conversations with kanwal episode 8

Conversations with Kanwal is a digital talk show conceptualized and hosted by Kanwal Ahmed, the founder of Soul Sisters, explores real stories from Pakistan to show the world what women are made of.

Kanwal likes to call Soul Sisters Pakistan an empowering movement for women, built upon the idea of highlighting their struggles and achievements and providing them with a platform where they can share anything they feel the need to.

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The theme of the latest episode of Conversations with Kanwal was the loss of a spouse, and it featured Madiha who spoke openly and warmly about coping with her husband’s passing away in a plane crash.

Loss is ever an easy subject to discuss, as there is no parameter to measure the pain brought with loss, nor is there one fixed way of addressing the anguish. Especially the loss of a spouse, with which is attached an ache that is entirely unexplainable.

Watch the full episode here:

As always, the audience fell in love with the episode and its theme.

Considering that the society we live in is strongly patriarchal in nature, a woman’s losing her spouse becomes even more complicated.

As a woman she is required to grieve but perhaps not as openly as she might like to, she is required to stay at home for around 3 months which means has to stay indoors the whole time and can barely divert her mind even if she wants to.

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The challenges of a widow are many, but the latest episode of Conversations with Kanwal was focused on dealing with the loss of a spouse. Needless to say, it is a topic not widely discussed, so an episode on it was more than necessary.

Kudos to Kanwal for touching upon subjects that are often brushed under the rug and considered either too insignificant or too taboo to discuss openly.

Have you seen the episode? Tell us what you think, and tell us if and how it helped you cope with any kind of loss you may have faced in life.

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