Recovered COVID-19
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The pandemic COVID-19 spreading from coronavirus strand brought the world to a standstill. A number of countries went into lockdown and halted all tourism activities for foreigners. Even in Pakistan, the COVID cases reached up to a number of 320,000. But thankfully the recovered COVID-19 patients were more than 305,000.

However, we cannot ignore the fact that more than a quarter-million people experienced worrisome illness. An illness that makes the patient undergo dry cough, diarrhoea and affected taste buds. It also weakens the patient a great deal. Even though the death toll was fairly low for COVID in Pakistan, anyone contracting the virus had their loved ones worried.

COVID is returning

It is also being said that Pakistan will experience another wave of COVID soon and the cases have seen an evident increase once again. And given that the virus thrives in heat, the upcoming heatwave in Karachi is not in favour of Karachiites either.

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But there is a myth that needs to be tackled here. Some people are in the illusion that once infected by COVID, people cannot contract it again. This is not true. The medical staff has repeatedly said that we need to exercise precautions even after recovering from COVID because your body has not developed any immunity against it in that time.

COVID’s Twice victim

And the claim was proven when a man in the USA contracted it twice in a span of two weeks. This young adult, aged 25 got tested for COVID. The result came out positive. He was suffering from cough, headache, nausea, sore throat and diarrhoea. But all his symptoms went away by Aril 27, 9 days after he got tested.

In May, two of his tests came negative so clinically he was diagnosed healthy as well. By 28th May, however, he had the symptoms again. This time worse than before. 7 days later tested and got a positive result. He even had to be hospitalized since his lungs were not able to provide oxygen to his body.

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Aside from that, he had a fever as well as dizziness and hypoxia. He recovered from the second attack as well. But the doctors had an interesting discovery. They found that the second strand of COVID was different from the first illness. It was more evolved.

So, long story short, recovered COVID-19 patients also need to be careful because COVID can attack again and the second time is much more severe than the first.

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