High Humidity Levels are likely to effect Karachi and adjoining areas in next 24 hours and will continue for 48 hours (30th – 1st June-17) under its influence Temperatures may Rise up to 37’C – 40’C (seasonally hot temperatures).”

“Whereas feels like temperature may rise up to 45-46’C in Karachi. (This is the main concern). Humidity levels may rise up to 60-75%, on the other hand, the Sea Breeze will cut off gradually from tonight for next 2-3 days, therefore, WUPK predicts chances of heat stroke to the human body are up to 70%.”

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Karachiites React to the Strange Smell in the City!

We all thought a mouse or another rodent had died beforehand as well.

karachi smell

Fish stink is in the air, how romantic!

karachi smell

We smell you brother, I mean hear you!

karachi smell

Say what?

Saviour of the day!

The mysterious case of the fishy-murders…

Mystery solved!

Smelt it in your air too? Share your impacted areas with us in the comments below.

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