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Ra’ana Liaquat Craftmens Colony: Taking on Poverty One Craft at a Time


Ra’ana Liaquat Craftmens Colony (RLCC) was established in 1949 by Begum Ra’ana Liaquat to house emigrating craftsman in Shah Faisal Town after partition.

The organization continues to work today in this Colony for the empowerment of youth and women of the area through improved health education and economic independence.

There is extreme poverty in this colony and many households have an average income of approximately Rs.5,000 per month.

To further enhance income generation in the household RLCC facilitates the development of products made by the women of the community utilizing their existing skills these products are then marketed both within and outside Pakistan and in this way, income generation thing opportunities are provided to local women.

To see the entire collection, click here.

The current management of RLCC has in recent years focused on formalizing its structures and systems with a view to paving a path to sustainability. The year 2014 saw a major shift in RLCC management as governance was revitalized, new members were invited to the General Body and elections were held to nominate a more active Board of Governors to oversee RLCC management.

Furthermore, sub-committees within the Board were constituted to support the finance, programme, marketing and fundraising functions of the organization. The programme subcommittee has subsequently been tasked to support the organization to develop a strategic plan for the organizations next 3 years. The new management has also prioritized the development of existing human resource and training of RLCC’s staff.

RLCC’s foremost concern is sustainability. We understand the need to work on two fronts: strengthening organizational structures and internal systems thereby professionalizing the organization; and ensuring programmatic sustainability. A robust fundraising strategy is critical to achieving sustainability.


The furtherance of the social and economic well- being of low-income communities of Pakistan through:

  • Promoting access to quality education and opportunities for learning for all
  • Increasing access to, and enhancing the quality of primary health care services
  • Increasing opportunities to improve livelihoods

Vocational Training at RLCC

The Vocational Training Program has a symbiotic relationship with RLCC’s other departments and programs.

The program aims to provide skills to local women that will enhance their opportunity and capability to seek jobs in the market and therefore better avail the education and health services available for their families.

The selections of skills that are taught to women are based on several criteria including local market demand, availability of teachers, and need identified by the community.

Teacher Training Program
RLCC follows a systematic approach to teacher education for the whole of Shah Faisal Colony. RLCC believes in benefitting not only the teachers of the RLCC school but all schools in Shah Faisal Town. Therefore, RLCC maintains close links with schools in Shah Faisal Colony and teacher training opportunities are offered to all teachers of Shah Faisal Town to improve standards of teaching throughout the colony.

Adult Literacy Program
Basic literacy and numeracy are critical skills not only to enable women to seek employment but in every aspect of their life.  RLCC utilizes the Jugnoo curriculum and methods for its adult literacy programme.

Having said that, it is important to state that, RLCC has greatly adapted the method of examination and assessment of the Jugnoo Programme. The course can be taken in English or Urdu.

The basic course aims at fast track learning for adults within a period of 3 months. Advanced courses that can fast-track students to qualify for Matriculation exams as well. RLCC graduated 3 batches of students in adult literacy this year.

Skill Classes
RLCC offers skills-based classes that have been popular among local women. The most popular of these classes are for cutting and sewing which enable women to not only become self-sufficient and sew for themselves and their families but also earn money by stitching clothes for neighbors and relatives. In 2014-15, 128 women and 2015-2016, 148 women took admissions in cutting & sewing classes.

RLCC offers skills-based classes that have been popular among local women. The most popular of these classes are for cutting and sewing which enable women to not only become self-sufficient and sew for themselves and their families but also earn money by stitching clothes for neighbors and relatives. In 2014-15, 128 women and 2015-2016, 148 women took admissions in cutting & sewing classes.

Future Plans
Beautician classes and new computer courses such as JAVA and Web designing will be introduced based on the demand of the market.


Facebook Hit with Yet Another Lawsuit!

Facebook Lawsuit

Facebook shares already sagging under the weight of the social network’s troubles ended the trading day down 7.25 percent to $133.24 and slipped even lower in after-market trades.

The suit filed by the attorney general for the US capital Washington is likely the first by an official US body that could impose consequences on the world’s leading social network for data misuse.

Facebook failed to protect the privacy of its users and deceived them about who had access to their data and how it was used

Facebook put users at risk of manipulation by allowing companies like Cambridge Analytica and other third-party applications to collect personal data without users’ permission – Attorney General Karl Racine

Facebook Groups in Pakistan are Promoting Prostitution & Drugs

The suit filed in Superior Court in Washington seeks an injunction to make sure Facebook puts in place safeguards to monitor users’ data and makes it easier for users to control privacy settings, and demands restitution for consumers.

Facebook said it was reviewing the complaint and looked forward to continuing discussions with attorneys general in DC “and elsewhere.”

The social network has admitted that up to 87 million users may have had their data hijacked by Cambridge Analytica, which shut down weeks after the news emerged on its handling of private user information.

A whistleblower at the consultancy, which worked on Trump’s presidential campaign, said it used Facebook data to develop profiles of users who were targeted with personalized messages that could have played on their fears.

The scandal has triggered a series of investigations and broad review by Facebook on how it shares user data with third parties.

Mahira Khan Takes Over Google HQ After Her Visit to Facebook

Sharing with 150 partners 

The New York Times reported that some 150 companies — including powerful partners like Amazon, Microsoft, Netflix, and Spotify — could access detailed information about Facebook users, including data about their friends.

According to documents seen by the Times, Facebook allowed Microsoft’s Bing search engine to see names of Facebook users’ friends without consent and gave Netflix and Spotify the ability to read private messages.

The report said Amazon was able to obtain usernames and contact information through their friends, and Yahoo could view streams of friends’ posts.

While some of the deals date back as far as 2010, the Times said they remained active as late as 2017 — and some were still in effect this year.

Facebook late Wednesday pushed back against critics, saying it had carefully negotiated deals with select partners to explore features such as friends sharing what they were listening to on Spotify or watching on Netflix.

“In the past day, we’ve been accused of disclosing people’s private messages to partners without their knowledge,” Facebook vice president of product partnerships Ime Archibong said in a blog post.

That’s not true

To exchange messages or complete tasks such as sharing files or sending money, apps being used require the relevant technical access.

“Why did the messaging partners have read/write/delete messaging access?” Archibong asked rhetorically.

“That was the point of this feature.”

The experiences at issue were publicly discussed, and only available when people used Facebook to log into services, according to the social network.

“No third party was reading your private messages, or writing messages to your friends without your permission,” Archibong said.

Facebook’s head of developer platforms and programs, Konstantinos Papamiltiadis noted most of the features are now gone.

How to Unsend Messages on Facebook Messenger

Germany Eases Immigration Laws for Unemployed Skilled Workers


The German cabinet has passed a new law which has made it easier for immigrants to find employment opportunities. The laws have made it comparatively easier for lower-skilled foreigners to find a residency.

The new policy encourages workers who reside outside the European Union with lower qualifications to enter the country and find employment for a duration of 6 months.

However, the individual will be responsible to fund their own stay and have knowledge about the German language if they wish to find work.

Previously, the policy stated that only highly qualified workers like doctors, engineers, IT professionals and academics could make the most of the opportunity.

Germany’s New Immigration Laws to Attract Foreign Skilled Workers

Germany has a very open system for highly qualified migration but was quite closed for medium-qualified

This is the area where labor shortages are particularly strong. The new law opens up in the mid-skilled segment. -Thomas Liebig of the OECD group of industrialized nations

Previously, Germany was in talks with the Government of Pakistan to encourage Pakistani skilled workers to fill the worker shortage requirements. Both the governments have exchanged thoughts over this.

Germany has requested Pakistan to prepare their workers by providing them with basic training and language classes so that they are groomed and eligible for the opportunities.

Jobs in Germany for Pakistanis: 3 Million Vacancies Available!

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Ali Rehman Khan’s Wedding Rumors: All You Need to Know

ali rehman khan wedding

Ali Rehman Khan of Janaan fame is one actor who can easily get into the skin of any role.

He always puts an extra effort to make his characters as realistic as possible.

But his personal life has always been a secret and his fans and followers are always curious to know more about it.

However recently, a rumor spread like a fire on social media that the actor recently got engaged and is all set to tie the knot.

We were all ready to witness another mega-celebrity wedding in Pakistan!

To address the news, Ali Rehman took to his Instagram account and said that he would talk about his marriage speculations live and that too in Geo TV’s morning show.

He shared the video with the caption:

Putting all the rumors to rest and sharing my amazing news with all my fans tomorrow, 20th December! 10 am! Watch his video below. His video left us all excited and we couldn’t wait to know more details.

Watch the video below: 

However, when he appeared in the show, he categorically clarified that it just an act to draw our attention towards the most important issue in Pakistan, dowry.

He said that we should not encourage the evil social practice of our society and told how it affects the women who fall victim to this gruesome mindset.

It is so amazing to see how our celebrities are highlighting the issues that the majority of women in Pakistan face and we must say, and he did it so brilliantly.

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Ginsoy Karachi: Customers Discover Rodent in Restaurant!


Karachiites love food! However, while there are some fine restaurants out there, there are also some which are absolutely unhygienic and disgusting like Ginsoy located at Sindhi Muslim.

Ginsoy is one of the town’s most popular Chinese cuisine eateries which has stolen hearts time and time again because of its unique flavors. However, a family has recently discovered that they are getting free rats with their food!

That’s right, rats were found in the restaurant, a video shared by Noman Mansoor Chandana clearly shows the horrific sight, and you can even hear the screams of women and crying of children in the background.

Noman shares that his brother had gone to the eatery and encountered the rodents. When the management was approached, reportedly all the manager had to say was:

Tu kya hua hai chua hi tu hai ajata hai.

Recently, a Lahore eatery called ‘Johnny and Jugu’ was also under fire after a lizard was found in a customer’s burger.

Before this, two minors had fallen after consuming substandard food at yet another popular restaurant- Arizona Grill.

Other popular eateries including the famous Yadgar Fish were also found to serve unhygienic food which can eventually lead to food poisoning or worse.

Simultaneously, the news of broiler chicken spreading cancer has also shaken everyone to the core.

Chicken Meat Can Cause Cancer: Report

Have you also faced a similar situation? Share your experience with us in the comments below.

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More Companies Move towards Four Day Work Week as It Results in Higher Productivity!


The theory of 4 working days has now become more popular than ever. Many companies and organizations have started to adopt this interesting new trend which has actually proved to show an increase in employee productivity.

Not only do employees get a break in between, but they also get paid for that extra day-boosting their moral even more. It was also found that the 4-day work week theory cuts down on stress and anxiety.

Jan Schulz-Hofen, the founder of Planio, a Berlin-based project management software company, introduced a four-day week to the company’s 10-member staff earlier this year shared.

It is much healthier and we do a better job if we’re not working crazy hours.

Schulz-Hofen himself tried to reduce his work week to four days after realizing that he needs to slow down after a hectic decade of launching Planio. He shared,

I didn’t get less work done in four days than in five because, in five days, you think you have more time, you take longer, you allow yourself to have more interruptions, you have your coffee a bit longer or chat with colleagues.

A fall in stress and incline in the staff activity was also reported by an insurance company in New Zealand. Perpetual Guardian that tested a 32-hour week earlier in 2018.

Comprising over 3,000 employees from eight different countries including the United States, Britain, and Germany, a survey reports that majority of the employees think that they can finish their tasks in five hours a day given that there are no interruptions.

The 4 days a week concept has also reached the workaholic Japan, where the government is encouraging companies to allow Monday mornings off. Not having to work on Mondays sounds too good to be true but let’s see if it will have an effect in Japan as the earlier schemes to reduce the work stress on the employees had a little effect in the country!

On the other side of the world, Britain’s Trade Union Congress (TUC) is encouraging the four day work week concept to take over the whole country by the end of this century.  According to TUC, it will allow the workers to have benefited from the use of technology and robotics that requires less human efforts.

Kate Bell, the economic head of TUC said,

It would reduce the stress of juggling working and family life and could improve gender equality. Companies that have already tried it say it’s better for productivity and staff wellbeing.

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Aangan Drama on HUM TV: Timings, Cast, OST, Plot

aangan drama on hum tv

Aangan is an upcoming period drama on HUM TV that has been making rounds on the internet from quite some time due to its star-studded cast and some epic BTS shots.

Set in the 1940s, we have finally got our hands on its much-awaited teasers, increasing our excitement even more.

Produced by Momina Duraid, the first episode of Aangan is expected to hit our screens in the mid of December.

Sanam Saeed’s Divorce Story Will Break Your Heart [Watch Video]

Plot of Aangan

Starring the much-loved on-screen couple, Ahad Raza Mir and Sajal Aly, the first teaser of Aangan reveal the exciting chemistry these two will be sharing again.

Ahad as Jameel seems like a shy guy who is in love with Chammi, played by Sajal, a lively girl who is also a poetry enthusiast and loves to tease Jameel.

They both can be seen in a completely fresh avatar and we can’t stop drooling over their adorable chemistry.

And let’s take a moment to appreciate how oh-so-amazing they both look!

We also got a glimpse of Mawra Hocane who is going to play Aaliyah, the narrator of the story.

View this post on Instagram

🌺🌺 #Aangan

A post shared by MAWRA 🏆 (@mawrellous) on

The second teaser focused more on the storyline, introducing other characters in the story. Since this drama is based on pre-partition era, the settings and culture will give you those 1940s vibes.

With all those intense shots and acting, the teasers have proved that Aangan is not just going to be a romantic story but will unveil different layers in the story that we can’t wait to watch.

Imran Abbas Approached for a Lead Role in a Bollywood Movie AGAIN!

Cast of Aangan

Ahad Raza Mir

Sajal Aly

Ahsan Khan

Mawra Hocane

Sonya Hussyn

Shehroze Sabzwari

Hira Mani

Written by

Mustafa Afridi

Based on the novel by

Khadija Mastoor

Screenplay by        

Mustafa Afridi

Directed by

Mohammed Ehteshamuddin

Produced by

Momina Duraid


Starting from 20th December


8:00 PM




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Global Mobile Internet Speed Rankings: Pakistan Beats India

Global Mobile Internet Speed Rankings

Pakistan has once again left India behind in yet another world ranking. This time, not only has the nation passed its rival, but it has also improved its ranking in Global Mobile Internet Speed November.

The ranking is for mobile and fixed broadband speeds from across the globe on a monthly basis.

According to the report, the average download speed in Pakistan was 12.38 Mbps while the upload speed was 9.32 Mbps. Previously, Pakistan was ranked at 102 and is now at 101.

iPhone Trick: Latest Discovery has Just Won the Internet!

Whereas fixed broadband is concerned, the download speed was recorded at 7.96 Mbps while the upload speed was 6.03 Mbps. It has been ranked at 117 and has jumped up three slots this month.

While India is at 111 and ranks at 65 in the fixed broadband speed.

Furthermore, according to Ookla, the average global download speed is 24.40 Mbps (download) and 9.70 Mbps (upload). For fixed broadband, it is 52.16 Mbps (download) and 25.90 Mbps (upload).

A total number of countries ranked for mobile internet speed is 123 while for fixed broadband speed, 126 countries are ranked.

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Ducky Bhai’s Message to Imran Khan is Winning the Internet!

Source: ProPakistani


Did Yasir Hussain Just Express His Love for Iqra Aziz?

iqra aziz

Yasir Hussain and Iqra Aziz have been the talk of the town ever since the duo have been spotted hanging out together.

On a number of occasions, we have seen the couple getting candid and fans just cannot get over their electrifying chemistry.

Iqra Aziz Opens Up About Her New Tattoo [Watch Video]

Earlier this month, Yasir Hussain and Iqra Aziz walked the ramp at Hum Bridal Couture Week 2018 and oh boy, they just looked too cute together.

In short, whether it’s off-screen or on-screen, the duo is doing all rounds and blowing us away with their romantic equation.

Recently, the Suno Chanda actress Iqra Aziz posted super-adorable pictures after her new haircut and her admirers couldn’t stop gushing over her.

But it was the comment of her best buddy Yasir Hussain that has caught social media’s attention.

He commented a romantic verse on her picture and now, people are curious to know what’s cooking!

Here’s what he wrote:

Zulf shaany pe pari aik khushbu si uri. Baat kuch ban hi gai Sahir Ludhiyanvi ne kya khoob kaha hai.

yasir hussain confessed love for Iqra Aziz

Clearly, he is floored by our Chanda!

Iqra Aziz’s Mother Is The First Ever Female Careem Driver!

What are your thoughts about Yasir Hussain’s comment? Let us know in the comments section below.

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Smart-Card Vehicle Registration Punjab: Complete Guide

Smart Card Vehicle Registration

Just like how your National Identification Card or CNIC is your identity, vehicles also have their own smartcards- Vehicle Registration Card.

These cards will eventually eliminate the need to keep vehicle registrations books. These cards have launched in Punjab, moreover, the department will dispatch the smart cards at the applicant’s address.

The machine is able to generate 22,000 cards on a daily basis whereas the present system can issue only 8000 registration books per day. The new system will improve efficiency and will also speed up the process.

Non-Tax Vehicle Payers in Karachi in Trouble!

Vehicle Registration Card is developed in collaboration with the National Database and Registration Authority (NADRA) and the Excise and Taxation Department.

After performing the data entry at ETO office, NADRA executes verification and validation checks on the provided data from ETO. The chip-based card is then printed by NADRA when the data has been verified and validated.

Volkswagen Seals Deal to Officially Manufacturer Vehicles in Pakistan!

Also, the vehicle smart cards will be easier to carry compared to the vehicle books which is often an inconvenience for many drivers. The vehicle cards will be the same size as the identity cards.

Reportedly, all procedures required for the implementation of this technology have been executed- the Government of Punjab is not binding individuals to replace their books with these cards.

As far as the Vehicle cards are concerned, they will bear the owner’s name, NIC number, date of registration, vehicle type, previous registration (if any), chassis number, engine number, and the number of cylinders.

The card will also display other vital information including the following:

  • engine number
  • token tax expiry date
  • type of body
  • vehicle’s color
  • class of vehicle
  • manufacturer’s name
  • unladen weight
  • Reg. Laden weight
  • front axle
  • tire size
  • rear axle
  • other axles
  • seating capacity
  • year of manufacturing
  • an assessed annual tax
  • horsepower/CC

This new system promoted by the Government of Punjab will discourage forged documents, fabrication of information, and will make it a seamless process.

How to Get your Vehicle Registration Card

Excise and Taxation Department is issuing Vehicle Identification Cards for new vehicles at a cost of PKR 1450. If the card gets damaged it can be re-issued to the owner without mentioning duplicate on the card.

Requirements for Vehicle Registration Card

The following document(s) is/are required for registering for a vehicle smart card.

  • Documents of the vehicle
  • Original CNIC
  • Registration book

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Non-Tax Vehicle Payers in Karachi in Trouble!

PM Imran Khan’s Chicken Policy: Household Income Can Be Increased By Rs 10,000

PM Imran Khan's Chicken Policy

Last month, Prime Minister Imran Khan had proposed the chicken policy program to combat poverty and provide a source of income for the women in the rural areas.

This proposition was made by the PTI’s leader at the ceremony to discuss 100 days of the newly formed government. He said that poultry and livestock will not only encourage entrepreneurship among underprivileged women but will also boost the economy.

PM Imran Khan Invites FIFA President to Revive Football in Pakistan

According to a recent report by Washington Post, Khan’s chicken policy would boost the extra income of families up to PKR.10, 000 per month.

Stating the issue of malnutrition among Pakistani children, the director of the Poultry Research Institute, Abdul Rehman said:

“In Pakistan, 44 percent of children under age five have stunted growth due to nutritional deficiency. Our high infant mortality rate is associated with malnutrition in mothers. These eggs can add a healthy ingredient to their diets”.

According to the livestock officials, having five hens per house, laying several eggs each per week, can increase the income approximately up to Rs.10, 000 per month.

Experts at the Poultry Research Institute has also crossed bred domestic chickens with other breeds from Egypt, Australia, and Rhode Island Reds, to produce birds adaptable to survive in backyards.

Abdul Rehman stated:

‘The new birds can live in trees, in boxes or under people’s stairs and disease-resistant. They can eat kitchen scraps instead of expensive feed, and they can outrun predators like cats and foxes’

Imran Khan Wallpapers Take Over an Apple Store in London!

Although based on solid grounds, Imran Khan borrowed the idea of Microsoft’s founder Bill Gates. But his chicken policy as the part of the national anti-poverty program received serious decisions in the country.

Imran Khan later took to Twitter to explain it himself.

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Government Considering To Issue On-Arrival Visas to Tourists From 55 Countries

On-Arrival Visas in Pakistan

The Pakistani government has recently started considering to introduce a tourist visa on arrival scheme at the airports to promote tourism in the country.

Now people from 55 countries can now enjoy visa on arrival in Pakistan!

It has been revealed that groups of tourists from a number of “tourist-friendly” countries will be allowed to explore Pakistan and it will actually boost the image of the country.

Malaysian Visa Requirement for Pakistanis has been Partially Abolished

The announcement was made by the Advisor to the Prime Minister on Commerce, Abdul Razzak Dawood during a press conference in which he said that the proposal will be forwarded to the Prime Minister for his approval in January.

He said:

We will also consult security forces regarding the matter.

He further stated that the government is constantly trying to portray a positive image of the country.He added:

Pakistan needs tourism and the government will do whatever is in the interest of the country.

Previously, Pakistani government had also granted visa-on-arrival to the tourists from 24 countries for 30 days and multiple entries were also allowed for them.

Individual Umrah E-Visas Announced For Pilgrims

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Karachi Divided into Three Zones


According to a new notification issued by Karachi’s Commissioners Office, the City of Lights has now been divided into three zones.

The letter reveals that the city has been classified into three divisions, namely:

  1. Uptown Karachi
  2. Downtown Karachi
  3. Old Town

Punjab Government’s Motorbike & Scooter Scheme for Female Students


Downtown Karachi

This zone of the metropolis will include business centers and the city’s central areas.

Uptown Karachi

It will consist of posh residential areas and state-of-the-art shopping centers

Old Town 

All historical landmarks and ‘shahrahs’ will be included in Old Town Karachi.

Bahria Town in Trouble? Employees, Residents & Customers Protest

Read the notification below


However, this division is not being welcomed by Karachiities




This is a developing story.

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Punjab Government’s Motorbike & Scooter Scheme for Female Students

Here's How Female Students can get Motorbikes & Scooters on Installments

The Government of Punjab has announced easy installments for female students to purchase their own means of transport. These installments will be for both scooters and motorbikes.

This scheme is to help women so that they can have their own means of transport throughout the entire province and can reach their destinations i.e school and colleges on time.

Punjab Education Foundation Chairman Wasiq Qayyum Abbasi has added that the scheme is aimed at university going girls. For younger ladies who are studying in metric and intermediate will receive student vouchers.

He said that there are around 50 million students studying in 53,000 schools and 550 colleges across the province.

Gari Se Yari: This Pakistani Brand is Breaking Stereotypes About Women Behind Wheels

How to Apply for Scooter & Motorbike Installments

The procedure is yet to be announced, however, it is reported that details will be rolled out in early 2019.

Earlier, a similar initiative was launched in Multan, Lahore, Faisalabad, Rawalpindi and Sargodha in 2015 under the name ‘Women on Wheels’. The government is committed to expanding this initiative in other districts of Punjab as well.

What are your thoughts about the Government of Punjab’s new Scooter and Motorbike Installment scheme?

Share them with us in the comments below!

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150 Women Take Part In Motorcycle Rally in Lahore

Zaid Ali’s Wife Breaks Silence About Being Body Shamed in Pakistan!

zaid ali's wife

Zaid Ali’s wife, Yumnah is no less than a star herself. Pakistanis adore the beauty as much as they adore her husband who is amongst the biggest international social media icons.

The power couple has become the center of attention on the internet after they got married. Given their popularity and huge fandom, the pair received a warm welcome on their recent visit to Pakistan.

The duo was even invited at a popular morning show and have been making headlines since then. 

View this post on Instagram

In Lahore ❤️

A post shared by ZaidAliT (@zaidalit) on

Last night, Yumnah left the internet in awe after she posted a throwback picture to her childhood.

View this post on Instagram

When I was 5, my family immigrated to Canada. This is a picture of me at the age of 10. Growing up, I was never made to feel “fat” or “dark” because my family and the people around me never made me feel that way. The culture in Canada is such that you are not judged based on your appearance, skin colour, or cast but how you act. In 1999, when I went back to Pakistan, I was hit with rude remarks and cunning looks because of the way I looked. I was called ugly, fat left and right. Some people thought I would never get married. Everyone felt the need to give me unsolicited advice wherever I went. And I was genuinely confused 🤷🏻‍♀️ I would think, why do these people care about my looks? I look great 👍🏼 and if I actually am fat, how come no one every told me before? So I decided to ask my mom … and she said Yumnah, don’t focus on what other people are saying. Your skin is something you can’t change just remember it’s always about how you carry yourself. And always carry yourself with confidence!

A post shared by Yumnah Shahid (@yumnahalit) on

Taking to Instagram, Yumnah poured her heart out about how she transformed from a little girl, confused by the norms of the society, into a young confident lady.

Her powerful words will definitely win your heart!

When I was 5, my family immigrated to Canada. This is a picture of me at the age of 10. Growing up, I was never made to feel “fat” or “dark” because my family and the people around me never made me feel that way. The culture in Canada is such that you are not judged based on your appearance, skin colour, or cast but how you act. In 1999, when I went back to Pakistan, I was hit with rude remarks and cunning looks because of the way I looked. I was called ugly, fat left and right. Some people thought I would never get married. Everyone felt the need to give me unsolicited advice wherever I went. And I was genuinely confused 🤷🏻‍♀️ I would think, why do these people care about my looks? I look great 👍🏼 and if I actually am fat, how come no one every told me before? So I decided to ask my mom … and she said Yumnah, don’t focus on what other people are saying. Your skin is something you can’t change just remember it’s always about how you carry yourself. And always carry yourself with confidence!

Yumnah shared that how her younger self became a target of stereotypes while she visited Pakistan in her teenage years. She was judged on the basis of her looks, skin color, and weight.

Fortunately, her mother empowered her to believe in inner beauty and carry herself with confidence.

This helped Yumna built her self into the strong, headstrong woman she is today.

Not to mention, when wedding pictures of Zaid Ali hit the social media, people targeted Yumnah for her simple looks and the way she dressed up as the bride.

Zaid Ali T Also Shared Yumnah’s Transformation Post on Twitter, Saying How Proud He Is of Her Wifey and We Can’t Stop Adoring Them Both! 

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Eva Travels Pakistan With Jazz: Exclusive Interview With International Vlogger

Eva Zu Beck Opens About How Much She Loves Pakistan & its People. Guess which is her favorite city? [Exclusive Interview]

Parey Hut Love Shoot Wraps Up Glamorously Amidst Stars

Parey Hut Love

The star-studded cast and crew of ace director Asim Raza’s upcoming romantic comedy Parey Hut Love celebrated the successful completion of the film’s shoot on Monday, December 17th.

The Parey Hut Love wrap party was held at the gorgeous old colonial house located in the heart of Karachi and was attended by A-list stars, media, and guests.

The party welcomed the cast to gather and talk Parey Hut Love and bask in the celebration of the strenuous shoot days. The event started off with a fashionably glamorous display of on-screen couples making an entry on the balcony and windows of the house followed by a Q&A session.

The entire cast and crew including the producer of the movie Sheheryar Munawar shared their memorable experiences from the shoot days with the media and made it a night to remember.

The event kicked off with each of the celebrity couples from the filmmaking a grand entrance by appearing on the balcony of the mesmerizing colonial house. Their excitement about the movie and their team love for each other was quite profound.

Post their jaw-dropping appearance, the stars took on to the stage for an interesting media meet & greet where each of them answered media questions. While Mahira Khan teased Sheheryar about excelling as a producer.

Maya Ali explained:

My character is very different from the one in Teefa in Trouble and was a positively challenging one indeed.

Lead actor and producer of the film Sheheryar Munawar said:

This film would not even have existed without everyone present here today. It’s going to be a unique one and we really hope you enjoy it.

The perfectionist of a director, Asim Raza when asked about the movie, said:

Filmmaking may look easy but it most certainly is not. There’s so much that goes into bringing a vision to life but it all becomes easier when you have a hands-on working team and an understanding cast.

Parey Hut Love shooting spells were overwhelmingly long but just as much fun.mIt was challenging to work with a huge cast but their dedication and willingness to learn made it an enjoyable experience.

Every person had something or the other to offer, from the camera to production to Fashion Designers and stylists, hair and makeup teams and all the stars involved in this project. In a short period of time we’ve become a big well-knitted happy family and for that, I’m truly grateful.

I hope the sleepless nights that have gone into making this film bear fruit and with a gripping story line full of love, laughter, and romance, I am very hopeful that audiences will love it.

The writer of the movie, Imran Aslam was also present at the event. Upon being asked why it’s called ‘Parey Hut Love’, he explained:

Love is something that forever exists within us and we are never able to push it aside. I am grateful to have been part of this experience and cannot wait to see my vision come to life.

The movie that is slated to release in August 2019 kicked offshoots earlier this year in September and since then they have shot in 4 beautiful cultural cities in Turkey and Pakistan.

The accomplished cast comprises of Sheheryar Munawar and Maya Ali as lead actors with Ahmed Ali Butt, Zara Noor Abbas, Rachel Viccaji, Jimmy Khan, Faheem Abbas, Shahbaz Shigri and Parishey James as supporting stars, all of whom were present at the event. The film will also feature a special appearance by the heartthrobs of our nation: Mahira Khan, Sonya Jehan Narain and Fawad Khan.

The list of renowned cast members doesn’t end here as seasoned actors Nadeem Baig and Hina Dilpazeer will also grace the screen of Parey Hut Love. The incredible Yousuf Bashir Qureshi, Munawar Siddiqui, and event manager Frieha Altaf also make their mark. Not just that but we’re all anticipating a groovy dance number by the ever-joyous Meera Jee and many more surprises that are yet to be revealed.

Parey Hut Love’s wrap party ended on a great note as the stars posed for pictures and danced the night away. The creative direction for the event was done by Frieha Altaf and event management by Catwalk Events. The glamorous wardrobe for the whole cast is designed by the renowned designer Umar Sayeed. Western wardrobe for men has been crafted by Ismail Farid.

The flower-filled set and backdrop for the wrap party was designed by Aarij Hashimi in collaboration with Production Designer, Hina Farooqui and executed by Set Act. We can hardly wait for the movie’s release!

Maruti Corolla Altis 2019: Suzuki & Toyota are Collaborating Again!

Maruti Corolla Altis 2019

Toyota and Suzuki made headlines when news came out at both automotive giants are collaborating to launch the much-awaited 2019 Toyota Baleno. Now, both manufacturers are coming together for yet another venture – Maruti Corolla Altis 2019!

It is expected to have a unique look and will sport different bumpers, grille, and alloy wheels to significantly differentiate itself from the original Corolla.

However, the interior may resemble the Maruti variants which are already on the roads but with a change of upholstery.

Toyota Corolla 2020: Price in Pakistan & Specifications

According to CarSpirit, Maruti Suzuki will most likely employ a more powerful version of the K15B 1.5-liter petrol engine.

The brand might even offer the E15A 1.5-liter diesel engine that is currently under development.

Reportedly, Maruti Suzuki has plans to sell at least 10,000 units of the rebadged Toyota Corolla annually. The Suzuki Altis is expected to roll out in late 2019 during the festive season.

Sources have shared that the Baleno will be the first product to roll-out in the collaboration.

As per reports 25,000 Balenos will make their way to Toyota’s facility and can be expected to hit the roads in mid-2019.

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Toyota-Suzuki Collaboration: 2019 Toyota Baleno is On its Way!

iPhone XR & Galaxy S9: Here’s How you can get Yours for FREE!

iPhone XR and Galaxy S9

The holidays are a great time to reunite with family and friends over delicious home-cooked meals. However, there is another great treat you can look forward to this year- Free iPhone XR and Galaxy S9!

That’s right! There are a few terms and conditions which have to be followed, but you can get your hands on these phones during the holidays for FREE!

T-Mobile is giving away the iPhone XR on the activation of two lines and trade in an eligible device. Qualifying models include the iPhone X, iPhone 8 or 8 Plus, iPhone 7 or 7 Plus, or an iPhone 6s or 6S Plus.

free iphone xr

Apple’s iPhone Discount Offer Ends on 31st December!

The company has a similar deal for the Galaxy S9 as well where you need to trade in a recent Samsung Galaxy phone, Google Pixel or Pixel 2, LG V20, G6, or later, OnePlus 5 or later, or a Moto Z2.

free galaxy S9

To view the terms and conditions, click here. Also, it is to be noted that this deal is valid for citizens residing in the US.

For Pakistanis who wish to avail this deal, they will have to get in touch with their friend or relative and see if they are eligible for the deals.

Happy Holidays!

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Pakistani E-Commerce Websites Discontinue iPhone & Google Pixel!

The Government of Pakistan recently imposed Customs Duty on imported Smartphones. Importing mobile phones or asking for relatives to fly them over has now become expensive.

There are, however, several conditions to make the policy easy on overseas Pakistanis who are flying in for short visits. According to the policy, each individual (Pakistani or overseas Pakistani) can carry up to 5 handsets per year.

Out of the 5, one will be free, whereas taxes and duties will be applicable on the rest. Furthermore, those handsets which have not been paid for will be blocked within 30 days.  Those who have foreign SIMs with roaming on will also get cleared from paying these taxes.

This is applicable on handsets flowing into Pakistan after 1st December.

Mobile Tax & Duties Breakdown

Imported phones will have the following taxes and duties applicable to them:

  • Customs Duty
  • Regulatory Duty
  • Sales Tax
  • Additional Sales Tax
  • IT Duty
  • Mobile Levy
  • Provincial Tax

Customs Duty 

The fixed amount for Customs Duty is PKR 250.

Regulatory Duty

Mobile phones worth in-between $1-60 will be taxed with Rs.250. Handsets worth in between $61-130 will be taxed with 10% of the value. Whereas phone worth over $130 will be taxed with 20% of their value under Regulatory Duty.

Value of Phone (USD) Taxation
$1-60 Rs. 250
$61-130 10% of the value
$130+ 20% of the value


Sales Tax

Sales tax is fixed at Rs. 1500 per handset.

Additional Sales Tax

Additional sales tax is fixed at 3% of the phone’s actual value.

IT Tax

The fixed amount for IT Tax is 9% of the phone’s value.

Mobile Levy

Value of Phone (PKR) Levy
Rs 10,000 to 40,000 Rs 1000
Rs 40,000 to 80,000 Rs 3000
Over Rs 80,000 Rs 5000


  • Value of a phone declared by Customs is Value A
  • Add 1% Insurance on Value A, this would become Value B
  • Add 1% Landing charges on Value B, this would become Value C
  • Now, this Value C is important because Customs will now Apply/calculate all Duty/Taxes on Value C, not Value A.

If Value A = $100, then its Value B will be $101. Its Value C would then be $102.01 (and not $100).

Now that the value of the phone has been determined- it will be converted from USD to PKR at Inter-Bank rates for that particular day.

Now that we have the phone’s value, the following formulas will be applied for taxes and duties:

  • Value C + 10% or 20% Regulatory Duty = Value D
  • Value D + Rs 250 fix Customs Duty = Value E
  • Value E + 3% Additional Sales Tax = Value F
  • Value F + Rs 1500 fix Sales Tax = Value G
  • Value G + 9% or 6% Income Tax = Value H
  • Value H + Rs 1000 or greater as Mobile Handset Levy = Value I
  • Value I + Rs 1000 fix Sindh Stamp Duty = Value J
  • Value C + 1.16% CESS Duty = Value K

Value J + Value K – Value C = ___ PKR. This is the final amount which is the total of Duty/Taxes that an individual will have to pay.

Taxation Per Phone

The following chart explains how much taxation will have to be paid according to the value of the handset.

Value of Mobile Taxation (PKR)
$50 Rs 4,641
$100 Rs 6,367
$150 Rs 8,083
$200 Rs 13,116
$250 Rs 15,666
$300 Rs 20,216
$350 Rs 22,767
$400 Rs 25,317
$450 Rs 27,867
$500 Rs 30,417
$550 Rs 34,967
$600 Rs 37,517
$650 Rs 40,067
$700 Rs 42,618
$800 Rs 47,718
$900 Rs 52,818
$1000 Rs 57,918
$1200 Rs 68,119
$1400 Rs 78,319
$1500 Rs 83,420

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