Mariyam Nafees is a well-known Pakistani model, actress, host, and social activist. She has appeared in popular dramas like “Diyar E Dil”, “Yaqeen Ka Safar”, “Ishq Jalebi”, “Kam Zarf”, and “Mohabbat Chor Di Maine”. Mariyam has a strong social media presence, and fans adore her charming personality.

Recently, Mariyam Nafees received praise for her roles in Hum TV’s “Neem” and ARY Digital’s “Jaan E Jahan”. She is happily married to Aman Ahmed, a talented director. The couple tied the knot in March 2022.

Mariyam recently shared a video on Instagram, giving a glimpse into a personal conversation with her husband. In the video, her husband expressed his desire to start a family. Mariyam’s playful response was, “Baby? A real baby? I am a baby!”

Netizens’ Reaction to Mariyam

Fans were not pleased with Mariyam for sharing this private moment. Social media users reacted strongly to her reply. One user commented, “It is weird, if she’s a kid then why did she marry?” Many viewers were unhappy with her seemingly ungrateful response.

Mariyam responded to some of the comments, explaining that the post was meant to be fun. She added, “I am grateful for my beautiful life.” She also included a disclaimer with her post, trying to clarify her intentions.

On the other hand, many understood that joke and continued it too. Girls jumped on the bandwagon and laughed over how men probably wouldn’t act this way if they had to raise them too.

Despite the backlash, Mariyam’s lighthearted post sparked a conversation among her followers. While some criticized her, others appreciated her candidness and humor. The debate highlights how public figures navigate their private lives on social media and the varied reactions they receive from their audience.

In the end, Mariyam’s video reflects her playful nature and close relationship with her husband.

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