WhatsApp hacking

We all have tried to get into our friend’s or sibling’s phones to mess with them, but did you know that hacking into someone’s WhatsApp or iMessage data can make you a millionaire? Zerodium is giving you a golden opportunity to do just that!

Zerodium is a startup firm which is known for a reputation- the firm buys and sells hacking tools which exploit many law agencies and even governments around the world. The firm has announced a reward of $1 million for those individuals who can remotely hack someone data.

Zerodium’s founder Chaouki Bekrar, while giving an interview to Motherboard said:

Messaging apps in general and WhatsApp, in particular, are sometimes the only communication channel used by targets and end-to-end encryption makes it difficult for our government customers to intercept such communications.

So having the ability to remotely compromise these apps directly without compromising the whole phone is much more strategic and effective.

Since nowadays an individual’s vital information is on their smartphone, be it their credit card details or personal information, hacking their data and exploiting its content at times earns up to $2 million.

This is why smartphone manufacturers are doing everything they can to improve the security of their products and why the rewards are getting higher and higher each time. It has become extremely difficult to crack into iOS and Android systems today.

Are you willing to try?

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