Lots of new applications have popped up on Google Play in 2018. Many of them are of really high quality, but the one application which stands out and above the rest is ‘Drops: Learn 31 New Languages’.

This App, as the name suggests, aims to teach users foreign languages, but it uses a bit-sized methodology to teach by using several pictures and playing different games to enhance the learning.

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Top 5 Most Entertaining Applications of 2018- Google Play

While this App is the Best, a number of other Apps also came close, as for ‘Most Entertaining’ Google selected 5 Apps:

  1. Vimage (Cinemagraph App)
  2. No Draw (App for coloring numbers)
  3. Neverthink (An App full of hand-picked web videos)
  4. TikTok (An App for creating and sharing 15-second videos)
  5. Scout FM (A Podcast player)

Best Self Improvement

There is also a ‘Best Self Improvement’ category, where these Apps were highlighted:

  1. Mimo (App for learning to code)
  2. 10 % Happier (Meditation App)
  3. Keep trainer (Workout App)
  4. Master Class (App for cooking skills)

Best Daily Helper

The Apps for ‘Best Daily Helper’ were the following:

  1. Tasty (Recipe App)
  2. Otter Voice Notes (Voice Memo App)
  3. Sift (App for tracking purchases and getting automatic refunds when the price drops)
  4. Canva (Graphic designing App)
  5. Notion (A notes and task App)
  6. Woebot (Designed to track and improve your mental health)

Google Play Store Best Apps of 2016: Roundup

Best Hidden Gems

Google also announced Apps for ‘Best Hidden Gems’ category:

  1. Luci (Lucid Dream Journal)
  2. Just A Line (AR Drawing App)
  3. Unfold (for creating story collages)
  4. Slowly (a Messaging App that enables you to wait between messages)
  5. Learn Spanish with Lirica (teaches you Spanish songs)

Fan Favourite

Lastly, Google has also picked its ‘Fan Favourite’ Apps:

  1. YouTube TV
  2. PUBG Mobile
  3. Reddit

These Apps round out 2018 as one the best ones to feature on Google Play, so go and check them out and once you’re done, do let us know your feedback.

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