harley davidson

Ufaq Ashfaque


Flocks of bikers came out on the streets on August 31 to celebrate Harley-Davidson’s 110th anniversary.

Harley-Davidson has been the face of both men and women and celebrates freedom and companionship that bikers have with their motorbikes.

Terry Martin, owner of the prized motorbike brand, left his house a week ago for the celebrations with seven of his closest friends.

“This is where it all began. Harley-Davidson is my life. Besides my kids, it is my life,” Martin said on the occasion.

All riders were seen in full glory, being part of the global celebration, with roads packed with leather, latex and all the love for bikers fuming the streets.

“It’s freedom. You feel all of your senses. You smell it all, you hear it all,” said Drew Canon a devoted brand owner, coming from Texas with tattoos and a grey beard.

Harley-Davidson has grown profoundly, from being a mere work project to having a global reputation. The brand itself is so powerful; it is being anchored with an entire culture revolved around it.

People who own Harley not only purchase the brand, but become evangelists for it.  With the brand still progressing and heading to new heights, it is reaching new heights, bringing more people together and expanding their biker culture globally.