Amazon One: Secure and Convenient Payment
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Security for oneself is an essential thing. When a person does not feel secure, they will not be as forthcoming while doing a given activity. Back when metal detectors were first invented in 1874, security might not have been as strict.

Now, with biometric security taking over, retinal scans and fingerprints scans are becoming common. Similarly, Amazon has also decided to incorporate a new form of biometric feature. This allows secure payments to be made. All this is done with just the use of one’s palm.

Amazon One: Secure Payment Method
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What exactly is Amazon One?

No, it is not a presidential plane! (Inserts apparent ‘Air Force One’ reference) Amazon stores use many ways for payment, such as the app, cash procedure, etc. It has now introduced an entirely new method of secure payment. The Amazon One itself is a machine that uses palm scanning to identify a customer.

All the customer has to do is insert their credit card in the machine. Then, they hover their palm above the scanner for a handful of seconds. The next time they enter the Amazon store; they approach their palm and will be recognized. This way, they can secure payment without withdrawing some form of physical material such as credit cards or cash.

Secure Payment Convenient
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The Tech behind it:

There is not a lot of information known about the technology yet. However, we do know that it employs computer vision methods and techniques to accomplish its purpose. Computer vision is a scientific field. It deals with how a computer can gain a better understanding of digital images and videos.

A palm print is unique to every person. The scanner picks up unique patterns and saves them to each user.

Amazon One for Secure Payment
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The Initial drawback:

This can be regarded as a convenient and secure way to make payments. Like the fingerprint, it is near impossible to identify an individual based solely on palm print. The drawback arrives when the customer first attempts to scan. It is quite understandable that people will often mistake the hover with a press or swipe of the palm across the surface.

Not just this, many people might confuse it with slamming their palm on the surface of the scanner. This is a high safety hazard. In this current era of a raging pandemic, there should be as little contact as possible. This applies especially to the US, where the virus has not entirely dulled just yet. People may enter the store, contacting the scanner one after another. So, there will be a need for a person present to remind them continually.

Future Prospects:

Even though Amazon One is currently operational in only two Seattle-based amazon stores, this technology can be employed in many situations. People entering stadiums and shopping malls can be asked to identify themselves using palm scanning. Airports and other secure locations can make use of this technology as well.

However, a question does arise. How can such technology be breached? One must look at any situation from all perspectives so they may be able to put safeguards in place.

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