saudi arab visa in 3 minutes

The Jeddah Season Festival 2019 has not only brought fun and games for the people who choose to participate, but it has also brought some good news for travelers: the e-tourism visa.

Launched by the Saudi authorities to attract more visitors for the festival, the instant e-tourism visa facility will allow applicants to obtain the visa in as quickly as under three minutes!

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This facility has been introduced with a condition, though: it is only applicable for visitors who purchase online tickets to attend any of the events at the Jeddah Season festival.

The ‘Sea and Culture’ festival began on June 8th 2019 and will go on until July 18th, making it a 40 day long festival. It aims to present the city as a top destination for tourists while also encouraging partnerships with local businesses.

Moreover, the organizers are hopeful that the festival will help in generation of as many as 20,000 jobs and volunteering opportunities.

The fun and entertaining festival also marks the first ever time for international shows and plays to be aired in the Kingdom.

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