Fornite is everywhere, being played by almost everyone, and yet the game is quite difficult! If you’re one of those players who’ve just dived into the game and struggling to earn a battle royale win, do not worry because we’ve got your back.

Here are 5 tips, tricks, and secrets to help you master the game.

 1. Don’t Land in Main Regions

This is one is quite obvious, but mistakes are still made as the game gives you very little indication that many regions on the map are designated as ‘Landing areas’. These areas tend to be a hotbed of activity, full of people playing aggressively.

So unless you’re able to fight immediately after you land, you’re in big trouble.

Simply put, do not land in regions that are main or named, such as the Titled towers or Wailing woods, there are several dotted houses on the map, locate those and go and get your supplies from there.

2. Remember Loot Case Locations- It’s Helpful!

There are many ways to find supplies in Fortnite, you could pillage a house, tuck into a tree with a pickaxe or take out an enemy, but most important of all is to finding treasure chests full of loot.

Unlike the weapons and supplies you’ll find in a given place, these chests are not easily available or randomized. This means that if you run into one, and afterward you know where it is then that is a crucial advantage and key for your survival.

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3. Master the Art of Building

The most important survival tool in the game is building, you can conjure structures out of thin air and you can do that instantly.

The most basic structure is called ‘1X1’, it gives you instant protection, also a higher ground (which is a huge tactical advantage), its simple to build and can most certainly save your life.

The best way to learn how to build in the game is by dropping the structure into a secluded area of the map. If you own the ‘Save the World’ mode, you can practice all this there as well.

4. Get Yourself a Shotgun!

If you land on a rooftop and the only weapon available is a handgun, so pick it and use it. In any other instance in Fortnite, you just walk away from a pistol until you find a shotgun.

The vast majority of combat is close enough in proximity, for which shotguns are by far the most useful weaponry.

It is also possible that the first player you encounter is inside a building and the most useful weapon in there is a shotgun, a single well-placed shell will take out other players, even with the most basic models.

5. Find a Shield Position

There are bandages & first aid kids in Fortnite that are very useful, but shield potions are far more helpful.

Instead of replacing any health that you’ve lost, they automatically add a new bar of health on top of the one you’ve already got.

If you get a trio of small ones, they’ll add 75 % of additional health, but there are options out there that can push you all the way up to 100 %.

However, you must use the potions immediately upon finding them, the sooner you consume them, the better!

Let’s hope these 5 tips help you get over your struggle in Fortnite, and if it indeed does that, do let us know and stay tuned for more updates.

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