Netflix Hack Day

As part of Netflix‘s biannual ‘Hack Day’, the company showed off a new feature called ‘Eye Nav’ -a feature that lets IOS users control the App through different facial movement with the help of Apple’s Face ID.

This ‘hack’ will let you navigate the Netflix application and select a title and start watching different content by using your eyes. If you want to stop the video or dismiss a screen, just stick your tongue out!

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The developers of the feature — Ben Hands, John Fox & Steve Henderson, are:

Hopeful that this kind of technology will become a part of mainstream Accessibility APIs in the future

If this feature is incorporated in the iOS platform, then it could be of great use and help to people with motor impairments. Just 2 months back in September, eBay introduced a similar feature that allowed people to shop by moving their head.

Watch how it works below!

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