The heat is just getting out of control and even more unbearable every passing minute.

Unfortunately, our vehicles are not magically protected by an invisible sunscreen that will protect us from the feeling of sitting inside an oven.

However, it is preventable and avoidable. If you do not want to be Bar-B-Q’d in this heat, here are five simple hacks you can use to keep yourself safe from unpleasurable travel.

1. Crank Up your AC

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Even with fancy reflecting shades and window tint, leaving a car parked in the sun inevitably turns it into a blast furnace.

1. Roll down the windows.
2. Turn on the A/C on the fresh air setting, do not recirculate.
3. Crank the fan up all the way and make sure the thermostat is on the coldest setting.
4. Drive for a minute or two with the windows down, to force out the superheated air.
5. Once the air in the car begins to feel more refreshing than the outside temperature, then switch from fresh air to recirculate.
6. Adjust the temperature using the lower thermostat and fan settings.

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2. Roll Down Windows when Parked

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Rolling down the window by 1/2in or by keeping the sunroof open by the same amount pulls in cooler air and helps in circulating the hotter air outside or the car. Though it is not as useful to cool down a car effectively, it does help in assisting the temperature inside by reaching a room temperature like temp faster.

3. Travel During Cooler Hours & Work Out Traffic Plans


It is better to reach work 10 minutes earlier than to be stuck in a horrid traffic jam in this weather. Before leaving the house, be sure to check the traffic flow, the more you avoid the sun and routes with no shade, the better for you and your car.

Try to leave your house after 4 PM if you need to go out shopping or for groceries as the intense heat can cause skin diseases. Also, it is smart to park in the shade.

4. Drive with Wet Rag, Wet Hair, or Icepack

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You can stick a wet rag to the middle of the vent so that it passes cold air immediately. Keep a couple extra if you will be traveling for a long duration.

Another useful trick is to take a quick shower because wet hair keeps your head cool, thus keeping your body cool compared to the weather inside the car.

You can also keep ice packs near your feet and behind your neck or back to help. However, you will need to make sure the pack does not move from its place with ease so that it does not always disturb you while you drive.

5. Door Fanning Method

Before you sit inside your car, take 2 minutes to try this method. Door fanning is using your car door to get rid of the humid air inside of the vehicle so that cooler air generated by the fanning method can cool the inside down. Keep the window of the front passenger rolled down, and use the driver’s door to pressure the air out the cabin.

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