Popular comedian and social commentator, Junaid Akram, took to Twitter over the weekend to accuse Mubasher Lucman of copying one of his YouTube podcasts ‘word to word’.

In a tweet, Junaid wrote:

Mubasher Lucman blatantly copied my entire podcast about Israel. Word to word.

On April 27th, 2019, Akram uploaded his 22nd podcast named The Secrets of Israel on his YouTube channel.

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With over 24 lac views, 21 thousand likes, and 5 thousand plus comments, the podcast performed fairly well.


After Akram expressed disdain over his content getting a 100% plagiarized, influencers and fans united to condemn the act as well.

Ali Gul Pir, the popular ‘Saaein toh Saaein’ singer, and comedian responded to Akram’s tweet demanding that Lucman apologizes for theft of his intellectual property.

Social Media Reacts to Junaid Akram Calling Out Mubasher Lucman

Others also joined in, highly discouraging Lucman. Some suggested that Akram should fight for it legally and report it to YouTube.

Some said it was okay to copy Akram’s work but with credits to him.

While some suggested that Akram should do a podcast on copyright infringement and further shame Lucman.

Many are also dismissing it simply by saying that it is common for Pakistanis to copy content.

However, Mubashir Lucman’s version of the same, called ‘Why I Want To Visit Israel’ cannot be found anywhere on YouTube. Upon visiting the link, YouTube says that the video is unavailable.


It seems that Lucman has removed the video after major backlash from fans and followers.

Akram also mentioned that this is not the first or only instance of his content being copied.

Have you seen both the videos? To what extent do you think the controversial content is plagiarized?

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