One of the biggest shocks that Karachiites woke up to over the weekend was the news of Do Darya closing down after Ramadan.

The city’s famous tourist and dining spot, Do Darya has been a forever favorite amongst the locals to enjoy fine cuisine and enjoy the stunning view of the sea.

One of the busiest areas for delicious food and relaxing environment, the news has caused an uproar over social media with locals voicing their thoughts on this decision.

But why has DHA decided To Shut down Do Darya?

This is a question that has baffled many over the weekend.

If you remember, back in 2015, DHA had issued a similar warning to the restaurant owners to wind up their business; however, the issue had been resolved.

But this time, the decision seems to be final and according to reports, the reasoning behind this decision seems to vary.

While there are some that report that a new sports complex and entertainment center is being planned; other reports cite that the land has been taken by a foreign investment group to construct underwater restaurants and high rise buildings.

While the official reason behind this shocking decision has not yet come forward, there are plenty of people who have decided to step up and voice their thoughts on the matter.

Twitterverse is clearly heartbroken over the news.

Are you as heartbroken by this news as we are?

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