Ali Zafar Vs Meesha Shafi

The controversial case between Ali Zafar and Meesha Shafi stayed the talk of the town for months on end from the Lux Style Awards (LSA) 2018-2019.

However, after Ali Zafar applied to the FIA accusing Meesha for running a smear campaign against him, things quietened down.

But not for too long, it seems. Zafar took to Twitter this afternoon to announce that the complete case of the smear campaign has finally been handed down to FIA.

Ali Zafar Breaks Silence Over LSA 2019 Controversy in a Cryptic Tweet

The file contains evidences and detailed accounts of individuals who he suspects to have been involved in defaming him, claims Ai Zafar.

“Punishment for the same goes to 3 years in jail #cybercrime”

A number of his fans and followers are supporting, congratulating, and wishing him all the best for the case.

Ali Zafar is also tweeting more and more actively about cyber crime, implying that not only the accusations made against him by Meesha were false, but also that they were an attempt to defame and harass him.

Know your rights! And never be afraid to fight for them. #cybercrime

We await word from Meesha Shafi and Nighat Dad to see their stance on the matter.

Meesha Shafi’s Legal Team Issues Statement After Ali Zafar’s Break Down

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