metaverse and what to expect from it
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Mark Zuckerberg has been quite busy in the last months. Not only has he managed to change the name of Facebook, officially, he has also brought about a new concept. The changing of the name is just one step towards establishing something else. He is making, what is being referred to as, the Metaverse. If you hadn’t heard the name yet, you might be hearing it quite a lot now. If you have seen movies like Ready Player One or the Matrix, you might already be familiar with this concept. After all, it is not every day that one dreams of entering such a universe.

Even if you haven’t seen these movies, you must have heard of the game known as Assassin’s Creed. The concept of the game revolves around the protagonist being able to play out the memories of their ancestors. To enter a whole new virtual universe where you are the player is what the metaverse is all about. So, what is there to know about such a concept? This is what we are going to get you familiar with.

metaverse and creating a whole new universe
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Getting To Know The Multiverse

Imagine that you are playing a game and the character is running around in an open world. There is a lot for you to do in the world and you have hours and hours ahead of you. However, this is not the maximum level of immersion that we are going to get with the metaverse. Imagine that, instead of controlling the player in a virtual world, you are the player in the world. Being embedded in the system and released into it is something that we all dream of. The Metaverse is going to establish a similar universe, with virtual social media platforms.

Imagine you are able to enter a domain where you can meet people, virtually, in real-time. Having google meet or zoom meetings can also be done here. Instead of sitting online, you could, through virtual reality, sit in your family members’ houses and enjoy a gathering. It shows that the potential of VR is immense and can be practiced on quite a number of platforms. Instead of having to sit at home, you can dive into the virtual world itself and have hours of fun.

establishing a new universe
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Further Details

It seems that the Metaverse is going to be a world that spans across the physical and virtual dimensions. It is to be a persistent, synchronous environment that is not going to be altered by outside factors. People are going to experience immersion like never before. The company is currently looking for talents to be hired for such a project. The project is going to be huge so they do need a massive team.

That said, we hope that the company is able to implement such a verse without there being too many problems. There are, obviously, bound to be initial hitches and bugs when the system goes live but that is common for any product. If your product has no bugs, then you have released it too late. Who knows, maybe we get to establish our own ‘Oasis’ from ‘Ready Player One’.

metaverse and everything to know about it
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