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Saba Qamar vs Ahmed Ali Butt: What’s Cooking Between the Two?


Two of the entertainment industry’s most beloved celebrities recently had a face-off that will definitely be one to remember!

Diva Saba Qamar went head-to-head with the funniest guy in town Ahmed Ali Butt at one of the most innovative challenges brought forward by Shan Foods!

The celebs came into a direct confrontation with each other at the Shan Foods Kitchen and took the ultimate cook-off challenge.

Both the contestants had to prepare a special dish in a limited time period and rate each other’s dishes and see which celeb is a better cook.

The starlet Saba Qamar was asked to prepare Sindhi Biryani whereas the King-of-laughter prepared a delicious plate of Punjabi Yakhni Pulao.

But, before they put on their chef hats, the two had an interesting Q&A session. Saba shared that she is very confident in her cooking whereas Ahmed considers himself no less than the legendary Gordon Ramsey! (but the wife thinks otherwise)

The funniest answers that had us laughing was when each was asked to pick one ingredient that portrayed a resemblance to their competitor in the show. Ahmed likened Saba to a ‘Bhindi’ (Okra)

Whereas Saba retorted that he reminds her of ‘Gobi’ (cabbage).

When they were asked what would the other person be if not in the entertainment industry, Saba was quick to share that Ahmed would be a chef for sure. Whereas Ahmed Ali Butt shared that if Saba was neither a model, actress, or a singer, she’d be a ‘bhoj’ (burden).

The two then took the battle to the kitchen and started off. There was a bit of leg-pulling and banter, each claiming that they would win the challenge and that the other person is would just have to swallow humble pie and admit it.

The two kept at it, until, a mystery box arrived. Wondering what twist is inside the box, Saba reaches out to grab it only to find that they now have to complete each other’s recipes and that too in just 15 minutes!

This mystery box challenge left both of them absolutely stunned!

To find out who won the challenge, watch the episode below!

Bakhtawar Bhutto Threatens Mehwish Hayat with Legal Action!

mehwish hayat benazir biopic

Talks of Mehwish Hayat playing Mohtarma Benazir Bhutto (late) aka Bibi in a biopic rose when Tamgha-i-Imtiaz winner Mehwish Hayat was asked about her role.

The late Pakistan Prime Minister was the first woman to head a democratic government in a Muslim majority nation.

She held the post from 1988 to 1990 and again from 1993 to 1996 before being assassinated just after addressing a public rally.

Mehwish Hayat Talks About the Benazir Bhutto’s Biopic

The actress did not officially confirm the rumors back then, but a year later she opened up:

“It is being written right now, it’ll take some time, but I cannot wait to play [Benazir Bhutto]. I’ve been reading up about her and the more I read, the more I get inspired… The world needs to see her story.”

Many thought Mehwish was a great pick for the role, considering how well she has performed in her past few movies (Load Wedding, Actor in Law for e.g.).

However, the daughter of Pakistan’s only female Prime Minister Benazir Bhutto doesn’t quite agree.


Bakhtawar seems upset that no consent was sought from her, and therefore plans to take legal action against it.

She knows we haven’t consented. I threatened her with legal action 2 years ago on Twitter now again she’s brought up this film. Regardless of location we will seek legal action

Here’s what Bashir Riaz, the spokesperson of Bilawal House as well as Chairman of Bhutto Legacy Foundation said about the matter in an interview:

“No permission has been given by the heirs of Bhutto for any such biopic.”

Hayat, on the other hand, doesn’t think any sort of legal consent was required to begin with.

“I am under strict NDA to not reveal any details about the project or who is involved. What I can let you know is that it is not a Pakistani project.

My understanding of the legal position in the West is that no formal consent is needed from living heirs to make a biopic. However, when the project is further down the line, I will reach out to the family.”

What are your thoughts? Let us know in the comments!

Mehwish Hayat Shares Her Childhood Photo To Give an Important Message for Children

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Apple Hits $64 Billion Record in Q4 Revenue

apple sales

Tech-titan Apple has posted its 4th quarter revenue for 2019.

Reportedly, the brand’s fiscal revenue grew by 2% year-on-year to $64 billion, despite a continued decline in iPhone sales, which fell 9% year-on-year to $33.4 billion.

Furthermore, it became evident that despite a slump in sales, the iPhone is still Apple’s biggest source of revenue (52% of Q4 revenue).

The tech giant is all to launch its new platform, Apple TV+ later this week. Apple says it now has “over 450 million paid subscriptions across the services on our platform, compared to over 330 million just a year ago.”

Furthermore, Campaign has shared that the brand has set record sales in Q4 for its wearables as well with 54% revenue growth year-on-year to $6.5 billion in the quarter, while sales of the iPad increased 14% to $4.7 billion.

iPhones to Come with LED-illuminated Apple Logo

Apple Q4 2019 Earnings Revenue:

  • Revenue: $64 billion
  • Net income: $13.7 billion
  • iPhone sales: $33.4 billion
  • Mac sales: $7 billion
  • iPad sales: $4.7 billion
  • Wearable sales: $6.5 billion
  • Services sales: $12.5 billion

Apple CEO Tim Cook noted that the company is paying some of the tariffs the Trump administration imposed this year on China, but said he remains hopeful about the trade situation.

“In general, my view is very positive about how things are going,” he said. “The tone has changed significantly. I have long thought it was in both countries’ best interest to get to an agreement that may be initially doesn’t solve everything but solves some things that each country wants and gets us to a better place.”

Apple also shared that it established new Q4 records in many major developed and emerging markets including; the US, Canada, Singapore, Brazil, Germany, France, Korea India, Thailand, Malaysia, and Vietnam.

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Apple Arcade Features Pakistani Developer’s Game ‘Explottens- The Time is Meow’

Source: Campaign Asia

People Run Out During Joker Screening as Man Yells Allah u Akber in Cinema!

joker screening allah u akbar

Joker fans have not been able to stop talking since the latest movie has released.

While many have fallen completely head over heels for the film and the character of joker, many have also warned about the potential it has to trigger negative emotion and dangerous instincts in viewers.

So much so that it has broadly been termed the Most Hated, Loved, Obsessed-Over Movie of 2019.

A small percentage of people going to see Joker were also reported to be seen leaving the cinema early after being disgusted and disturbed by the dark themes and visuals.

Hareem Shah Might Expose a Pakistani Celebrity Soon, She Says on Twitter

Recently there was a screening of Joker in a Paris cinema for 9:30 pm on a Sunday evening, and a lot of havoc was created due to a male viewer yelling ‘Allahu akbar’ half way through the movie.

The screening was at the Grand Rex cinema. The man was overheard saying several times ‘It’s political’ while others in the audience asked him to be quiet. He then stood up from his seat and placed his hands on his chest before shouting ‘Allahu akbar!’.

The situation made people panic so much that they jumped over their seats and some even fell down.

The words he shouted which mean ‘God is great’ in the Arabic language, and have come to be associated with radical Islamic terrorism due to misrepresentation of the Islamic faith worldwide.

Sania Mirza Shares the Cutest Video of Izhaan on His First Birthday!

He was unarmed and the security guards tried to wrestle him but he managed to exit the building. However, he was stopped by Paris police outside the cinema and taken into custody and later identified as a 34-year-old from the Paris suburb of Boulogne-Billancourt.

What are your thoughts on this incident? Let us know in the comments!

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Celebrity Obsessions Help Scammers Spread Spams!


We really love our celebrities. They are our role models and our go-to people for almost anything and everything!

However, the same inspirations often become obsessions and then these obsessions are taken advantage of!

Reportedly, internet scammers are using the love and infatuation one has for a star to dispatch a very dangerous malware into the public.

According to a recently released study by security firm McAfee, Gilmore Girls and Handmaid’s Tale star Alexis Bledel has been named Most Dangerous Celebrity 2019.

The study reads that internet searches for the starlet has led more people to malware this year than those for any other celebrity.

We rely on our WebAdvisor web reputation tool, which looks at some 16 billion websites.

We take the celebrity name with a popular search term that could expose them to a malicious site, like torrents, pirate streaming sites, things like that.

‘Free’ was a big one because, if you look at this year’s Top 10, a lot of these [celebrities appear] on paid services. Then we rank those results based on what we find in our web reputation tool outputs. –-Gary Davis, McAfee chief consumer security evangelist, told Engadget

He further explained that when a user clicks on the link, it redirects them to another location. That’s when malware is downloaded into the person’s device. It usually happens with pages that offer full episodes of dramas or nude images of celebrities and even their leaked pornographic content as well.

But for YouTube alone your odds of encountering something bad are not very high.

ust because, by nature of what you’re searching for, you’re probably not looking for nude pictures of celebrities from your workplace.

It is advised that fans avoid clicking on such images and links to prevent malware from stealing their personal information.

Are you staying safe?

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Daraz Launches Gyara Gyara with 8 Million Deals & Discounts Worth Rs.50 Crore Starting Nov 11th!

Daraz 11.11 sale

Daraz, the country’s leading online marketplace, has announced that the second edition of the Gyara Gyara (11.11) sale will be kicking-off at midnight on November 11, 2019 and will offer customers a unique experience that will go beyond retail to offer entertainment.

Daraz introduced the 11.11 sale in Pakistan in 2018 and witnessed an 8x increase in sales volume.

Over 3 million users visited the Daraz app during the five-day sale and had access to 3 million discounted products.

This year, the magnitude of the sale is much bigger: Daraz is offering 8 million deals, discounts worth Rs 50 crore and expects to host a monumental 10 million visitors on its platform.

“Last year, the first edition of the 11.11 sale received an overwhelming response. This year, we have partnered up with the top brands and sellers in the country and are very confident about the event, especially after the huge surge of activity we witnessed in October.

At a time when inflationary pressures are high, we are also hoping to bring customers some relief,” Ehsan Saya, MD Daraz Pakistan.

Daraz harnessed its access to unprecedented technology and artificial intelligence to bring customers a variety of digital payment options, automate logistics to ensure swift fulfillment of orders and personalise customers’ experiences on the app. The 11.11 sale brings all these various aspects into play to optimise customer experience.

The platform has been gearing up for the 11.11 sale event for the past few months. Daraz Express (DEX), the platform’s logistics service specifically designed for ecommerce operations, has hired 3,000 additional DEX heroes (delivery agents) to manage hundreds of thousands of orders expected during the sale.

The platform’s 20,000 active sellers have been undergoing free-of-cost trainings that will enable them to make the most of the sale which is poised to drive unprecedented traffic.

Daraz has also launched 55 pick-up points in various cities across the country so that customers can conveniently collect their packages from the location closest to them.

With features such as in-app gamification, Shake Shake and collectible vouchers, Daraz will be offering customers a highly-engaging experience. The 11.11 Countdown Gala will take place on November 8th in partnership with ARY Digital’s popular game show, Jeeto Pakistan, and will be streamed live on TV and on the Daraz app.

The Gala is a revolutionary show that will allow an offline audience to interact with A-list celebrities and show host Fahad Mustafa, play games and win prizes using the Daraz app.

Daraz has partnered up with leading brands in the country for the sale. Event cosponsors – Unilever, RB, Vivo, Nokia, Prince DFSK, P&G, L’Oreal and Nestle – will be offering customers deals and vouchers. Other brand partners –  GSK, Hisense, Real Me, Tapal, Akira, Audionic, Limelight, Levis, Unifoam, Tecno, Moltyfoam, TCL, Rivaj and Keune –  are also  joining the 11.11 revolution. Digital partners include KFC and Foodpanda.

Gyara Gyara will also serve as a testament to financial inclusion. Bank partners – HBL, Meezan Bank and EasyPaisa – will be providing their entire customer base additional discounts up to 25% off. Customers can opt to pay for products worth more than Rs10,000 with easy monthly installments.

Daraz Wallet is the smartest payment option on the app, offering customers cashback, exclusive bonuses, fast check-


Pepsi just dropped a promo for 8 New Music Videos, you heard that right!


Since 2017 Pakistani band culture has been experiencing the start of a much needed revivalism and over the past couple of years local music enthusiasts have been graced with some brand new talented bands, all thanks to the Pepsi Battle Of The Bands.

Pepsi has been historically known to promote the music industry in Pakistan and the brand goes another step further with its latest initiative. Pepsi has now sponsored not one, not two, not three! But eight original, brand new music videos for eight of the most sensational bands from all 3 seasons of Battle of The Bands!

The bands include very decorated, fan-favorite names including Xarb, Tamaasha, Aarish, Kashmir, Auj, Bayaan, E-Sharp and Blackhour! While the Pepsi Battle of the Bands itself is a great opportunity for bands to get discovered through, these videos are another practical step by Pepsi to nurture our local talent that is discovered on Battle of the Bands.

The music video campaign kicked off today with a very promising promotional teaser that features very engaging, eclectic shots from all 8 videos that are set to be released soon. In the promo we caught a group of astronauts, a man in a cave, a girl with a helmet in concert and so much more.

All of us music fanatics now have a significant chunk of new content on our hands!

Such a thoughtful and practically viable initiative is truly what our music industry has needed, and this is bound to go a long way in reviving the overall music ecosystem.

No wonder that the short but lively snippets of the music videos that are featured in the promo have got us very excited for the full videos, and all the more optimistic about our local musical talent that we are such major fans of! Hats off to Pepsi for pulling this one off, and we are on the edge of our seats for the full scoop!

Google Ads to Improve App Campaign Modeling!


Google Ads announced on 24th October that it will be improving its app campaign modeling in order to direct traffic to relevant and creative assets.

Creative assets are some elements that App campaigns use to create ads.

Assets in different variety allow some App campaigns to create relevant ads for relevant users.

Facebook Coughs Up £500K for the Cambridge Analytica Data Scandal

Texts, Images, Videos and HTML5 are some type of assets that are used by Google for its App campaigns.

In order to maximize ad placements and combinations, Google encourages users to upload maximum number of assets allowed for each asset type, 4 for text, 20 for images, videos and where applicable, HTML5.

It also helps the ads to serve more broadly across channels.

These have been uploaded across Google network in order to deliver and show the most relevant ads to users.

This new update would not only improve the selection of creative assets combinations as ads but also help advertisers with tracking performance rates as well as help them make better decisions in relation to increasing app downloads.

These changes would also be automatically adopted by the active app campaigns already running on Google.

As good as it sounds, these changes according to Google would not have any “adverse impact” on performance of the app campaigns. However, they said that advertisers may notice some “Shifts” in their asset reporting metrics.

European Commission Warns Internet Giants to Combat Fake News or Face Regulatory Action

Let us know if you think these changes would bring a positive or a negative effect on the ad campaigns on Google!

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DG ISPR Asif Ghafoor Defends Neelam Muneer’s Item Song In Kaaf Kangana

asif ghafoor

Earlier this month, the gorgeous diva Neelam Muneer took to her social media accounts and revealed her item number for Khalil ur Rehman’s movie titled Kaaf Kangana.

Moreover, the actress also revealed that she agreed to do an item number because it was a project of ISPR and she can do anything for her country.

She took it to social media to announce that she is only doing the song because the movie is backed by ISPR.

She also wrote that this would be her first and last item number for any movie. She wrote:


As soon as she posted the video, a number of netizens criticized her for agreeing to an item number in the film.

However recently, DG ISPR Asif Ghafoor defended Neelam Muneer and wrote that people should watch the movie to know the context.

He wrote:

The item song is by an Indian girl in the movie as per her role, you may watch the movie to know the context.

What are your thoughts about the story? Let us know in the comments section below.

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Facebook Coughs Up £500K for the Cambridge Analytica Data Scandal

Facebook Lawsuit

Facebook has agreed to pay a £500K fine for the Cambridge Analytica data scandal to Information Commissioners Office.

This middle way was sorted after a year of litigation fight between the social network and regulatory body.

The scandal was highlighted after the data violation in 2015 after Cambridge Analytica worked for Trump’s election campaign.

As per sources, it was like a data heist at Facebook but fully facilitated by the social giant. Raw data was harvested from almost 87 million Facebook profiles.

Cambridge Analytica bore the consequence by shutting down and it was Zuckerberg’s company that was waiting to be served.

European Commission Warns Internet Giants to Combat Fake News or Face Regulatory Action

Initially, they chose to stay silent and later denying all the accusations. But ICO was determined not to let them go unscratched.

Although the latest settlement is £500K, Facebook will not accept any involvement in the scandal. The amount liable to pay is a grain of sugar for the 540 billion-dollar company.

Since the data protection violation occurred in 2015, before the implementation of the 2018 EU data protection regulation, the maximum fine payable was £500,000.

If the Information Commissioners Office has filed the fine after May 2018, the fine would be 4% more.

After the settlement both the parties gave a statement, acknowledging the settlement.

The ICO welcomes the agreement reached with Facebook for the withdrawal of their appeal against our monetary penalty notice and agreement to pay the fine. -James Dipple-Johnstone, the ICO’s deputy commissioner.

Facebook’s Director and Associate General Counsel, Harry Kinmonth shared;

We are pleased to have reached a settlement with the ICO. As we have said before, we wish we had done more to investigate claims about Cambridge Analytica in 2015.

Dell Technologies Acknowledges Potential in Pakistan’s Tech Sector

Data is the new currency in digital and tech giants are filling their vault with this currency. Finger crossed that after this development we won’t see such scandals in the future.

Do you guys think Facebook was served with justice or more could be done to prevent the data violation?

Share your thoughts with us in the comments below.

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Hareem Shah Might Expose a Pakistani Celebrity Soon, She Says on Twitter


Pakistani TikTok sensation Hareem Shah has been under the spotlight often in the past few days.

Last she took the internet with storm was when she somehow entered the Foreign Ministry and sat on PM Imran Khan’s chair while making her usual videos with music and dance.

The PM took notice of these videos and asked for a report on how the TikTok influencer made her way into the ministry and conference room.

Later she made more videos and did more tweets to clarify her position by saying that she found someone at the foreign ministry to agree to record her videos, and did not know him personally.

Model Hareem Shah Disrespected Presidential Chair in Foreign Ministry! [Watch Video]

She also didn’t seem to think that her actions were of any such consequence.

However, the controversies haven’t really stopped yet. Yesterday Hareem took to her Twitter account to tweet something really strange and controversial.

She hasn’t mentioned any names but it seems like an expose is about to happen and another Pakistani cricketer is about to come under the knife.

Moreover, she’s also being talked about a lot on the web for displaying her air firing skills in a video.

Watch the video here:


Many are wondering why she’s learning to fire a gun. Are you one of them, too?

Let us know in the comments!

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Call of Duty Surpasses PUBG to Become the World’s ‘Most Popular Mobile Game’

call of duty mobile game

Smartphone manufacturers know that their customers, gamers in particular, will no longer compromise when it comes to specifications and features.

On the other hand, games have also become more gamer-oriented as developers have addressed every single detail right down to the smallest of details to attract their consumers.

As more major titles make it to the gaming platforms, the competition amongst developers has grown. While PUBG remained the biggest competitor in the market, even ahead of Fortnite, Call of Duty wiped it out.

Call of Duty has now become the World’s Most Popular Mobile Game. It was downloaded more than 100mn times in just the first week and now has about 5 times more downloads than PUBG or Fortnite in their first week.

In the first month alone, Tencent generated $17.7mn from the gaming application, while profits are only expected to grow in the upcoming months.

We are excited to see what other titles will make their way on to the mobile platform as Smartphones nowadays can support the storage and RAM the apps will need to perform smoothly.

What titles are you looking forward to?

Share your thoughts with us in the comments below.

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Apple Arcade Features Pakistani Developer’s Game ‘Explottens- The Time is Meow’

“It’s Not Easy to Lose Weight, the Struggle is Real Though.” -Aiman Khan

aimen khan

It’s no surprise that Aiman and Minal Khan are the favorite twins of our industry. Not only they are gifted actresses, but they also have a prominent presence on social media as well.

Just last year, Aiman Khan tied the knot to actor Muneeb Butt in a fairytale wedding which lasted for days and took the social media by storm.

The duo was blessed with a beautiful baby girl on August 30th and Butt took to Instagram to announce the birth of their daughter Amal. Wishes started pouring in for the couple from both fans and celebrities as the duo broke the news.

The joy of being blessed with a newborn can’t be put in words and that’s no surprise but it seems like Aiman is struggling to lose some pounds.

Aiman Khan catharsis on Instagram’s latest post where she wrote: It’s not easy to lose weight, the struggle is real though.” (We feel you!)


View this post on Instagram


A post shared by AIMAN MUNEEB (@aimankhan.official) on

Although the caption was later edited – at least now we know that getting in shape is something Khan is struggling with.

Being a celebrity means that you’re always in limelight and be at the best of your game.

Well, the Ishq Tamasha actress has previously been on a weight loss journey and managed to achieve her ideal goal with hard work and dedication.

We wish her all the very best!

Contributed by Kinza Peracha 

Pakistan Wins BIG on 1st Day of IBSF World Snooker Championship


Pakistani cueists started IBSF World Snooker Championship with a bang, crushing their opponent in Antalya, Turkey.

Three out of four champions were in action including Pakistan’s no.1 Muhammad Asif. All were victorious without dropping a single frame.

Mubarshir Raza was the first one to start the winning spell and blow a century frame against his opponent Kevin Hanssens from Belgium. Raza completed the match with a score of 122-1, 65-10, 75-31, and 82-27.

Second up was Muhammad Asif who led team Pakistan with the win of 4-0 against Turkeys Enes Bakirci.

The frame was perfectly aligned with the breaks of 78 and 79. We won’t be bragging if we say that the match was clearly one-sided as the score says it all. It was a brutal match with a score of 58-40, 65-1, 80-83, and 91-8.

The third one to keep the winning fire burning was our Asian champion, Baber Masih. He clearly outplayed Kayhan Durukan of the host country. Masih was extremely high on the winning vibe that he didn’t let Durukan score any pot in the first frame.

Poor Durukan could not earn any colors in a single visit. Masih destroyed the match with the scores of 80-7, 71-6, 97-7, and 69-8.

Next up, we are eager to see Zulfiqar Qadir play against Ivan Kakovskil from Russia. If the team Pakistan keeps it up, we are sure to take the IBSF World Snooker Championship title home.

Do you think Pakistan will bring this title home? Share your thoughts with us in the comments below.

European Commission Warns Internet Giants to Combat Fake News or Face Regulatory Action

google, facebook and twitter

Not too long ago, US tech giants Google, Facebook and Twitter together with Mozilla, Microsoft and seven European trade bodies signed up to a voluntary code of conduct to tackle fake news with the aim to ward off intrusive rules.

However, it seems like not much has been done about the spreading of fake news as yet.

Hence, yesterday European Commission officially warned Facebook, Google, and Twitter to do more to tackle fake news otherwise they will face regulatory action.

News, be it of any nature, spreads on social media like fire in a jungle. Sadly, all news gets the same treatment, be it real, fake, or misconstrued.

Facebook Awards LUMS Faculty with Research Grant on Digital Literacy

Misinformation is a serious issue that affects people on a global level, whether or not they are avid social media users.

Fake news gives rise to impulsive thoughts and decisions and encourages extremist mindsets.

There have been several incidents where misinformation has impacted the minds of communities and individuals adversely enough to cause serious damage, even irrevocable damage sometimes.

The EC has called on the companies to cooperate with more independent bodies. An independent consultant hired by the Commission will publish its assessment early next year, followed by the EU executive’s own study.

The latest monthly report from the companies showed a wide divergence between them and provided few details on the impact of the measures taken by the companies,

EU Justice Commissioner Vera Jourova, EU security chief Julian King and EU digital commissioner Mariya Gabriel said in a joint statement.

“Large-scale automated propaganda and disinformation persist and there is more work to be done under all areas of the Code. We cannot accept this as a new normal,” they said.

More Than 50% of Global Advertising Expenditure to be Spent on Internet Advertising in 2021

Hopefully, when giants like Google, Facebook, and Twitter take action after this official warning, a difference will be made and seen.

What are your thoughts? Let us know in the comments.

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Sania Mirza Shares the Cutest Video of Izhaan on His First Birthday!

izhaan malik

Sania Mirza, record-breaking tennis superstar got married to Pakistani cricket sensation Shoaib Malik on April 12, 2010.

The dynamic duo has been quite the popular couple since then in both India and Pakistan.

Sania gave birth to an adorable baby boy exactly one year ago, on October 30th, 2018 (Tuesday) at Rainbow Hospital, Islamabad to be precise.

When the news of Izhaan’s birth broke, social media was flooded with congratulatory messages for the couple.

Hania Aamir Wishes Asim Azhar ‘Happy Birthday’ With a Special Instagram Post

There were a few ‘leaked’ images doing the rounds on social media claiming to be of Izhaan but Malik had confirmed that they are yet to share Izhaan’s picture publicly.

Sania took to Twitter this morning to announce Izhaan’s birthday and she made the loveliest birthday wish for him ever.

Calling Izhaan the purest and amazing boy, she promised to be on his side till her last breath. Isn’t that what any child would wish for and be really lucky to get from a mother?

The baby boy’s full name is Izhaan Mirza-Malik. The first name means God’s gift, as the parents feel that he is truly one.

His nickname seems to be Izzy.

Sania also shared the most adorable video of the toddler sitting in her lap doing a little dance.

Take a look:

We can’t wait to see photos of the grand celebration! Can you?

Let us know in the comments.

Electronic Markets Might Remain Closed for the Next 2 Days

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Pakistan Issues Commemorative Coin to Mark Guru Nanak’s 550th Anniversary

guru nanak

Pakistan has issued a commemorative coin to mark the 50th anniversary of Sri Guru Nanak Dev Ji.

Guru Nanak was the founder of the Sikh religion. The coin is a toke of harmony and peace from the government and the country.

Prime Minister Imran Khan shared a picture of the coin on his official Facebook page to unveil it to the nation.

The silver souvenir has the Kartarpur Sahib temple minted on it with the inscription marking the occasion.

Kartarpur is said to be the first site where a Sikh commune was established by Guru Nanak himself.

Moreover, Pakistan and India signed an agreement on the 24th of October in a historic event to open their doors to the Kartarpur Corridor so that Sikhs across the border can come and visit the temple with ease.

Furthermore, PM Imran Khan will inaugurate the corridor officially on 9th November.

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Al-Haj Awarded Greenfield Status to Manufacture Proton Cars in Pakistan

Proton Saga 1.3L

The Ministry of industries and Production gave Greenfield status to Al-Haj automotive for manufacturing and selling Protons cars in Pakistan.

Proton Holdings is a Malaysian automotive company that started off by producing Mitsubishi Motors products in 1980. They produced an indigenously designed vehicle with Mitsubishi’s engine in the year 2000. They may have taken a serious inspiration from the legends, Lamborghini.

The speculations were in the air for long but nothing concrete came forward about this collaboration. However, after the Greenfield status, the things are in “black and white” now.

The production will officially start in 2020 as Proton is currently working on establishing its production plant in Karachi.

This will be the company’s first CKD plant in the region, covering almost 55-acre of land. The initial investment will be around $30 million. Talk about a “ray of light” in the dark times for Pakistan’s economy.

proton int

As per the sources, this manufacturing plant will be producing 25,000 units per year. Not just that, it will also fill a bit of void in the employment crisis by offering 2000 direct employment. The opportunities are unlimited for local vendors also, as we can expect 20,000 indirect employments.

The 1.3 litre Saga Sedan will be the first locally produced car. We are hopeful that it’s first of many to come by the collaboration of Al-Haj and Proton. This manufacturing plant will be a gateway for more foreign investment in Pakistan.

What do you think about this development? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

Al-Haj to Assemble & Sell Zhong Tong Buses in Pakistan

Hania Aamir Wishes Asim Azhar ‘Happy Birthday’ With a Special Instagram Post

Hania and Asim

Today marks the 23rd birthday of Pakistani singing sensation Asim Azhar. Many wishes have been pouring in from fans, friends, and family.

Unsurprisingly, his rumored girlfriend Hania Aamir also sent out a sweet message and now we just cannot stop adoring them again.

Taking to Instagram, the actress posted a throwback a video in which they can be seen beaming with joy while dancing.

She shared the clips with the caption:


Here’s the video! 

View this post on Instagram

Saalgira Mubarak🌻💁🏻‍♀️

A post shared by Hania Aamir (@haniaheheofficial) on

Soon after she posted the video, it has been doing the rounds on social media and their fans are also pouring endless love to them.

Zhalay Sarhadi Still Pissed off at Hamza Ali Abbasi’s Comments on Item Numbers!

Hania Aamir and Azim Azhar began their love story last year when they started hanging out a lot with each other. Although Asim Azhar has admitted that he has a thing for the actress, she has never spelt it out in words.

On the professional front, Hania and Asim shared the small screen in a telefilm titled ‘Pyar kahani’ which received a good response from the viewers. They have also turned showstoppers for Zainab Chottani earlier this year.

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Al-Haj to Assemble & Sell Zhong Tong Buses in Pakistan

Zhong Tong Busses

An official agreement has been signed between Al-Haj and Zhong Tong. According to it, Al-Haj can now assemble and sell Zhong Tong busses in Pakistan.

A grand ceremony will take place later in China to celebrate this new venture. Higher officials from both countries are expected to be a part of the celebrations.

After the celebrations, Al-Haj will assemble and sell the Zhong Tong busses on full-fledged in the market.

Reportedly, there will be a variety of busses of all sizes and configurations to select from. However, there is not much available on the models that will be sold for now.

On the other hand, Al-Haj has also been granted the Greenfield status by the Ministry of Industries and Production (MoI&P) to produce Proton vehicles in Pakistan.

Al-Haj also sells FAW vehicles within the country as well. We have now to see what else the company has planned for the future.

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Women on Wheels is all Set to be Launched in Karachi!

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