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If you’re having difficulty staying cool this summer, look no further as Sprite is ready to help you cool down with its latest campaign, ‘Heat Happens’.

‘Heat Happens’ Global Campaign 

Coca-Cola unveils its first consistent, global ad platform for its $20bn Sprite brand. ‘Heat Happens’ will roll out across 200 markets, along with a new Sprite logo and visual identity. The historical campaign was first created from scratch by WPP’s Open X team.

No matter where you are, you’ll soon hear that a cold Sprite is an antidote for when ‘Heat Happens.’ Sprite’s new campaign, which debuts in the US and India this month, says the world is more heated than ever – in both the physical and mental sense. The best way to stay cool is to crack open a Sprite, per the new campaign. The campaign targets all 200 markets and regions where the soft drink is available.

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The Launch Ad

The brand has released multiple clips to promote the campaign. Nonetheless, the simplest yet annoying scenarios are kept in mind, which makes us lose our cool.

The campaign invites fans to enjoy a moment of refreshment with Sprite after finding themselves in potentially unavoidable or irritating situations.

Gen-Z On The Target

Coca-Cola is looking to build on Sprite’s strong momentum by targeting gen Z with playful and relatable ads. TV ads feature “moments of heat,” where Sprite helps the protagonist stay cool.

In one spot, a sister refrains from smashing her brother’s banjo. In another, a concertgoer makes a wise decision not to cut in line. One outdoor ad reads: “Wi-fi out. Wi-me and Wi-now?”

Another: “When he said 5 minutes 45 minutes ago.”

“Many things create ‘heat’ around us. It’s inevitable,” said Shrenik Dasani, Global Brand Director, Sprite. ‘Heat Happens’ shows that cooler heads always prevail. Whether it’s mental heat in the shape of unwanted interruptions, or the physical heat of a sweaty commute, our hectic daily schedules leave us constantly searching for ways to keep our cool. We believe that adding a human layer of understanding and dash of comedic value, as well as a sip of ice-cold Sprite, can help diffuse potentially triggering situations.”

“In a world more heated than ever before, we feel the time has come to launch the first unified platform and visual identity on Sprite, to provide a consistent consumer experience around the world, introduce a new younger audience to the brand, engaging them in moments of physical or mental heat throughout their day, and offer them exciting experiences by tapping into passion points like music,” Dasani added.

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“Heat Happens” will roll out in 2022 across North America, Greater China, India, Africa, Europe, A-South Pacific, Korea, the Middle East and Latin America.

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