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Mahira Khan and Bilal Ashraf’s on-screen pairing has been winning hearts ever since the first song. ‘Bekraan‘ from their upcoming film, Superstar was released.

The video featured Mahira as Noor and Bilal as Sameer Khan swaying and romancing in each other’s arms making fans impatient to see more of their magical chemistry.

After impatiently waiting for so long, the trailer has now been released.

Mahira compared Noor to Khirad in an Ask Mahira session on Twitter and now we kinda know why. By the looks of the trailer, Mahira and Bilal play two young lovers who face pain, struggle and separation, it seems.

Sameer Khan is a famous actor whose stardom seems to be threatened while Noor is a small town struggling newcomer who eventually becomes a superstar.

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Mahira and Bilal look amazing together and the trailer is visually stunning. However, it does look like a story we’ve seen before. To be sure, we’ll have to watch the movie. But one thing is certain; the movie will turn out to be a treat for Mahira Khan’s dedicated fans. Bilal looks just as good-looking, though now let’s hope that he acts as well too.

While it seems that the trailer gives away too much of the story, we expect there’s more to it than what we can foretell.

Social Media Reacts to Superstar Movie Trailer

Here’s what social media has to say about the film:

Mahira impressed fans and made hearts swell with pride.

They feel her transition from Noor to The Superstar was incredible.

Some thought it was a great trailer!

While others were left a tad bit disappointed..

What did you think about the Zalima’s performance?

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