Alert: Strong Water Current & Powerful Winds Cause Panic at Hawksbay!

Its summer-time in Karachi, the weather has hit a 40-degree high and is strongly being felt all across the country.

To find some relief, families have booked farmhouses and many have rushed towards picnic points like Mubarak Village, Turtle Beach, Sandspit, and Hawksbay.

However, they are now being advised to be careful, especially when going to Hawksbay. Power water and wind currents have reached hut limits at the popular outing spot.

The water has come crashing towards huts and has even reached the roads!

Pictures of impacted cars have also surfaced. A local warning has been issued requesting individuals to avoid swimming in the water as it can lead to them drowning or being pulled in to the deep waters.

One Facebook user also shared their experience at the hot-spot!


Another individual shared the scenario at Mubarak Village where we can see the water has touched the huts.

Mubarak village

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