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Update- 15th July 2019: Recently, a video has been doing all rounds on social media in which an eight-year-old girl, Kushi, can be seen driving a water tanker in Karachi.

It has been said that the minor girl has been driving the tanker to earn money for the treatment of her father who is paralyzed and support her family members.

In the videos, she shares that she is heading to Rasheedabad to fetch water from Sher Shah.

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Last week, a press conference was held at Karachi Press Club where the minor girl revealed that her father suffered from a paralysis attack about a year ago. She is the only bread earner for her family now and demanded to let her drive the water tanker.

Kushi shares that she wants to go to school and become an army officer but because of their circumstances, she cannot do so.

The main concern that arose from this situation is if the girl meets an accident of any loss, who will be responsible? Her family? The employer? The authorities? Or everyone?

Update- July 11th, 2019: P
ower supply to the Gharo pumping station will be suspended from 9am to 4pm today (Thursday) due to maintenance work being done by K-Electric. 

Therefore, the following areas in Karachi are expected to suffer from a water shortage:

  • Malir
  • Bin Qasim
  • Shah Faisal Colony
  • Daresh Colony
  • Landhi

June 20th, 2019:
Severe water shortage is being reported in around 65% areas of Karachi since a while now, and this serious environmental issue remains unresolved till date.

Considering that water is the most basic necessity, it is deplorable that the authorities have been unable to take any prompt or sustainable action on the issue.

A notable factor is that the citizens have been paying their water bills despite the scarcity they are facing.

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Moreover, the citizens are demanding an answer to how the notorious Tanker Mafia obtains and distributes water around the city if a shortage truly exists.

Recently peaceful protests for the same have been conducted by the public in multiple areas of Karachi.

The following comprehensive list areas suffering from the water shortage crisis gives us a clearer picture of how dire the situation is. Around 11 areas in the list have been victims of the crisis for several years now.

  1. North Nazimabad Block-L (since one week)
  2. Malir Saudabad, S1 & S2 (since 10 years)
  3. Malir Jinnah Square (since 10 years)
  4. PECHS (since 16 June)
  5. Abbas Town (since one week)
  6. Nazimabad Block-4 (since 4 weeks)
  7. North Nazimabad Block-N (since
  8. Ranchorline KMC Workshop (since Ramzan)
  9. North Nazimabad Block-R (since several months)
  10. North Karachi Sector-11b (since 10 days)
  11. FB Area Block-16 (since 3 days)
  12. North Karachi Sector-8 (since one month)
  13. Buffer Zone Sector-15A (since 2 weeks)
  14. Gulshan-e-Maymar (since 12 days)
  15. DHA Phase-6 (since several months)
  16. Gulistan-e-Jauhar Block-14 (since 20 days)
  17. Akhtar Colony (since 10 years)
  18. Golden Town (since 3 weeks)
  19. North Karachi (since 5 months)
  20. Gulistan-e-Jauhar Block-7 (since Ramzan)
  21. Nazimabad Block-1 (since 5 days)
  22. DHA Phase-5 (since 5 years)
  23. Buffer Zone 15A-4 (since 2 months)
  24. Baldia Town (since 4 months)
  25. North Nazimabad Block-H (since several months)
  26. North Karachi Sector-9 (since 2 months)
  27. Rafa-e-Aam (since one month)
  28. Shadman Town (since 5 days)
  29. Nazmabad Bara Maidan (since one year)
  30. Nazmabad No. 3 (since Eid ul Fitr)
  31. Gurumandir (since one month)
  32. Buffer Zone 15/2 (since Ramzan)
  33. Gulshan-e-Farooq
  34. Pak Colony (since 5 years)
  35. Defence View near Iqra Uni (since several months)
  36. North Nazimabad Block-N (since one month)
  37. Gulshan-e-Iqbal Block-10/A
  38. North Nazimabad Block-P Disilwa (since 5 years)
  39. FB Area Block-12 (since 3 days)
  40. Buffer Zone Sector 15-B
  41. Kaneez Fatima Society
  42. Shah Faisal Colony
  43. Malir Shamsi Society
  44. PECHS Block-6
  45. Korangi Zaman Town (since one month)
  46. Parts of FB Area Block-20
  47. FB Area Block-9 Yaseenabad (since Ramzan)
  48. Zubair Colony (since 4 years)
  49. Pak Colony (since 4 years)
  50. North Nazimabad Block-S
  51. Shadman Town no. 1 14/B
  52. Gulistan-e-Jauhar Block-13 (since 3 years)
  53. FB Area Block-6 (since 2 months)
  54. Gulshan-e-Iqbal Block-13 (since 2 months)
  55. North Karachi Baradari Sector-9 (since 4 years)
  56. Rufi Garden Scheem-33 (since Feb 2019)
  57. Korangi 1 1/2 (since 4 days)
  58. North Nazimabad Block-D (since 15 days)
  59. Nazimabad no. 3 (since one week)
  60. FB Area Block-6 (since 3 days)
  61. All Societies at Malir near Alfalah PS (since 20 years)
  62. Korangi Abdullah Gabool Goth (since 20 years)
  63. Clifton Block-7 (since 25 years)

Is your area part of the list, too? And have any alternate measures been taken to improve the situation?

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