Shahzeb Khanzada's Meesha Shafi Interview

Last night, Shahzeb Khanzada’s Meesha Shafi Interview on Geo News took social media by storm.

While clarifying Ali Zafar’s allegations one by one, Meesha revealed and maintained her stance on her controversial harassment case against Ali Zafar.

During the programme ‘Aaj Shahzeb Khanzada key Sath’, the host displayed responsible journalism by being considerate and respectful with every question.

Twitter is all praises for Khanzada’s thoughtfulness and objectivity!

Ali Zafar’s Wife Ayesha Fazli Threatens Meesha Shafi Amidst Harassment Controversy

Meesha revealed how she had wanted to avoid the incident from the beginning and avoided speaking publicly on the matter for four months.

She added that when the issue did not get resolved privately, she resorted to social media and tweeted about the case.

Watch Shahzeb Khanzada’s Meesha Shafi full interview here and tell us what you think in the comments below:

The critical matter of harassment requires to be handled very sensibly. Any carelessness in the matter can further cause complications for both the perpetrator and the aggrieved party.

Seems like Shahzeb Khanzada dealt gracefully with Meesha throughout the interview.

Ali Zafar appeared in three talk shows yesterday and it seems this controversy will not die down anytime soon. His wife, Ayesha Fazli has also warned Meesha that the family will make sure this matter is brought to book.

Meesha Shafi’s Legal Team Issues Statement After Ali Zafar’s Break Down

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