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Technology has become quite common and widespread now. We have devices that we may not have even dreamed of a few decades ago. Instead, the world keeps moving ahead at a swift pace. Smartwatches have also become quite common. No matter where we are in the world, we can use them to connect with people while being connected to the internet. The Apple Watch is one of the best technological devices out there.

With the Apple Watch Series 7 finally out and about, let us check out the updates that are coming with it. You are surely going to love them, whether you are an avid user of smartwatches or not!

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1. Adjust Activity Goals On Apple Watch

Instead of having a specific set of goals with specific values, you can change all of them. You can set your activity goals in accordance with how you want them to be, rather than following a predetermined type.

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2. Goodbye, Uncalled Screenshots

Don’t you just hate it when the smartwatch decides to take a screenshot just because you accidentally pressed some buttons? Through this new update, you turn off the screenshot feature in the Apple Watch, allowing you to do it without issues.

screenshots on Apple watch
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3. Stop Apps From Automatic Installation

Of course, it can be a bit of a nuisance to have apps installed that you didn’t want. Now, you can have a strict eye on which apps you wish to install. The Apple Watch Series 7 new update gives you the ability to select which ones.

apple watch 7 and updates
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4. Increase Font Size

On a smartwatch, it can be a bit tiring for some people to read off of. Thus, to avoid any unnecessary headaches or strain on the eyes, you can now change the font size of the watch.

Apple Watch and making settings and updates
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5. Choose Portrait Photos To See On Apple Watch

If you want to keep wallpapers, you can select which portrait mode photos to see. Instead of having to go through all the photos, you can keep specific portrait mode ones to view, making usage simpler.

watch and features of 7
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6. Easier To Find Apps

Since the new update of the Apple Watch, it has now become easier to find applications. Instead of you straining to see which application is which, you can now simply see them without any issues. This is important for people who are in a hurry to access their devices.

watches and updates on watch 7
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7. Controlling Siri View

In addition to the updates above, you can even control how much Siri is able to see on the watch. You can give Siri a wider control and viewership or you can restrict it only as much as you want. It sounds like quite a neat update.

features on apple watch 7 and updates
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8. Reorganizing Control Centre On Apple Watch

One of the best things about the user interface is the ability to change it according to the user. Control centers on smartphones can be changed according to user preference. This can be done on the Apple Watch Series 7 as well. Instead of a pre-existing sequence, you can choose to reorganize the control center.

watch and features of the series 7
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