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foodpanda Goes an Extra Mile to Deliver your Favourite Food!


Food apps have made our lives extremely easy and become widely famous all over the globe. Our favourite meals are just a click away, however, the only drawback is hunger pangs and heartaches that come with late deliveries.

We’ve all experienced the pain of ordering food through an app and waiting for aeons only to be left guessing whether we’ll receive the food or not, whether the rider got lost or kidnapped.

Well, foodpanda is committed to delivering your food and willing to go an extra mile for that very purpose.

Be it your home, office, airport or even the train station, thankfully, one can order their favourite cheese pizza, juicy burgers or scrumptious biryani for delivery with just a few taps on the phone screen.

A recent event confirms that even if you forget to pack food for a journey, foodpanda can be your saviour proving not all superheroes wear capes!

“May Allah bless the foodpanda guy who delivered us burgers at Hyderabad railway station right next to our train,” shared a satisfied customer.

“We boarded from Karachi in a hurry and unfortunately had no food along with us. As we all were hungry, there came a vicious plan in mind to order Burger Lab in train via foodpanda and receive at Hyderabad railway station. We planned to give it a try and wow just wow it worked out for us. Just Ate NUKER CHICKEN in train. Amazing experience!”

Now that’s some true appreciation coming straight from the tummy! The review also highlighted that the rider waited for 45 mins at the platform.

The order was placed in Karachi and received in Hyderabad exactly how the consumer required.

We’ll have to admit that no one understands the matter of the tummy better than the panda!

How has your experience with foodpanda been so far? Comment and share your feedback.

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Toyota Yaris Sedan’s Launch Might be Delayed to February 2020


The all new Toyota Yaris Sedan (Yaris Ativ) was all set to be launched in October 2019.

However, word on the street is that the launch might be delayed till February 2020.

The Yaris has been anticipated for a while now in Pakistan. Previously, it was highly speculated that the Indus Motor Company (IMC) was planning to replace their popular 1.3 liter Toyota corolla GLI & XLI with their variant Vios Sedan in mid-2018.

However, the unfavourable economic crisis and Rupee devaluation led the plan to be shelved. Then, news broke out that Toyota will be introducing the Yaros Sedan in place for the Vios.

However, once again given the current condition of the automotive sector in Pakistan, the manufacturers are re-considering to push the launch date to 2020.

Meanwhile, auto part vendors have also shared that the production of Yaris Sedan is in process and the parts will be delivered by November-December of 2019.

The Yaris Ativ was first launched with a 1.2-liter petrol Dual VVT-I engine mater and Super CVT-i transmission in Thailand back in 2017 complying with Eco-car regulations.

We now have to see when the Yaris Sedan will be on the streets and how will it give compettition to new players like Hyundai and KIA in Pakistan.

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Imran Khan Beats Modi in Google Trends’ list of ‘Most Searched UNGA Leaders’


Cricketer-turned-politician and the Prime Minister of Pakistan Imran Khan has a huge fan-following worldwide.

According to the lastest stats by Google Trends, Prime Minister Imran Khan beats Indian premier Narendra Modi and 3 others in the list of the top 5 most-searched leaders of the United Nations General Assembly (UNGA).

United States President Donald Trump claims the first position while PM Imran Khan follows at #2.

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson, Brazil’s President Bair Bolsonaro and Indian PM Narendra Modi followed at #3, #4, and #5 respectively.

Prime Minister Imran Khan is scheduled to address the UNGA session on Friday, September 27.

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Pakistan, Turkey & Malaysia to Start New TV Channel


Pakistan, Turkey & Malaysia to Start New TV Channel


Pakistan’s Prime Minister Imran Khan is currently in the US to attend the 74th session of the United Nations General Assembly.

He took it to Twitter earlier today that the nation alongside Turkey and Malaysia will launch an English language channel.

He further on explained that that idea behind this joint venture will be to confront multiple challenges through movies and web series in order to tackle negative mindsets and ideaology in regards to Islam.

The content will be produces under the joint venture to educate others as well as Muslims around the globe.

“President Erdogan, PM Mahatir and myself had a meeting today in which we decided our 3 countries would jointly start an English language channel dedicated to confronting the challenges posed by Islamophobia and setting the record straight on our great religion – Islam,” PM Khan wrote in the tweet.

He then elaborated saying, “Misperceptions which bring people together against Muslims would be corrected; issue of blasphemy would be properly contextualized; series & films would be produced on Muslim history to educate/inform our own people & the world; Muslims would be given a dedicated media presence.”

Pakistan, Malaysia and Turkey have been on good terms. PM Khan looks forward to their support to help all three countries grow together towards a productive and prosparitive road.

PM Khan called for effective measure stressing upon the importance of countering hate speech and other forms of violence against Muslims in particular.

He also cautioned against attempts to defame the revered personalities and scriptures, cloaked in the claim for right to freedom of expression and opinion.

He added that marginalisation of any community could lead to its radicalisation.

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Pakistani Starlet Meera Ji Undergoes ‘Major Surgery’ in Dubai

Meera Ji hospital

The controversial queen of Pakistan showbiz industry was admitted to the American Hospital in Dubai after she complained of pain in her stomach.

Meera’s husband Captain Naveed reveald that the filmstar is now in the recovery room after undergoing a successful surgery.

Meera was quite unwell. She has undergone a major surgery . The surgery has been completed and she in in recovery,

“Meera will be kept in the hospital for four or five more days,” said Captain Naveed.

Soon after getting her tests done, doctors advised surgery to the actress and rest for the time being while they assess her symptoms.

However, they will give a final diagnosis after Meera’s blood test reports come in

In a video statement shared today from the hospital room, Meera confirmed reports of her hospitalization for check-ups.

She said she is fine and is getting tests. “Medical check-ups are very necessary,”

She added that she was suffering from pain for quite some time now, however, could not seek treatment owing to professional commitments.

What are your thoughts about the story? Let us know in the comments section below.

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Kamila Shamsie’s Nelly Sachs Award Revoked, Hundreds of Authors Protest!

Kamila Shamsie

British-Pakistani author, Kamila Shamsie‘s Nelly Sachs prize was withdrawn after she voiced her concerns and protested boycotting Isreal.

More than 250 fellow writers came to defend her stance on the matter, amongst these writers are Arundhati Roy, JM Coetzee, and Sally Rooney.

The judges had initially chosen Shamsie for writing that “builds bridges between societies”, but changed their minds on learning that Shamsie was supporting the BDS movement.

They issued a statement saying:

Political positioning to actively participate in the cultural boycott … contrasts with the claim of the Nelly Sachs prize to proclaim and exemplify reconciliation among peoples and cultures,

Whereas the writer’s supporters are asking;

What is the meaning of a literary award that undermines the right to advocate for human rights, the principles of freedom of conscience and expression and the freedom to criticize? … Without these, art and culture become meaningless luxuries.

Over 100 writers have signed an open letter stating that the Nelly Sachs prize has chosen to “punish an author for her human rights advocacy”. The letter has been signed by Noam Chomsky, Amit Chaudhuri, William Dalrymple, Yann Martel, Jeanette Winterson, and Ben Okri to name a few.

Kamila Shamsie Awarded UK’s Most Prestigious Literary Award

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Usman Mukhtar and Hania Amir Will be Seen Onscreen Again!


Hania Amir and Usman Mukhtar made such a stellar couple in Anaa that the audience couldn’t wait to see them on screen again.

Anaa became so popular that people began knowing Usman as Altamash, and his next TV screen drama serial will be with Sarah Khan.

Moreover, he also played the role of Prime Minister Imran Khan in ‘Naach Na Jaanay’, a legendary play by Anwar Maqsood and sequel to the popular political satire Aangan Terrha.

The good news is that they will be seen together once again for a TV commercial!

A BTS picture of the two stars confirmed this great news.

However, it does not reveal what exactly their upcoming TVC will be about.

Usman Mukhtar also made his debut in 2016 alongside Hania Amir in the feature film Janaan.

We look forward to the TVC as their first commercial project together and wish them all the best for the venture.

Are you just as excited for it? Let us know in the comments!

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How to Turn on Gmail’s New Dark Mode

gmail dark mode
Credits: Gadget Hacks

Google has started to roll out a new dark mode for Gmail application for both iOS and Android.

The dark mode has become a popular choice amongst users in recent times. Thanks to their ability to change the white screens into black, a user has less strain on their eyes while it also saves the device’s battery life.

Companies like Google and Apple have widely started to adapt the mode and have started to release system-wide- dark mode updates for their operating system.

Here’s how you can get Gmail’s new dark mode aka dark theme.

How to Turn on Gmail’s New Dark Mode

If you are already an Android 10 or iOS 13 user and have dark mode turned on at the system level then the Gmail app will automatically get the dark mode.

If not:


Option 1- If you have Android 10, go to settings > scroll down and tap Display > tap Dark Theme and turn it on. Gmail will then automatically respond to the default setting.

Option 2- If your Android device is not running on Android 10 then go to the Gmail application > select Theme > and then Dark.


Option 1- If you’re running iOS 13, open Settings > Display and Brightness > tap Dark to switch on the mode.

Option 2- If you are a user who is not on iOS 13, open the Gmail app > Settings > Theme > Dark.

Google has already started to officially roll-out updates for all devices.

Have you tried it out?

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Popular Youth Messaging App Kik Shuts Down

25 Years of Jazz | Brandsynario


Watch Aamir Ibrahim take us through the 25 years of Jazz and also about Pakistan’s stance in the age of rapid digitalization.

#AamirIbrahim #Jazz #Brandsynario

Indian Association Asks Promoters to Cancel Rahat Fateh Ali Khan’s Concert in US & Canada


The ongoing tension between India and Pakistan are getting worse by the minute.

As one of the many results, the Federation of Western India Cine Employees (FWICE) has asked Indian promoters Karl Kalra and Nirmal Dhaliwal to cancel Rahat Fateh Ali Khan’s performancein the United States and Canada.

This is not the first time the federation has voiced their resentment against Pakistani artists or any form of Indo-Pak collaboration.

We have already given our directive that no Indian artist/singer/dancer/anchor/performer and last but not least, promoter would work with [Pakistani] nationals and [Pakistani] artists in view of the current alarming situation between the two countries,” read the notice issued.

Iqra Aziz Rejected a Fairness Cream Advertisement Despite Hefty Offer!

It is, therefore, our humble request to both of you to immediately cancel the above shows to maintain the dignity and honour of your country. You are India, for which you should be proud,” the notice continued.

In case if you don’t cancel the shows of Ustad Rahat Fateh Ali Khan and go against the sentiments of Indians, no Indian Artist/ Singer/ dancer/ Anchor, Performer/ Promoter would ever work with you anywhere in the entire world,” the federation warned in the letter.

The FWICE earlier banned singer Mika Singh from any performance, recording, playback singing and acting in India ‘irrevocably forever’ after his visit to Pakistan last month. Diljit Dosanjh was also asked to cancel his US show promoted by a Pakistani national.

What are your thoughts? Comment and let us know.

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Twitterati Apologizes To Ali Zafar For Falsely Accusing Him Of Harassment

Iqra Aziz Rejected a Fairness Cream Advertisement Despite Hefty Offer!


Yasir Hussain never misses any chance to be in the lime light, whether it be for good or bad reasons.

This time he is getting our attention for all the right reasons! Iqra has won won the hearts of her fans and followers, and by praising and supporting her, Yasir has too!

Recently, the starlet was offered a fairness cream ad and hit the headlines when she decided not to endorse the brand campaign.

Yasir Hussain appreciated her decision and sent her lots of love through social media. He posted a picture with Iqra and wrote:

I love you even more for what you did yesterday . Yeh baat aap sab ko batana is liye zaroori hai kyon k yeh aik behtareen kaam hai . Kal iqra ne aik (whitening cream) ka advertisement karny se mana kar dia jo society mai complex phelany k Bohot sary paisy bhi offer kar rahy thy . Juratmandana aur sahi Qadam uthaya aap ne 👏🏼❤️

He further added: 

“Beshak kisi gory ko kaly per aur kaly ko gory per fazilat nahi” Allah ne jesa banaya hai us mai Khush rahen .

Here’s his post!

The young actresses undoubtedly changed the idea of ‘fair is beautiful’ but unfortunately, the obsession with fair skin continues to exist in our society.

What are your thoughts about the story? Let us know in the comments section below.

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This post was originally published on veryfilmi.com


Armed with Faith: Pakistani Documentary Wins An Emmy!

armed with faith

The most recent feather in our hat has been added by Armed with Faith, a Pakistani documentary that has won an Emmy for Outstanding Politics and Government Documentary yesterday, September 25th, 2019.

Yes, you read it right. THE EMMY’S.

Around 2 months ago the documentary was nominated for the Emmy’s, and it’s great to see that it has now won an Emmy!

What Is Armed With Faith All About?

Armed With Faith follows the men of the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Bomb Disposal Unit (KPK BDU) to the front lines of the war against Al-Qaeda and the Taliban in Pakistan.

The lawless province of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa — considered the gateway for terrorists from neighboring Afghanistan — is the backdrop of the film. The battle for control of this porous border area remains critical to the stability of Pakistan and global security.

Should Pakistan, a nuclear power, fall into the hands of terrorists, the entire world is at risk. We witness firsthand the dangerous struggle undertaken by the men of the KPK BDU to protect their country against the Taliban threat in the land they both call home.

Now that a Pakistani documentary has been nominated for the Emmy’s, we hope that we also win the award.

All the best to Geeta Gandbhir, Asad Faruqi, and the rest of the people behind the film!

Watch the documentary here and let us know what you think:

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Foodpanda’s new campaign encourages you to ‘Don’t Cook’!


In today’s hectic and busy life, it’s really difficult coping with chores while working. The hassle of getting groceries for the kitchen and then slaving over the stove after a tiring day can be stressful. Eating the same food every day at home also doesn’t really cheer up one’s mood in fact, there is a high chance that you end up getting upset and want to lock your kitchen in frustration.

Now, if you wish to lock your kitchens, foodpanda can easily make it come true with their new campaign, ‘Don’t Cook’. The campaign’s tagline, ‘kitchen ko taala lagao, foodpanda karo’, will make you actually want to lock your kitchens and order amazing deals they have to offer. They cater to all your cravings, starting from bun kebab by the corner to a sizzling steak, all at your doorstep.

The 3 step process to order food makes it the most user friendly application to use. Just browse the menu, select a deal and enter your delivery address and the rider will be at your doorstep by the time you’re preparing the table. Now with foodpanda’s new rider tracking feature and quick chat options, following your food from restaurant and doorstep has never been easier!

Some amazing deals they have to offer are:

  1. Flat 50% off if you order from the pioneers of beef burgers in Karachi, Mr. Burger!
  2. Enjoy the amazing OPTP deal, where you get a zinger, fries and drink for only Rs. 199/-
  3. If you’re craving for donuts, avail flat 50% discount at Dunkin Donuts, Karachi.
  4. Don’t miss out on the deal where you get a hot and scrumptious regular pizza, 4 pieces of Garlic bread and 2 drinks for Rs. 499/- from Pizza Hut.
  5. Flat 40% off at Burger O Clock, where you’ll get the most mouth-watering burgers in Karachi.
  6. Everybody’s favourite, Mcdonalds is offering 1 McChicken, 1 McCrispy, medium fries, 2 regular drinks, all of this for just Rs.595/-
  7. For all you desi fans out there, What a Paratha brings you pizza paratha, BBQ special, nutella paratha with 500ml drink for just Rs.499/-
  8. This one’s for our Lahori fellows, where Papa John’s is offering flat 50% discount on all their pizzas.

We guess it really is about time we lock our kitchens and let foodpanda do the job. Khana kyun pakana hai? foodpanda karo!

Sales Professionals Forum Holds Discussions to Help FBR resolve the CNIC Issue


The financial bill 2019 has brought in new regulations for the b2b sales and distribution industry in Pakistan.

The move is a part of government reforms aimed toward proper collection of taxes and documentation of the economy.

The bill has been received with speculation, resistance and defiance. Trade organizations, distributors, and shopkeepers have been vocal against the bill and have taken to roads to register their protests.

Shopkeepers and wholesalers are refusing to give out their CNICs to distributors. The resistance is majorly coming from the small shops that make bulk of the business.

Companies are grappling with these new regulations and have taken a loss of 25-30% in volumes and 60-70% in coverages since the release of the new bill.

Government set an initial transition period for the process to take place but with limited resources, lack of structure and no formal body to overlook everything, the sales community is currently facing a lot of uncertainty and chaos.

For the past few months negotiations have gone on between FBR, government representatives and trade bodies but the discussions have always ended in further aggravation on both sides.

As Pakistan’s first and biggest sales platform, Sales Professional Forum is holding discussions all over Pakistan in an attempt to resolve the CNIC issue that has the whole business community within its hold. The step is being taken to make sure the promulgation of the bill is as smooth as possible.

The first discussion kicked off in Karachi on 5th September, while the second was held in Lahore on 13th September, 2019. The sessions proved quite productive and were attended by prominent personalities from Nestle, Shan Foods, Unilever, National Foods, Shell Pakistan, Abbott and many others.

The major points discussed in the sessions are as follows:

• FBR needs to provide clarification regarding tax laws because shopkeepers fear there will be new tax implications once they submit their CNICs to one or all distributors.
• The need for transparency. Shopkeepers are distrustful because of the lack of transparency that involves their documents. Until, we can create a concrete system of proof for the shopkeepers over submission of documents, invoice trails, and other cycles, the reservations will remain.
• There is no process in place for distributors. Distributors are currently utilizing different kinds of techniques to incentivize retailers to get on board with registration. Some of these are working, others not. FBR needs to establish a clear cut process that will not burden the distributors and will allow for a smoother registration process.
• We need to find a solution for the loopholes currently being exploited. Some distributors are passing contracts to sub-distributors who operate under the radar and do not follow protocol. This means while the distributor has legalized his transaction, the sub-distributors work under the law and are neither sales tax registered nor collecting CNICs for invoices. This further hampers our economy, and increases resistance against the movement.
• Wholesalers have a lot of influence with retailers. And because many of them are resistant to the CNIC idea, most small shopkeepers are following their example, further resisting the call for registration, despite talks and incentives.
• We need to follow in the footsteps of the telecom and banking industry because their method of conversion and registration is a tried-and-tested one.

Here is what the founder of Sales professionals Forum and the Sales and Marketing Head of Parazelsus Pakistan, Muhammad Asif Khushnood had to say about the initiative:

We saw active participation from the sales community and have received positive feedback regarding the issues. We’ll now be holding events in Islamabad, Multan, and Faisalabad and will approach the FBR with a concrete plan.

Pakistan Trade and Distribution Associations will also be in attendance in our upcoming sessions and we’ll try to bring our traders, retailers, sales and distribution stakeholders on the same page so we can all pitch in our suggestions for a conclusive, ubiquitous solution.

We have seen a wave of ambiguity and lack of trust amongst our distributors and shopkeepers. Some of their biggest concerns right now are the lack of information and structure that has proceeded the bill. Shopkeepers don’t know what tax implications will follow post CNIC registrations.

Any formal process for registration is missing forcing distributors to use different techniques to incentivize retailers. And most importantly, most retailers want a trade ID to be used for invoicing.

We are going to try and bring in as many points of view as we can so when we sit down for talks with FBR in the 2nd week of October, we not only have the complete overview, but we also provide a solution that is practical and unopposable.

Here are the dates for the future discussions:
Islamabad: 24th September
Faisalabad: 25th September
Multan: 26th September
Our goal is to reach solid solutions and initiate talks with FBR so we can put a proper structure in place that will help all parties accept the new regulations and conduct their businesses in a healthy way.

Make a Video of Someone Littering & Earn a Reward of Rs.100,000!


In our last post on the month long Clean My Karachi campaign run by the CM, our conclusion was that it was a great initiative however not a very sustainable one.

We argued that while the garbage in the city needed to be cleaned up, it was not a long term solution until the source of the garbage was kept in check:

There seems to be no existence or implementation of laws on littering around, hence nobody from the society gives a second thought before throwing garbage wherever their heart pleases.

Surprisingly, we soon heard the following news:

Saeed Ghani, Minister for Information has said in a press conference that the Sindh government will award a cash prize of 100,000 PKR to anyone who captures visual evidence of people littering the streets.

“This is a conspiracy to sabotage the cleanliness drive,” he said, adding that the Sindh government had to bear extra cost as a result of people purposely clogging sewerage lines and dumping debris on roads.


The evidence will have to be sent on whatsapp on the following numbers:

  • 0300-00742960
  • 300-0084296

If you’re worried about getting yourself in trouble for making videos, there’s nothing to worry about as your identity will be protected.

What are you waiting for? Start making videos!

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“I am alive & well”- Dr. Abdul Qadeer Khan Brushes Off Death Rumours


Nuclear scientist Dr. Abdul Qadeer Khan is very much alive and has assured his followers about his well-being in a video statement.

Earlier, rumours of his passing had taken over social media leaving the nation in shock. Khan expressed his anger over the rumours, saying his enemies were spreading the fake news.

He also held a copy of yesterday’s newspaper to show proof that the video has been made after rumours came forth.

In the video statement, he said:

Thanks to the Almighty, I am alive and well. Enemies are spreading fake news about my death. God willing, I will live on for a few more years,

Khan is a hero and is famous for successfully building the Muslim world’s first atomic bomb. He is also known as the father of Pakistan’s nuclear program.

Stay tuned to Brandsynario.

Pakistan vs Sri Lanka 2019: Sri Lankan Team Arrives in Pakistan for ODI, T20 Series


Sri Lanka’s national cricket squad arrived in Pakistan amid high-security to play upcoming matches between the two countries.

However due to concerns, 10 senior players have opt. out of playing in Pakistan comprising three one-day internationals and three Twenty20 matches that begin on Friday.

Sri Lanka’s T20 Captain Dasun Shanaka shared his thoughts about returning to Pakistan at the occasion.

“I am satisfied with the security arranged for us and I am happy to lead my team to Pakistan. We hope to give a good fight to our very strong hosts.”

ODI skipper Lahiru Thirimanne second Shanaka saying that he also had no concerns in regards to security and preperations from Pakistan’s side.

Pakistan will take on Sri Lanka in 1 ODI match and a T20 series (3 matches).

Pakistan vs Sri Lanka 2019 Tour Schedule

  • One-day internationals (all in Karachi): September 27, 29, October 2.
  • Twenty20 internationals (all Lahore): October 5, 7, 9

Are you ready to be a part of history? We are!

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After Fumigation Campaigns Get Karachi Rid of Flies, Locusts Invade the City

locusts in karachi

Karachi saw some of its worst times as a city after the effects of the monsoon were combined with the effects of Eid ul azha 2019.

There was dirt, bad odour, standing water, carcasses everywhere, flies in everyone’s house, and the situation was becoming not only unbearable but also fatal for many.

Action was finally taken by the concerned authorities and cleaning drives along with fumigation campaigns began. We got rid of the flies but the flies have been replaced with locusts now.

Jinnah International’s lounge and boarding bridge was swarmed with locusts over the weekend, causing immense inconvenience for passengers. Moreover, cockroaches and ants accompanied these locusts and invaded NICH, sticking themselves to nebulizing machines and oxygen tanks.

Following are the areas of Karachi specifically reporting the locust invasion issue:





II Chundrigar Road and other places

Experts are of the opinion that the weather has caused these insect invasions. On the other hand there is also a prevalent issue of increasing cases of dengue being reported across Pakistan.

Have you also been noticing locusts around you? Let us know in the comments.

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Popular Youth Messaging App Kik Shuts Down


Kik Interactive is shutting down its youth-popular messaging application that allowed individuals to interact and exchange conversations with strangers.

Reportedly, the decision to shut the application is inspired by the lawsuit the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) filed against the company in June over its 2017 digital token sale without properly registering the offering.

The illegal sale raised $100mn. 

“Becoming a security would kill the usability of any cryptocurrency and set a dangerous precedent for the industry,” Company Cheif Ted Livingston said. “So with the SEC working to characterize almost all cryptocurrencies as securities we made the decision to step forward and fight.”

The company has also downsized to just 19 to cut back on expenses to be able to battle the lawsuit against them.

Going forward, Kik will focus on its cryptocurrency and will make an effort to turn “Kin users into Kin buyers.”

The remaining employees will work on the Kin blockchain and on creating a wallet so that individuals can purchsase the cryptocurrency.

Kik started to appear in headlines despite its growth for being used by child perverts who easily contacted minors via the application using an anonymity feature making it very difficult to identify perps.

Stay tuned to Brandsynario.

16-year-old Activist Greta Thunberg Accuses World Leaders at UN Climate Summit for Stealing her Childhood


A16-year-old climate activist , Greta Thurnberg has accused world leaders for stealing her childhood in an emotional speech at the UN Climate Summit.

Her speech was full of anger, tears and questions towards these leaders who have failed to implement drastic cuts in emmission and have failed in taking other steps to prevent a cathostrophic event of climate change.

The young activist was invited by UN Secratry-General Antonio Guterres. She sailed from Plymouth to New York for the summit in a “zerbo carbon” yacht.

“People are suffering, people are dying, entire ecosystems are collapsing. We are in the beginning of a mass extinction, and all you can talk about is money and fairy tales of eternal economic growth.” She said.

She had tears in her eyes, as she continued to condemn what she sees as the lack of action on part of leaders around the world to pause climate change.

Addressing the world leaders, Greta at the U.N. climate summit said:

“This is all wrong. I shouldn’t be up here. I should be back in school on the other side of the ocean, yet you all come to us young people for hope. How dare you,”

“You have stolen my dreams and my childhood with your empty words.”

Last year, the 16-year-old activist began a school strike for the climate, skipping school every Friday to stand in front of the Swedish parliament, necessitating action to stop catastrophic climate change.

Her protest became viral gaining global attention. Schoolchildren all around the world have participated in their own local school strikes for the climate.

Greta has become a leading figure in the climate justice movement while Trump in the past has called climate change a “hoax”.

The American President responded to 16-year-old climate activist in a sarcastic tweet.

“She seems like a very happy young girl looking forward to a bright and wonderful future. So nice to see!” Trump wrote on Twitter.

The 2019 Climate Action Summit began at the UN on Monday, where world leaders gathered to discuss serious strategies to decrease climate change.

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