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Earlier this week the controversial show host, Waqar Zaka, took to Twitter to post a video about his first hearing at the court against the Education Department of Pakistan.

Due to Zaka’s petition, notices were issued to Sindh chief secretary, secretary establishment, secretary and director education, and other authorities relevant to the education system in Pakistan.

There is a huge class gap created throughout the country; a major part of it owes to the difference in the education systems of schools here, depending on how elite the schools are.

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It seems as if quality education is available only in private schools, while the government schools are left with a neglected, unsupervised and outdated curriculum that is deprived of modern science and technology.

Zaka is reminding the government that it has failed to fulfill its responsibility by letting a variety of education systems exist, when there should be only one quality education system for every child.

The petition was heard by a two-member bench comprising Justice Aqeel Abbas and Justice Zulfiqar Ahmed Khan.

Fans, followers, and various other netizens are all praise for the awareness campaign launched by Zaka months ago to improve the education infrastructure in Pakistan.

We hope that his efforts bear fruit and considerable improvement is seen in the country’s students, regardless of which social class they may belong to.

What do you think about the initiative taken by Waqar Zaka?

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