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The budget for the fiscal year 2019-20 has been officially approved and signed by the President of Pakistan, Dr Arif Alvi.

Following the budget 2019-20, the Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) issued a notification for new taxes on 569 different luxury/imported items, which means consumers of these items will be required to pay additional regulatory duties on these goods.

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The regulatory duty (RD) imposed on these items ranges from a minor 5% to a whopping 90% on some of the imported products.

The new tax regime is in effect from July 1, 2019 and will be applicable until June 30, 2020.

List of Affected Items

The items which are affected the most include cosmetics, imported goods of domestic usage and edible products.

Here’s a list of items and the duty imposed on them:

Edible Items

Item Duty
Cheese and Curd 50 percent
Natural Honey 30 percent
Brazil Nuts
Cashew Nuts (Fresh and Dried)
20 percent
Fruit Juices 60 percent
Instant Coffee (Bulk) 15 percent
Soups and Broths
Homogenized Composite Food Preparations
20 percent
Ice Cream 20 percent


Household Goods

Items Duty
Paints and Varnishes 5 percent
Perfumes and Eau De Toilette 50 percent
Wall coverings and Window Transparency Papers 30 percent
Energy-Saving Lamps 2 percent
Household and Toilet Articles other than Porcelain or China 20 percent
Apparel and Clothing Accessories 10 percent



Items Duty
New Minivans and 4×4 Vehicles (CBU) 15 percent
New Sport Utility Vehicles 15 percent
New Sport Utility Vehicles (SUVs 4×4) 90 percent
1000CC-1300CC Vehicles 15 percent
Old and Used Cars and Jeeps of 1801CC-3000CC
Old and Used Vehicles over 3000CC
70 percent
Bicycles and other Cycles including tricycles 10 percent

Accessories and Other items

Items Duty
Audio-Frequency Electric Amplifiers
Electric Sound Amplifier Sets
5 percent
Home Appliances
Kits not specified
5 percent
Pocket and other watches with metal clad 30 percent


Many of these imported items are goods of regular use in most households. Do you think the new taxes introduced in the budget 2019-20 will increase the burden on the salaried class population’s shoulders even more?

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