These Maggi Ladoos Are Going Viral & We Can't Unsee Them!
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In today’s episode of bizarre food items. We present Maggi Ladoos

Okay, we had to say that out loud because of Maggi Ladoos? We get that Maggi is the real OG. The love for Maggi is the most superior love, but putting a twist of dessert on our all-time favorite savory snack seems a little too absurd.

Everything You Should Know About Maggi Ladoos

The Maggi ladoos are doing rounds on social media, which seems to be another product of the pandemic food trends. The all-time favorite and easy-to-make comfort food now come in a variety of sweet and savory ladoos. The sweet type is made with crushed jaggery, butter, and cardamom powder heated in a pan, after which raw crushed Maggi noodles are added. This mixture is then converted into laddoo balls.

The spicy version of the Maggi laddoo is made in pakora style and served with sauce and chutney. The boiled Maggi is mixed with chopped capsicum, cheese cube, breadcrumbs, red chili powder, chili flakes, and oregano. The mixture is then rolled into flour and deep-fried like any other pakora. The savory version seems a little interesting and can be added to a list of Pakoras we tend to have in Iftars.

Twitter Reacts 

How can people not comment on something which sounds and seems extremely bizarre?

Everyone seemed to lose their minds on the weird food trend. At the same time, some mentioned that they have acidity by just looking at it. Others seemed to feel weird by just looking at it.

The creativity levels seem to be very high for someone who came up with the recipe. However, isn’t it a little risky to play with something which is loved by millions all around the globe? But then again, who knows that the ladoo recipe might suit someone’s taste buds.

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