Twitter Came Out With Maggi Milk Shake And We Can't Even Look At It
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Maggi lovers strike once again as they let their creative juices flow. However, this time, we cannot even look at the dish, let alone, think of trying it. Not to mention we had the same thoughts as one Twitter user as he took to social media to mention the latest addition to the Maggi world and its augmentation, we can’t help but wonder; Who in the world would dare to try this?

Maggi Milkshake 

In today’s episode of bizarre food items, we present you to Maggi Milkshake. Oh, how we wish that we would rather see the end of the world than this recipe. Whoever came out with this idea, we sincerely thank you, but we would rather stick to Pani Puri and Maggi, which seems like a rather sensible option.

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The Twitter Reacts 

Safe to say that there was not even a single user who would like to try this recipe. Well, our faith in humanity is restored a bit. However, we can’t help but wonder what the next bizarre combination will be done with Maggi? Unlike this Twitter user who sat down for two minutes to think, we have been thinking about this for ten minutes straight and still can’t wrap our head around this one.

Let’s take a look at some of the hilarious reactions. 

Something to ponder on! What if the noodles fell into the milk and the person is trying to catch some attention just because of an accident?

We wish! 

Yes! We just can’t look at it without feeling the need to throw up. We feel sick in the stomach just by looking at this.

Exactly our thoughts! 

Plot twist we never even thought about? 

The Maggi Universe 

To say that the Maggi has a universe of its own is not an exaggeration at all. Every week, we come across a new twist to this delicacy, and then it doesn’t look like a delicacy at all. Just someone who has a lot of time on their hands and mind to come up with such recipes and traumatize us for life. Moreover, if you think that we might be making this all up, these recipes will definitely give you nightmares for life.

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And no, we are not kidding!

Let us know what do you think, as well as if you are tempted to try any of them? 😉

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