suzuki car prices 2018

Suzuki car prices in 2018 have now risen for the 5th time. Once again, the reason behind the increase is due to the devaluation of the Rupee against the Dollar.

Automotive manufacturers have dramatically suffered from the staggering Rupee as importing car parts has become super expensive.

The revised Suzuki car prices will be effective from today, 1st November. The new prices are as follows:

ModelRetail Price (Exclusive of Advance Income Tax)
WagonR VXR MCPKR 1,184,000
WagonR VXL MCPKR 1,274,000
Suzuki Swift DLX NAVPKR 1,515,000
Suzuki Swift AT NAVPKR 1,651,000
Suzuki Cultus VXRPKR 1,380,000
Suzuki Cultus VXLPKR 1,501,000
Suzuki Cultus AGSPKR 1,608,000

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Suzuki has increased up to Rs 40,000 on their vehicles. Mainly the models affected by the constant currency drop is WagonR, Cultus, and Suzuki Swift.

The company has already announced to discontinue the 800cc Mehran and is only delivering the units already booked. The 8th gen Alto will replace the variant in early 2019.

Accordingly, Suzuki’s lineup including the imported options remain unaffected, however, if the fluctuation continues, the brand may have to reconsider.

What do you think about this price hike?

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