Alternative to Airpods and wireless ones
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While Apple may be a titan of the industry, there are times when their products can be expensive. Not everyone can afford to have an Apple experience due to their cap on prices. Additionally, Apple does not go on sale at all so it can be quite difficult to hope for a sale price. However, that does not mean we cannot have the premium experience. Where the Airpods are expensive, we have some alternates too!

Let us dive into the list of alternatives to Apple Airpods. There are quite a few and they are highly affordable. Considering you’re getting a better experience, they just might be worth the investment.

1. Sony WF-XB700

Now, these earbuds are the definition of true wireless. You know that they are by Sony so the quality must be good. Sony is known for robust electronic products and this is no different. Additionally, they have options for extra bass and better control over the sound. They can give up to 9 hours of battery life on a single charge. The charging case can provide an additional 9 hours of charge, which totals up to 18 hours.

Its price is currently at Rs.19,490/-

2. MPOW M30 Plus

Now, this is an alternative to Airpods with extremely powerful battery life. It can provide a charge for up to 100 hours! Can anyone believe this staggering figure? Yet, many people claim that they really do deliver on such battery life. Additionally, the M30 plus offers USB-C charging alongside water resistance. They weigh barely 160 grams.

The price is currently at Rs.7,990/-

3. MPOW X3

What makes these stand out is how much they offer in the price bracket they are sold in. These true wireless earbuds are able to go on 30 hours on a charge. They are also waterproof, with USB-C charging and smart touch control. The quality is so premium, you can barely feel anything else. The earbuds also offer active noise cancellation so you can say goodbye to the environmental noises.

They are being sold at a price of Rs.10,990/-

4. Galaxy Buds

You know a product must be good when it’s by Samsung. They not only provide one with comfort but with a lot of features too. You might not even feel the weight of the galaxy buds in your ear. Considering how much cheaper they are than Airpods, it is quite impressive to see what they offer. They even have a 3-mic system and two-way speakers. From 5.0 Bluetooth to high battery life, they have it all.

Their price on the market is Rs.16,490/-

5. Galaxy Buds Live

While they may not be as affordable as the rest, they are certainly cheaper than Airpods. They have an eye-catching design that sits comfortably in your ear. Additionally, they offer active noise cancellation as well as deep sound. You can feel yourself being completely immersed. With 8 hours of non-stop listening and multiple charges in the case, you have yourself a nice set of earbuds.

They are currently set at Rs.21,990/-

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