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Karachi is one of the busiest cities in the world where you can go out, have fun with your friends and enjoy delicacies from around the world.

Be it Summer or Winter, Karachiites love Coffee and that’s one of the main reasons why some of the best international Coffee Chains should make Karachi their new home.

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1- Starbucks

Every metropolis in the world has a Star Bucks except the one where people buy their shirts and display as if they were born next to a Star Bucks outlet. There was one fake Star Bucks in Karachi in the vicinity of the now-defunct Cineplex Cinema whereas the very local Sattar Bukhsh is there to rid you of your coffee-thirst in the city.

However, if Star Bucks does come to Pakistan, all the fake outlets and the ones looting the customers in the name of Coffee will have to make way for the King of Coffee that has no match anywhere else in the world.

2- Tim Hortons

If Star Bucks is America and Tim Hortons is Canada and considering Pakistan’s love for the North American country, Tim Hortons might do well when and if it comes to Pakistan.

With food courts in malls becoming the next big thing, Tim Hortons can easily become the coffee-loving-public’s favorite outlet. Think of it as an America vs Canada thing and we might have to gear up for Starbucks vs Tim Horton’s clash if all stays well in the largest city of Pakistan.

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3-Mc Cafe

Twenty years McDonalds’s came to Pakistan and since then it has grown into the biggest international food chain in the country; every mall has a McDonald’s outlet and every family has one McDonald’s supporter.

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Just imagine what would happen if McCafe – its sister concern – makes it to Karachi! Karachiites will surely ditch local coffee shops to taste the one from the masters and who knows, it might become the next big thing in the coffee-starved city!

4-Cafe Coffee Day

Remember the Cafe Coffee Day branch in Khadda Market where youngsters, as well as elders, spent their time sipping the best coffee and discussing their issues; it may not be there anymore but with the law and order situation getting better in the city, they might make a comeback soon.

The Coffee Shop gave the best Coffee to the Karachiites and they haven’t forgotten that as they keep missing the outlet that is not there, anymore.

5-Coffee Planet

Islamabad and Lahore have an edge over Karachi and that edge is known as Coffee Planet, the famous international coffee chain that has the locals of these cities hooked to its flavors.

It needs to introduce itself to Karachi as people here need Coffee 24X7, just like a car needs petrol. If the coffee shop manages to reach Karachi, many problems of the city folks will be gone as they will hardly have time to worry about anything but the next Coffee mug!