This Maggi Pani Puri & We Can't Unsee It
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In today’s episode of bizarre food combination, we present Maggi Pani Puri.

Pani Puri is a classic snack that needs no introduction. The mouth-watering snack might not be a delicacy, but it’s raw, tantalizing, messy to eat, and that is the beauty of it. But it seems like someone’s attempt to recreate Maggi and Pani Puri has taken a drastic turn. A picture of  ‘Maggi Panipuri’ has gone viral on social media, leaving everyone shocked.

A tweet that went viral on Twitter showed a video of the person cooking Maggi and then filling the puri with it. It also showed the step-by-step recipe as if we were dying to get the recipe on this hands.

In case you don’t know how to fill up your puri with Maggi, here is a demonstration video for you. Wink.

The Response 

The video gets a mixed load of responses from the public, and one might have guessed that the love for Maggi and Pani Puri must be well received from now on. People say otherwise.

Someone interpreted Maggi in the Puri, and it seems spot on.

Why People Come up With Such Combinations

Experiments, utter curiosity, or an attempt to go viral. This seems like the only legitimate reason behind why do people come up with such videos. However, COVID has also turned some absolutely normal people into full chef mode. This seems only far-fetched as when this is going to stop. However, if you are also into trying weird food combinations, let us know in the comments below.

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