11 things ramadan

So, the holy month of Ramadan has entered its initial days; apart from the spiritual and religious aspect of the Holy month, Ramadan (for most of us) is also about eating, procrastinating, shopping and eating again.

Pakistanis have had some other random (yet important) things to do. No matter what class, caste, or creed – when it comes down to the basics, we’re all the same.

Here are some random things that every Pakistani does during Ramadan. Read on and tell us if you agree with us or not!

1. That Unsaid and Involuntary Tummy Check – Before and After Iftar.

11 things ramadan 1
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2. Eating – Like There is No Tomorrow.

11 things ramadan 2
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3. Ooops.. Those Forgetful Water Gulps!

11 things ramadan 3
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4.  That Can’t-Take-it-Anymore-Yet-I’ll-Still-Eat Moment at Iftari!

11 things ramadan 4
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5. Finding the Hidden Answers to the Universe, Our Future, Our Past – All During Taraweeh and Khutba.

11 things ramadan 5
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6. The Non-Stop Hibernating Mode that Engulfs Us for 30 Days.

11 things ramadan 6
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7. That Face when Ammi Tells Us ‘No Pakoray Today’!

11 things ramadan 7
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8. Our Heightened Sense of Timings Right before Iftaar!

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9. That Face When Somebody Dares to Take Our Fruit Chat!

11 things ramadan 9
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10. Our Face when Ami Cooks – Aalo Anday for Dinner.

11 things ramadan 10
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11. That’s How We Feel When We Have an Iftari Invitation.

11 things ramadan 11
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