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Balochistan Soon To Get Its First Girls Cadet College

balochistan all girls cadet college
Image Source: Mashable

Balochistan is making a huge leap when it comes to gender equality. The latest initiative of the Province for females is an empowering move that can change the landscape of women’s empowerment for the better. Are you ready to hear the good news? It’ll make your day for sure!

Balochistan Makes An All Girls Cadet College

Balochistan’s government has announced that they have initiated efforts to construct the first-ever Girls Cadet College in Quetta. A cadet college is a special military school system that began in British India and later was adopted in Pakistan and Bangladesh. An all-girls cadet college is being initiated to provide standard education to girls in an equally advanced and disciplined learning environment.

balochistan all girls cadet college
Image Source: Netmag

Further Developments in Education

The Balochistan government has also announced that they are going to establish boarding schools in every district of the province. This project will cost around Rs10 billion but it is for a worthy cause. These boarding facilities will aim to support students as they receive a modern quality education. An official also told the media that these boarding facilities will also prepare the youth for future challenges.

balochistan all girls cadet college
Image Source: Urdu Point

In addition to this, the government has also shared that they are going to construct 10 additional colleges in the Quetta district. These extensive measures are being taken to ensure enhanced education facilities for the youth. 

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No One Gets Left Behind

Students from the far-flung areas in Balochistan are also being catered to. The government has planned to establish boarding schools near all these areas so students can congregate and not be held back. Moreover, well-equipped hostels, sports and other modern facilities will all be provided to the students that come to these boarding schools. Only higher education and vocational schools are not the focus. 

balochistan all girls cadet college
Image Source: Dawn

The government of Balochistan also has plans to establish 100 new middle schools. For these schools, Rs1500 million were allocated in the annual budget 2021-22. The purpose is to provide quality education with equal accessibility to the future generations of the province. Witnessing these plans is a proud moment for the people of Pakistan.  We can’t wait for the day these schools become operational!

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5 Amazing Flagship Phones In Pakistan You Need To Get Your Hands On

Phones In Pakistan
Image Source: techadvisor.com

It is interesting to see how far technology has come since the time of the first phones. Now, there is a smartphone for every price range for people. Whether you wish to go for budget or flagship, companies make it easier to select. The latter is the epitome of brilliance when it comes to smartphones. They have the latest tech embedded within them, alongside the best of cameras and build quality. Are these flagship phones in Pakistan though? And what are their details?

Today, we take a look at some of the best flagship smartphones that one can get a hold of in Pakistan. You may have a preference of brand but do not worry, we cover a big range here! So, let us dive into the details of the devices.

Please note that the prices of the devices can vary depending on the seller and are not completely static.

flagship phones worth buying in Pakistan
Image Source: gsmarena.com

1. Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Plus

This phone comes equipped with an Exynos 9825 chipset that is sure to take you a long distance. With an Octa-core capability, there is no telling what the limits you can push this flagship phone to. It has a 6.8-inch display, with 256GB storage and 12GB RAM. There is a very low chance of one running out of storage on this device. The amount of RAM guarantees that the phone will not hang.

Packed with a 4300mah battery and a Quad Camera array on the rear end, this phone is worth a glance. It’s currently priced at PKR 189,999/-

2. OnePlus 8 Flagship

This is a brand that is known for how beautiful a display they have. Their software capabilities go beyond anything that smartphones of today can offer. You can always go for this brand when in doubt. It has a Snapdragon 865 processor, with 128GB storage and 8GB RAM. Again, there is no need to worry about storage space or the phone hanging.

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With a triple camera array on the rear, starting with 48mp, the phone gives some impressive photographic results. It has a battery power of 4300mah, so you can easily go past a day. The price of the phone is currently PKR 106,000/-

3. Samsung Galaxy S21

This flagship phone can be considered as the current peak of Samsung. There is still time before we are introduced to a newer smartphone. However, the S21 has an Exynos 2100 chipset inside it. It can neither heat up nor lag, because it is one of the most recent ones. The phone offers the highest variant of 256GB storage and 8GB RAM. Additionally, it has a triple camera array with a 64mp telephoto lens.

Alongside a 4000mah battery, the phone also offers a 6.2-inch screen. Its price is currently around PKR 170,000/-

4. iPhone 12 Mini Flagship

There cannot be a list of flagship smartphones without there being an iPhone present among them. iPhone 12 Mini became quite the sensation when it was first released. The size of the phone made it quite reasonable for a person to keep it. It features the A14 Bionic chip with enhanced capabilities. Additionally, it has variants of 64GB, 128GB, and 256GB alongside 4GB RAM. In an iPhone, this is a good amount of RAM storage since the architecture is different from android.

With an impressive camera and a mid-range battery, the phone costs around PKR 160,000/-

5. Xiaomi Mi 11

This is a smartphone that comes equipped with the Snapdragon 888, the latest in the series. It is definitely worth a buy and comes with quite a lot of features. With 256GB storage and 8GB RAM, the phone has a lot to offer to the user. It has a triple-camera array, with the highest one set at 108mp. Now, that is a camera that can be used alongside a binocular.

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The phone has a robust 4600mah battery which guarantees lots of time for usage. Its price is PKR 146,999/-

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iOS 15 Will Improve The Use Of Google Apps In Apple Devices

iOS 15 features and siri functions
Image Source: youtube.com

Not long after, iPhone 13 launch, Apple released its iOS 15 update sending people in a frenzy to download and install. While most publications do cover the update features especially for iPhones, it is always an experience to figure out the latest features yourself; as an iPhone user, I can attest to it.

But to be sent on that path, you need a starting point; what the feature is about. For instance, if we tell you about live testing, you can go and discover the rest for yourself. Hence, today, we have another hint for you. It is related to Google Apps on your iPhones. Interested yet?

iOS 15 & Google Apps


Apple’s latest software will enable a better experience of using Google apps on iPhones. The information was made public in a statement. According to that, there is Focus mode which will replace Do Not Disturb. In this, you can define your non-distraction periods and categorize contacts. This way, even in the time of non-disturbance you can decide if there are people who you will allow to bypass the wall.

ios 15
Image Source: 9to5google

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Google Maps

Even with Focus Mode on, Google Maps will not be silenced. The app will notify you of changes in routes. Moreover, the app will also tell you about road closures and unexpected traffic.

Google Home

The best part about these improvements in Google Apps is the update in Google Home. This app will even be able to tell users if there is a stranger outside their door. Imagine that! Another update is the Google Tasks reminders that have been preset for a specific time.

Image Source: CNET

When will these improvements be seen?

Users will be able to see these improvements on their Apple devices over a span of few weeks. The will be administered across Gmail, Meet, Google Tasks, Google Maps, Home, and other Google apps.

Other Apple devices

In a statement, Google said: “In the coming weeks, Google Photos and YouTube Music will roll out extra-large versions of their popular widgets so you can easily access some of your best memories and favorite music on your iPad Home Screen.”

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Are you an iPhone user? After seeing this, are you ready to explore the above-mentioned iOS updates for yourself? Do share your experience with us.

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‘This is Our Time’: Expo 2020 Dubai Releases Official Anthem

‘This is Our Time': Expo 2020 Dubai releases official anthem
Image source: https://www.gulftoday.ae/

Expo 2020 Dubai, which will kick off on Oct. 1, released its official song titled “This Is Our Time” on Tuesday. The English/Arabic language song is now available on YouTube. The song features Emirati singer Hussain Al-Jassmi, Expo 2020’s ambassador, and US-Lebanese Grammy-nominated singer and songwriter Mayssa Karaa. She is also the artistic director of Expo’s all-female Firdaus Orchestra.

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The song is produced by Canadian Grammy Award winner Greg Wells, who was behind the 2019 Special Olympics World Games Abu Dhabi official song Right Where I Am Supposed To Be. The Expo’s anthem is a lush and dramatic number that attempts to capture the multicultural flavour of the event as well as supports the message of unity and pride.

Take a look at the music video

The Message Behind The Song 

Written by singer-songwriter Saif Fadhel, the lyrics support the Expo’s unifying message.

“Follow me, one voice, one family / The world as it stands. In the palm of our hands, it’s our time.” Al Jassmi croons in a rare English verse.

Soul singer Almas follows up with: “Take a seat to the greatest show you’ll ever see. We’ve come so far, but the future is ours to decide what we need.”

“This is our Time’ is a tribute to the UAE for all it has been, is today and will achieve in the years to come,” Al-Jassmi said in a released statement.

It’s a song about pride, faith and unity, and I hope that it brings a smile to the faces of everyone who hears it, wherever they may be in the world. Being a part of such an iconic event in the UAE’s history is extremely exciting and rewarding.”

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The youngest of the trio, Almas, said that the song is an “embodiment of hope as well as the belief that collaboration will yield a better future for all.”

“I’m so proud to be Emirati and play a role in a moment that will be forever part of my country’s history,” she added.

Chief Officer’s Statement 

Marjan Faraidooni, Chief Experience Officer at Expo 2020 Dubai, mentioned in a statement,

“World Expos bring people together, and we are pleased to welcome a collection of incredible talents to lend their voices to the official Expo 2020 Dubai song. At the same time, combining the past, present and future, and providing an inspiration to all. In less than ten days, we look forward to welcoming the world and creating once-in-a-lifetime memories for millions of visitors.”

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New Zealand Double Standards: Women’s England Tour Continues Amid Threat

women england tour continues and new zealand hypocrisy exposed
Image Source: crickettimes.com

The cricket tour between England and New Zealand has been going on for a while now. However, when it came to Pakistan, both countries had to pull out last minute. This was because of a bomb threat that the New Zealand team received via email. Just twenty minutes before the first ODI was about to start, the match was called off. As a result, both nations pulled out from Pakistan on the world tour and made their way ahead.

Now, it seems that, despite a second bomb threat, the teams are going to continue playing their tour. It seems that the New Zealand team received two threats. The first one threatened to place a bomb inside the hotel they were staying in. Meanwhile, the second one said that there would be a bomb on the plane back to New Zealand. After that, the teams were sent into lockdown and the investigations began.

new zealand hypocrisy exposed
Image Source: femalecricket.com

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New Zealand Hypocrisy Exposed

After much investigation and checking, the United Kingdom police revealed the bomb threat to be a hoax. Neither the hotel nor the plane was rigged with an explosive. The spokesperson for the New Zealand cricket team says that they did receive the threat in an email. This happened the same way when they were in Pakistan. However, in Pakistan, the match was called off and the teams pulled away.

The same investigation could have deemed the first threat as a hoax in our country too. A lot of this shines New Zealand in a hypocritical light because this is the second time it has happened. Why not cancel the match the second time around too? How does that hoax differ from this one? Maybe this was a hoax too, and they just pulled out of Pakistan for no reason.

bomb threat to cricket teams
Image Source: simplyelearningacademy.com

Cricket Matches Ongoing

It really does highlight the double standards of New Zealand when they did not play in Pakistan. Threats are given everywhere but that doesn’t mean you play in one place and avoid playing in the other. If either of those threats were real, it would have been just as big a concern in the other place as was in Pakistan. Additionally, the email did not directly reference the women’s cricket team of New Zealand.

In Pakistan, the details of the threat were not shared with relevant authorities which again begs the question; if it was a hoax here too, why pull out? If it was a hoax there, why continue? Pakistani authorities put in multiple requests but were still denied access to the details of the threat. It would have helped everyone. Instead, both the women’s and men’s tours in Pakistan were cancelled.

despite threat match continues for new zealand
Image Source: ecb.co.uk

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PONDS Unveiled The Most Mesmerizing Programmable Billboard In Pakistan

PONDS, one of the world’s leading beauty and skincare brands, has launched a beautiful and impactful OOH campaign in Pakistan. The aim of the campaign was to focus on the brand’s USP of making consumers’ skin spotless every day.

The idea of brand essence came to life with the deployment of the mesmerizing programmable billboard at all busiest locations in the metro cities of Pakistan. The pink gorgeous billboards were the talk of the town.

Furthermore, Ponds executed one-of-its-kind location takeovers with ambient lights, programmable billboards, and branded billboards and turned the entire location in Ponds Color.

This campaign was executed by Kinetic Pakistan.

Shell Tameer Rewards Young, Bright Pakistani Innovators

Karachi, September 18, 2021: The finale of the Shell Tameer Awards 2021, a nationwide contest was held at Shell House to recognise the best and brightest young entrepreneurs in Pakistan. The event was attended by prominent business leaders and professionals from the industry and existing and aspiring entrepreneurs. The event was live-streamed for audiences across the country.

The grand winners of the Shell Tameer Awards 2021 announced were: Circular Economy – TrashIt – Anusha Fatima – A tech-based waste recycling startup enabling communities to reduce their waste footprint while creating opportunities for the informal waste pickers in the supply chain. Clean Energy Solutions – Enent – Osama Shakeel – A clean tech startup focused on designing innovative electrical load management products that can reduce electricity bills and power loss up to 20%.

Empowering Women – Civixa – Alveena Sohail – A women led startup providing AI based data management solutions to help organizations achieve their business objectives through a data driven approach. Technology Innovation – Asani.io– Ansab Naqvi– A technology innovator providing water management solutions to households and industries through their smart app and IoT-based technology. Transport & Mobility – Elixis – Mohammed Ahmed– A young innovator promoting sustainable mobility through locally built electric bicycles to help reduce environmental impacts of commuting. Bright Idea – Boltay Huroof – Hafiz Sheikh Umer Farooq – A tech-based social enterprise aimed at improving accessibility and digital inclusion for the blind and low-vision community through their braille translation software.

The runners-up are: International Services Pak from Circular Economy, Renew Power Projects from Clean Energy Solutions, Beetee for Empowering Women, CricFlex for Technology Innovation, vCarpool for Transport & Mobility and Eco Stabilizer for Bright Idea.

This year, 125 applications were received for the awards program and 20 finalists were shortlisted in six award categories. The finalists presented their pitches to an expert jury of diverse professionals who selected this year’s winners and runners-up in each of the six award categories.

As part of the event, a panel of high-profile leaders engaged in an insightful discussion on ‘The role of Innovation and Entrepreneurship in shaping the future of Pakistan’, covering the benefits of having a youthful population in Pakistan, the government starting structured incubators and introducing three-year tax relief for start-ups, and how the private sector has a key role to play in the start-up ecosystem. Moderated by Sidra Iqbal, the panel of experts comprised; CEO & MD of Shell Pakistan Limited – Haroon Rashid, Chairman & CEO of Unilever Pakistan Limited – Amir Paracha, CEO of Dawood Hercules Group – Inam ur Rahman and Chairman NCCPL – Humayun Bashir.

The Chief Executive Officer of Shell Pakistan Limited – Haroon Rashid stated: “It is encouraging to see many young innovators enthusiastic to help solve diverse and important issues that challenge our country. We are proud of the winners today and feel honored to be part of their journey towards sustainable businesses, social change and progress of our nation. We prioritise and invest in Shell Tameer, our flagship program for enterprise development, that aims to strengthen local economies.”

Since the launch of Shell Tameer in 2003, 86 Pakistani entrepreneurs have won Shell Tameer Awards receiving seed capital and media recognition. 10 Pakistani entrepreneurs won International Trade Grants worth PKR 3.8 million to visit seven countries and expand their market globally. Nine Shell Tameer entrepreneurs won the global Shell ‘Top Ten Innovators Awards worth PKR 10.4 million receiving global and national recognition.

Nida Yasir Starts Following Yasir Nawaz, Responds To His Parody Video

Nida Yasir Unfollows Yasir Nawaz, Responds To His Parody Video
Image source: https://www.pakshowbiz.com/

If there is a one morning show host known for her not so witty remarks and inarticulate hosting, that is Nida Yasir. She also has been under the netizen’s radar for a long time now since everything she seems to trigger the viewers. Recently Nida was bashed by netizens and viewers over her views on the Formula 1 racing car.

A few days ago, Nida became the talk of social media when a clip went viral from her morning show. In the morning show from 2016, Nida invited two NUST students who invented a formula one racing car. While interviewing them, Nida didn’t seem to understand what a formula one car is. She then asked a few questions, which sounded rather dumb, furthermore making her look like she didn’t do enough research before interviewing the guests. Take a look at the clip below.

As soon as the clip went viral, people took to social media to share their two cents about the situation. While most of them criticised her for not knowing enough, some took her side and mentioned it was absolutely fine. Regardless, she gave people a reason to laugh and come out with exciting memes.

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Yasir Hussain’s Take On The Clip 

As the video went, viral Nida’s husband also jumped don’t the bandwagon and recreated a parody video of her wife. That parody video also gained a lot of attention, and people couldn’t stop wondering whether Nida enjoyed it or not?

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Nida Clarifies The Situation 

While people wondered about whether she liked her husband’s take on it or not, Junaid Khan asked her the same thing too. In a recent appearance in Good Morning Pakistan, the singer asked her response to the parody video. To which she replied,

“Yasir was not the only one involved; my entire family was involved in the filming of the video.” Further adding, “I didn’t find it cute.”  

Take a look at the clip below.

Nida Yasir Unfollows Husband On Social Media

Recently, the followers claimed that the host had stopped following her husband on social media. Checking now, we saw her following Yasir Nawaz. During the time she had allegedly unfollowed, the netizens started wondering whether it was the result of the parody video as she mentioned that she didn’t like it.

We still don’t know whether she took it to her heart or not but kudos to Nida for the way she faces criticism on a daily basis.

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Arnab Goswami Accuses Pakistan, Ends Up In An Embarrassing Situation

arnab goswami
Image source: scroll.in

So-called Indian journalist, news anchor, Arnab Goswami came under intense fire when he made some baseless comments with full confidence. On his show where there were two analysts, one from the Indian side and the other, from Pakistan, as expected, he was on the offensive. Instead of taking a neutral ground to let the educated people talk, he chose to give his two cents only to end up embarrassing himself.

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The situation at hand

What had happened was that in making accusations, Arnab said that Pakistani intelligence was staying at Serena Hotel, Kabul, on the fifth floor. Before the Pakistani analyst could say anything, he told him that the claim was irrefutable because he could even justify what they had for dinner. When you make a claim with so much confidence, you really do not leave anything up for speculation. However, things went sideways when the claim turned out to be not baseless but rather standing on air. As it turns out, Serena Hotel, Kabul does not have more than 2 floors.

To be on fifth, you literally have to be standing on air.

Arnab Goswami Memes

Before Pakistanis could even take the lead, it was the Indian who began trolling the anchor for his ignorant accusation. In terms of an ill-researched interview, he definitely won against Nida Yasir. Let’s take a look at some of the best memes, shall we?

A certain Priya shared the receipt of purchase of traditional Indian food, paneer and dosa. She trolled Arnab saying that this was a legit food bill. It was titled Serena Tiffins. Well, if the fifth floor of Kabul Serena magically appeared in Hyderabad India, then it was surely a legit food bill. Hilariously though, comments showed that people took the joke at face value and believe it to be legit.

Anti-Modi, Indians also took the opportunity to make memes about their Prime Minister with the matter at hand.

Now that, Serena Hotel has gotten the publicity for its 5th floor, they might just start constructing it; you never know.

But hey, one should not look down on ISI. They could definitely be using stealth technology.

Stealth technology or not, Arnab Goswami has misfired. But considering, even his countrymen do not consider him reliable, does his ignorance really make that much difference?

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Men Or Women: Who’s Better At Giving Directions And Why?

You all must have heard it by now: whenever people see a confused driver on roads, they assume it must be a woman. This stereotype has been operational for many years now and people have started digging into it. The reason why men may be better at navigation is – as expected – unpleasant.

What Has Been Discovered?

Scientists at University College London were working on a test for dementia when they made these findings. The findings do suggest men are better at navigating however, there is a reason beyond women’s control when it comes to why they can not. The reason to do with years of discrimination and unequal opportunities only. It is not as if it is an innate inability of women to navigate better.

men women better navigating
Image Source: SWNS Digital

Researching Through A Game

The researchers used a computer game, Sea Hero Quest, through which they were researching. The game has over four million players all over the world. Sea Hero Quest is a nautical adventure to save an old sailor’s lost memories. When you play the game, it anonymously records your sense of direction and also your navigational ability. When researchers used this game in men and women, men always performed better.

men women better navigating
Image Source: Telekom

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The Findings and What They Suggest

By looking at the World Economic Forum’s Gender Gap Index, the researchers think they can get to the reason. This Index is important because it studies equality in areas in education to health and jobs to politics. They found that in the countries in which there is greater equality between men and women, the difference between men and women’s performance is very small on the spatial navigation test. However, where there is a high inequality, the difference between men and women becomes much bigger. 

men women better navigating
Image Source: Dawn

This shows that the culture people live in has a huge effect on their cognitive abilities. According to their results, Denmark, Finland and Norway have the best navigational skills. Moreover, they have found that a person’s sense of direction constantly declines after the teenage years. Additionally, people in wealthier countries are also better navigators.

How Is This Related To Dementia?

Since the game test’s a person’s memory through their navigational skills, it is used for dementia’s research also. Being lost or disoriented is one of the first signs of the disease and researchers are trying to raise awareness about it.

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BMW Has Just Launched 4 New Motorcycles In Pakistan

BMW launching four new motorcycles
Image Source: topspeed.com

Pakistan has had numerous brands of motorcycles for quite a while now. If we look at the 70cc category, brands like Honda and Unique take the top cake. However, this category is not the only one in the country. Going higher than 110cc, 125cc, and 150cc, we get the heavy bikes. These motorcycles come installed with hefty engines that can go miles without a hint of exhaustion. BMW is a recognized brand in this domain. These are heavy-set vehicles with powerful engines and a robust chassis.

BMW has just launched four new motorcycles in Pakistan and they are a sight to see. Let’s check them out.

BMW R-18 Cruiser

This reminds us of one of the vehicles from ‘Terminator 2’. The iconic round light with stretched handlebars is something nostalgic fans will surely enjoy. Additionally, it has a 1802cc engine with 91hp. The fact that it is a cruiser shows us that one can enjoy long journeys on it without feeling too uncomfortable.

The current price is set at PKR 84 Lac.

coming to pakistan with 4 new motorcycles
Image Source: bikewale.com

850 GS

BMW has released a motorcycle that can be used for multiple purposes. It is not something that can only be driven on the road. Rather, the suspension allows for an adventure-based approach. Armed with an 853cc engine, this bike is a monster. It has a tank capacity of 15 liters so you can go quite a distance.

Its current price is PKR 51 Lac.

new motorcycles coming to Pakistan
Image Source: bikescatalog.com

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BMW K-1600 GT

This motorcycle has a four-stroke engine with six cylinders. Yes, this is the bike that you can use for long-distance travel without stop. If motorcycles were allowed on the motorway, one would simply use this to get from Multan to Islamabad and beyond. It has a payload capacity of 200kg.

The price of the motorcycle is PKR 90 Lac.

BMW bikes launching in Pakistan
Image Source: nethedlandsnewslive.com

1250 GSA

With a 1250cc engine beneath the tank, this vehicle is not one to be trifled with. It is a heavier-set motorcycle than the 800cc one, however, the adventure application is the same. With a 30-liter tank capacity, the 1250 GSA is currently being sold at PKR 74 Lac.

bmw bikes launching in Pakistan
Image Source: indianautosblog.com

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Muneeb Butt Reveals Why He Changed His Outfit At Minal’s Mayun

muneeb butt changed outfit mayun
Image Source: Instagram

Muneeb Butt is a talented actor but we love him most for his candid personality on TV shows. The actor was called on a show of Nida Yasir with his fellow actress, BadDua on which he shared something interested about Minal Khan’s wedding. Keep reading, we all can relate!

Minal Khan’s Mayun

Muneeb Butt was already on his sister-in-law’s Mayun in a green raw silk outfit with a waistcoat. He shares that he was completely dressed, had the wallet and car keys in his hand when his mother saw him. Upon seeing him, she was totally surprised but not for the reasons you can guess. She was surprised because he looked like the dulha himself!

Muneeb Butt shares that his mother repeated to him that he was totally overdressed. He could have overpowered Ahsan Mohsin Ikram for all he knows! When Muneeb Butt realised this, he immediately went to change.


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The Changed Outfit

Muneeb Butt then changed into a plain black suit then. He looked dapper in a kameez and pyjama outfit that was all plain. On top of that, he wore his originally intended waistcoat which was green and gold. He has also tagged the designer from where the waistcoat is— Humayun Alamgir. Have a look at his changed outfit:


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A post shared by Muneeb Butt (@muneeb_butt)

Is There Something As Overdressing?

There definitely is and Muneeb Butt is one of those rare people who have the ethics to change their clothes when they do feel it. In our society, it has become a trend for women especially to wear the heaviest clothes they can find at big weddings. In doing so, often the bride herself is overpowered by simply guests! 

muneeb butt changed outfit mayun
Image Source: Instagram

The bride and groom should be allowed to be the centre of the limelight at least on their wedding days. Kudos to Muneeb Butt for changing!

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Muneeb Butt and Aiman Khan 

The brother-in-law and sister were smitten over the new couple at the wedding. After Minal and Aiman Khan’s father passed away, it seems they give Muneeb Butt the status of the elder in the house. Muneeb Butt was also the one who was holding the Nikkahnama in his hands while the couple was signing it.


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Moreover, Muneeb and Aiman also added fun to all the festivities with their own dancing and sing-alongs. The couple is goals indeed and their little, adorable daughter also has her own long list of fans.

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Driving License Issuance & Renewal Made Easy For Karachi Citizens

karachi driving license
Image Source: Zameen.com

With millions of people residing in the megacity, Karachi, and no good public transit system in place yet, the citizens are bound to use cars. To be able to use cars, you obviously need to have a driving license. However, people find it hard to find time to apply for a driving license on weekdays especially if they work.

For this purpose, the traffic police department is introducing measures to facilitate more and more people. If they accommodate the citizens’ rights, they will be better equipped to safeguard and guide the citizens’ rights on the roads.

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Driving License without prior appointment

One such measure is, allowing people to go for their driving license issuance or renewal without booking an appointment. Karachiites can stroll in on September 23rd and 24th without worrying about taking appointments first. Quickly getting their work done will ensure lesser hindrance at their work as well. This facility is available at all three centers in Karachi.

Another measure that shows the traffic department acknowledging people with jobs is the directive to open driving license centers on Saturday as well. This measure is not just limited to Karachi but can be availed by people all over Sindh. With this service, business people and employees can apply for driving licenses with ease.

Online services

Taking time out from your working hours to get your driving license is harder more so if you have to stand in line to get your appointment first. To make life easier, the Sindh Driving License App allows you to book an appointment online so that you do not have to stand in queues after you get your token. For now, the app is only for android users.

Karachi driving license
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The more you ensure that you work under guidelines, the more you will be able to hold authorities accountable for your rights. Imagine being in a traffic accident where someone else was at fault but just because you did not have a license, you will get the shorter end of the stick. So are you ready to get your license and be a better citizen driving on the streets of Karachi? If you are, get to the license centers today and get your license.

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Netflix Establishes New Emmy Record With 44 Wins In Single Year

emmy awards won by Netflix record
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Tv shows and movies are some of the most engaging activities of today. People find them a form of entertainment that has no limits. You can spend your whole day just binging through a series and still have many to watch at the end of the day. In recent news, the Emmy awards took place and Netflix took home quite a lot from it.

Netflix was a company that started off as a video rental service. There were discs that people used to rent out and watch movies with the whole family. There may have been more pieces of Netflix before the disc era but we are sure of this one. Now, after decades, the company has evolved into one that is a streaming service. It has millions of viewers on its content and quite a lot of content itself available. One can never quite run out of stuff to watch on Netflix.

Eddmy record set by Netflix
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Netflix Setting Records

There has been a lot of series which have gathered a lot of popularity in 2021 and the previous year. Two of the series to clinch awards were,

  • The Queens Gambit
  • The Crown

Both of them have become icons of sorts due to the plot and what they portray. One cannot just imagine life without watching, at least, one of these shows. If you haven’t, you should check it out. The portrayal of Lady Diana in The Crown has even gotten a lot of fans excited. The crown portrays every character to a T.

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Netflix sets a new record by getting a total of 44 Emmy awards. The record was previously held by CBS from 1974. So, the company is now tied with CBS.

winning 44 emmys in a single year
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More Wins For The Company

These wins show that the company is willing to go quite a distance to provide the best content. Just the top two ones have gathered so many nominations, the rest of them are just the topping on this cake. However, all of them hold weight in their own domain and each of them is worth the watch.

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HBO has even clinched Emmys on their tv shows, as well as Apple Tv+ with their ‘Ted Lasso’. There is no doubt that Netflix is moving higher up with each season stream. Every week, they are adding more and more shows to their roster and people are lining up to get subscriptions. We hope to see more wins from them as the years’ progress and we enter into 2022. Apart from that, it is always fun to just open up the Netflix tab and start watching the latest trending one.

netflix setting record for number of Emmys
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9Lines Brand Receives Backlash For Using ‘Old People’ As Props

Unethical Campaigns; When Will Brands Stop?
Image source: https://www.9lines.store/

When it comes to marketing, brands will resort to anything to sell their product. The quest to get their products viral and sold has made the brands turn a blind eye to the most serious issues. Exploiting the marginalised community or using people as mere props has become a practice observed by even the biggest brands. However, the question is, what is the standard when it comes to such campaigns? Who comes out with the idea? Are these people being paid for sitting and posing in the same position for hours? Last but not the least, is this practice ethical or unethical? The question was asked after the recent campaign of 9Lines.


9Lines is a Pakistani brand known for its vibrant and funky accessories and clothing lines catered to all age groups. They offer a myriad of products from clothing to shoes, bags, jewellery and office accessories, including note pads, water bottles, wall frames and more. Their target audience is someone who likes to stand out in the crowd as they offer significant patterns with solid colours and trendy cuts. Their vibrant colours and aesthetically pleasing social media handles make the brand look hip and cool.

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Unethical Campaign 

However, a recent campaign has the brand under fire. The latest collection of the brand showed the models in vibrant outfits. While the models posed for the photos, the background showed poor and older adults sitting there as props. Ever since the pictures were released, the brand has been getting backlash over the latest campaign. However, as soon as the issue was highlighted, the brand’s Instagram management took off all the pictures which showed elderly and poor people. Unfortunately for the brand, the photos had already gone viral by that time.

Take a look and let us know what you think. 

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Previous Instances 

This is not the first time something like this have surfaced on social media. In 2018, a Pakistani clothing brand made headlines when they used Masai tribe members as props or decorations for their models during a shoot.

A few weeks ago, an Indian influencer was called out over using poor people as aesthetics in her pictures. As she wore an outfit from Sabyasachi X h&m collaboration, she posed for pictures while standing in front of poor people. Many people took to social media to call her out. They also explained that how this practice is taking the focus off of the issues of marginalized community.

In a country where most of the population falls under poverty line, making poverty an aesthetic is insensitive; not to mention the lack of employment opportunities. Only if brands act a little more responsibly, they can use such people for actual work and pay them accordingly, which would be much beneficial for them in the long run.

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Is Apple Planning To Launch Its First-Ever Foldable Phone?

leak talks about Apple foldable phone
Image Source: youtube.com

Apple has been one of the most successful brands of the year. It has always worked towards producing the best products. When it comes to excellence, people trust Apple to launch products that do not compromise on quality. The best product category of theirs is iPhones. iPhones have been around for quite a while now and they only improve with each of their models.

Leak or not, it is news

According to sources, Apple might just be releasing a foldable phone soon. It is not something that we would have expected to happen so soon but it might be true. Yes, what we have is based on a leak but such leaks have often turned out to be true before. It seems that the company may be launching the foldable phone by 2023. Additionally, it has also been said that it is going to be an iPhone! Well, that was a given.

apple foldable phone and coming out leaks
Image Source: tomsguide.com

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Apple Entering Foldable Region

Samsung has certainly established itself well in the market. They have allowed the public to have fun with their foldable and flip phones. Now, Apple is entering this market as well. However, this is still a leak and we are still checking to see how real it can be. The leak still does not offer any detailed specs but it shows promise about a new kind of Apple phone.

It has also been said that the tech giant is collaborating with LG on the workings of such a display. After all, these kinds of smartphones is a fresh domain for the company and they may need assistance. For now, let us bask in the information that Apple is moving forward in more than one domain.

apple and releasing a new unfoldable phone leak
Image Source: instabumper.com

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OPPO Reno6 Full Review

Oppo’s latest phone Reno6 comes with an OPPO Reno Glow design, ultra-fast charging speed, 64MP AI Quad Camera setup 8GB of RAM and 128GB of storage, and so many other exciting features!

Oppo Reno6 Unboxing

Oppo’s latest addition Reno 6 comes with a mighty 64MP quad-camera setup, powerful AI capabilities, and innovative video features. It also comes with a 4310 mAh along with a 50W flash charge! Stay tuned for the full review.

Realme C25s Full Review

realme has introduced its most powerful C-Series device to-date called the realme C25s – a smartphone that packs power, speed, and a long-lasting battery along with true quality, all for PKR 20,999. Watch the video to find out more!

Noor Mukadam’s Sister Has A Message For Supporters

noor mukadam
Image Source: Marie Claire

The hype of the Noor Mukadam case has somewhat faded away much to the disappointment of Noor’s family. On July 20th, Noor died brutally, allegedly at the hands of Zahir Jaffar. She was assaulted, raped, murdered, beheaded, and her dead body and head was kicked around.

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Noor Mukadam Case

In the beginning, most Pakistanis were actively following the developments in the case. Probably that is why Zahir Jaffer was arrested on-site and has stayed in physical and judicial remand ever since. But when more trending incidents occurred like that of Minar-e-Pakistan, the Noor Mukadam case took a backseat. The decreased interest by the public – could that have delayed justice? We do not know. But Noor Mukadam’s sister sure has spoken up.

Noor Mukadam’s sister

The sister said that while they are going through unimaginable loss, they want to ensure, no other family has to endure similar suffering. For this reason, they have arranged for a candlelight vigil in front of the Islamabad Press Club from 4:30 pm to 7 pm on September 22, right before the hearing. The idea is to register support for the cause so that authorities take swift action against the accused.

Having a vigil right before that tells the authority that we have not forgotten Noor. This is more of a reason why a huge crowd needs to turn up. The larger the crowd, the more the impact.

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Power to Noor’s family

Considering the amount of loss, Noor’s family has faced, it is empowering to see the family stand firm in the face of the rich and the powerful, and stand their ground. As they stay and protest against delayed justice, hopefully, action will be taken. And when it does, it will serve as a reminder to all the potential Zahir Jaffers who have the tendency to exploit their privilege. They will have to think a thousand times before committing criminal acts. But to get there, we need to do something now!

We need to rally behind the family of Noor Mukadam and register our voice against crime. In case we choose to not do it, even now when Noor is beheaded and her killer still alive, then the death of the next Noor Mukadam will be on us.

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