Samsung Galaxy S8

Believe it or not but till last month, Samsung fans and users could actually get their hands on the Galaxy S9 for cheaper compared to its predecessor Galaxy S8!

However, the price for the Galaxy S8 has fallen and it has now become an affordable flagship device.

Samsung users can get a hold of the S8 for a more cheaper rate as a number of telecom providers have rolled out several offers for the set.

There is no mention of when these offers are valid till however if you want to make the most of it.

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Here are some Galaxy S8 Deals you can Look Forward to 

Vodafone Deal 1

Samsung Galaxy S8 | £65 upfront (with 10OFF code)| 1GB data | Unlimited minutes and texts | £18pm

Flagship devices are not normally this cheap, £18 a month for what is still a high-end Samsung device is an absolutely great place to be. In fact, this deal competes with the likes of cheap devices like the iPhone SE in price so you better act fast. There’s not much data but who needs it when you’re sailing on cheap monthly costs. Total cost over 24 months is £497 (with 10OFF code).

Vodafone Deal 2

Samsung Galaxy S8 | £15 upfront (with 10OFF code) | 4GB data | Unlimited minutes and texts | £23pm

For £23 per month is obviously fantastic for a phone that’s still as good as the Samsung Galaxy S8, it gets even better considering how low the upfront cost is even better again with the 3GB of data. If the 1GB of data above wasn’t for you, this is a great alternative. Total cost over 24 months is £567.

EE Deal 1

Samsung Galaxy S8 | FREE upfront | 9GB data | Unlimited minutes and texts | £28pm

Yes! Just £28 a month seems like quite a lot in comparison to the deals above and isn’t necessarily as ‘cheap’ as them but for 9GB of data, it is a seriously good price. So if you want the S8 but 4GB of data doesn’t feel like enough this is the way to go.  Total cost over 24 months is £672.

These deals are for individuals residing in the UK.

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Tax on Imported Mobile Phones

For those who wish to import the Samsung Galaxy S8 in Pakistan, be advised that you will be liable to pay customs duty and taxes on the set.

Imported phones will have the following taxes and duties applicable to them:

  • Customs Duty
  • Regulatory Duty
  • Sales Tax
  • Additional Sales Tax
  • IT Duty
  • Mobile Levy
  • Provincial Tax

Customs Duty 

The fixed amount for Customs Duty is PKR 250.

Regulatory Duty

Mobile phones worth in-between $1-60 will be taxed with Rs.250. Handsets worth in between $61-130 will be taxed with 10% of the value. Whereas phone worth over $130 will be taxed with 20% of their value under Regulatory Duty.

Value of Phone (USD) Taxation
$1-60 Rs. 250
$61-130 10% of the value
$130+ 20% of the value


Sales Tax

Sales tax is fixed at Rs. 1500 per handset.

Additional Sales Tax

Additional sales tax is fixed at 3% of the phone’s actual value.

IT Tax

The fixed amount for IT Tax is 9% of the phone’s value.

Mobile Levy

Value of Phone (PKR) Levy
Rs 10,000 to 40,000 Rs 1000
Rs 40,000 to 80,000 Rs 3000
Over Rs 80,000 Rs 5000


  • Value of a phone declared by Customs is Value A
  • Add 1% Insurance on Value A, this would become Value B
  • Add 1% Landing charges on Value B, this would become Value C
  • Now, this Value C is important because Customs will now Apply/calculate all Duty/Taxes on Value C, not Value A.

If Value A = $100, then its Value B will be $101. Its Value C would then be $102.01 (and not $100).

Now that the value of the phone has been determined- it will be converted from USD to PKR at Inter-Bank rates for that particular day.

Now that we have the phone’s value, the following formulas will be applied for taxes and duties:

  • Value C + 10% or 20% Regulatory Duty = Value D
  • Value D + Rs 250 fix Customs Duty = Value E
  • Value E + 3% Additional Sales Tax = Value F
  • Value F + Rs 1500 fix Sales Tax = Value G
  • Value G + 9% or 6% Income Tax = Value H
  • Value H + Rs 1000 or greater as Mobile Handset Levy = Value I
  • Value I + Rs 1000 fix Sindh Stamp Duty = Value J
  • Value C + 1.16% CESS Duty = Value K

Value J + Value K – Value C = ___ PKR. This is the final amount which is the total of Duty/Taxes that an individual will have to pay.

Taxation Per Phone

The following chart explains how much taxation will have to be paid according to the value of the handset.

Value of Mobile Taxation (PKR)
$50 Rs 4,641
$100 Rs 6,367
$150 Rs 8,083
$200 Rs 13,116
$250 Rs 15,666
$300 Rs 20,216
$350 Rs 22,767
$400 Rs 25,317
$450 Rs 27,867
$500 Rs 30,417
$550 Rs 34,967
$600 Rs 37,517
$650 Rs 40,067
$700 Rs 42,618
$800 Rs 47,718
$900 Rs 52,818
$1000 Rs 57,918
$1200 Rs 68,119
$1400 Rs 78,319
$1500 Rs 83,420

Know any more amazing deals for the Galaxy S8? Share them with us!

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