kafan tax

Ever since the introduction of the fiscal budget for 2019-20, in fact even before it came out, rising taxes have been the subject of most conversations in Pakistan.

From increasing taxes on fuel to cars to education, it seems that we have finally arrived to the last straw with the 17% tax on Kafan.

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Lately someone posted a photo of the receipt (which includes a 17% kafan tax) they got after buying kafan from a store.


Needless to say, the image is taking the internet by storm and social media is raging over it left, right, and center!

The attacks on PM Khan and Naya Pakistan have, of course, begun.



Some are complaining that they have already been paying tax for the grave, and now they will also be required to pay tax on kafan?

More importantly, if this news is true, the people who will be most distressed by it are the ones below the poverty line, who barely have the funds to have a normal funeral for their deceased loved ones.

It should be noted that this receipt is from a store in Hyderabad. However, the name of the store is not mentioned on it, so it has not yet been verified.

There was also no mention of the kafan tax in the budget that was introduced this year, so there is a possibility that the store owner has been doing it on their own accord.

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Have you faced a similar issue when purchasing kafan lately?

Let us know in the comments.

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