do darya

Karachiites love their food and can you blame them really? From the delicious BBQ to the finger-licking paani-puris, spicy chaats to the mouthwatering street food; Karachi is one the most LIT places to visit if you are a foodie.

And amongst the most famous places to visit for divine food and ambiance is none other than Do Darya.

The wonderful aroma’s drifting from the different restaurants on that small strip is enough to evoke hunger pangs in a person. And if the delicious food is not enough, then the beauty of the candle/lantern lit restaurants overlooking the serene waters of the Arabian Sea do the trick.

Take a look at the beauty of our beloved Do Darya.

do darya

However, a few weeks ago, news around the town began circulating that the much-loved food street would be shut down after Ramadan 2018 (Oh no!). You can imagine the uproar that bit of news might have caused

Read all about Do Darya closing down here

Do Darya Closing Down: Reason Revealed Causes An Uproar!



Now, sadly, we have another heartbreaking update for you – those who had been wishing that the news of Do Darya closing down might be fake, the evidence we have for you proves otherwise.

Supreme Court Bars Bahria Town Karachi From Sale, Purchase of Land

Social media has been abuzz since the news came in about the closing of Do Darya, and the recent pictures doing the rounds clearly shows that indeed, the time has come.

Check out what some of the heartbroken foodies had to say about this:

#Karachi: One of the finest dine-out place #Kolachi Restaurant at #DoDarya is dismantling. KHIAlerts

Half of Do Darya has been closed already. Baqi aadha kabhi bhi bund ho jaye ga. 💔

Have been hearing news about the Do Darya food street in DHA Phase 8 being ordered to wrap up business to make way for high-rise buildings but was still not prepared for this sight today.😢#DoDarya#DHA#Karachi#Restaurants#foodstreet

Will we ever find a replacement as much loved as our Do Darya? Before we sign off with this heartbreaking news, all we would like to say is RIP Do Darya – you shall be missed dearly by all foodies.

Have you visited Do Darya recently? Let us know in the comments your experience.

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