Amazon In Pakistan
Image Source: Twitter

On 12th November, Pakistani Twitter had an exciting hashtag, demanding Amazon to start their services in Pakistan.

Image Source: Twitter

Upon clicking this trend, it was revealed that the hashtag was started by Pakistani showbiz and reality TV star Waqar Zaka.

So What Did This Trend Have To Do With Waqar Zaka?

In a video posted by Waqar Zaka titled “Tik Tok Reactions” on Facebook, Waqar Zaka is seen reacting to funny Tik Tock videos for a brief period until the video is abruptly interrupted by him at the 8:20 mark, where he reveals his plans to urge the American E-commerce giant to start their operations in Pakistan.

In the video, he can be seen going on a rant against the people who only use the internet for entertainment purposes and do not do anything when it comes to actual productive work, which is beneficial for our future and our country’s future.

Later in the video, Waqar Zaka also offers Amazon a place which his personal property in Saddar, Karachi, where he feels the location would be beneficial for the company.

Many people agreed with Waqar Zaka’s approach and went on Twitter to trend #AmazonInPakistan, where they voiced their support for the arrival of the E-Commerce giant into the country.

This year, Amazon left Google and Apple behind and ended up becoming the most valuable company in the world.

It makes sense that people would want the most valuable brand globally, which has a reputation for being extremely convenient to start its operations in Pakistan officially.

Recently, Amazon also announced a new way to secure way to payments by introducing Amazon One, which was marketed as an extremely safe and secure method to make payments with the help of your palm. This move was hailed as one step closer to convenience as it would take away the effort to manually put in your card details and make it easier just to pay it with your palm.

All these plans that incorporate the latest technologies and innovations for the sake of the convenience of the customers are what makes Amazon one of the best and most profitable company in the world.

Waqar Zaka has been incredibly vocal on social media about improving the standard of education, bringing Paypal to Pakistan, and officially starting purchasing, selling, and trading of Cryptocurrencies in Pakistan. He hails this move of demanding Amazon to formally open its operations in Pakistan as a step closer towards innovation and opportunities.

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