In today’s challenging world where children are bound to multi-task and deliver to the optimum, they require the right energy to shine bright. Pakistan’s leading branded biscuit manufacturer, EBM combines childhood innocence, a tasty adventure, and a playful teddy in its recently introduced and exciting ‘bear-shaped cake’ aptly named ‘Gluco Teddy’ within the cake category.

Peek Freans Gluco has been the trusted brand by mothers for generations as it has launched the best nutritious energy offerings for children. Keeping in mind children’s growth, ‘Gluco Teddy’ is a calcium-filled treat baked with the goodness of wheat, milk & eggs. It is a big sigh of relief for mothers who are always on the lookout for a perfect snack without any artificial color or preservatives.  The added boost of calcium intake ensures the growth in children.

The USP of the product is the unique shape of Teddy making it a desirable food between meals for children. It enables the creative mindset at the same time reassures mothers that their children are consuming the right nutrition.   Gluco Teddy is available in two exciting new flavors milk and chocolate.

The 37-second TVC delves deep into the playful imagination of children and   captures the idea of adventure, fun, and taste. It opens up with a cute animated teddy who embarks on his journey with an innovative slogan ‘Ready, Teddy Go’.  The teddy hurtles through the treetops like a roller-coaster ride eventually transiting into the real world. It is a visual exhilaration, that embodies bright, colorful, hyperkinetic animation raising the bar for campaigns throughout the country.

What is interesting is the fact that Peek Freans connects with children in a language that they understand. Children love to watch cartoons. Similarly, animated videos are as powerful as cartoons. It is cute, fun and the cheerful jingle helps in appealing it to the target market.  In short, the entire elements blend beautifully like a symphony.  Also, the entertaining and funny jingle has kept the children delighted.

Popular celebrities Sarwat Gilani, Momal Sheikh and Fatima Effendi came on board and played innovative games with their children to win Gluco Teddy cakes.

Macro influencers Sehr, Ghina, Hadiya and many more showcased their talent by playing different games.

Mahvish, Palwasha, Anisa and others posted rave reviews on how Gluco Teddy cake is a great source of health and a wholesome option for a perfect snack.

With this latest creative addition ‘Gluco Teddy’ in its portfolio, Peef Freans widens the appeal of the brand in the country, while continuing to play on its core territory. The campaign is rolled out across various platforms as well as outdoor & digital campaigns across sections.