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Introducing the new Alpha Triplet Deep Freezer, Waves is back with something super cool and funky this time around.

Taking inspiration from the classic tune, Daddy Cool, the new TVC features Bushra Ansari as ‘Dadi Cool’ proving age is just a number and you’re never too old to let loose and just chill.

Bored with the typical dupatta clad desi dadis with constant complaints about backaches, loud music, and almost everything?  Well, Bushra Ansari has always defied age and taken challenging roles that have made a mark on screen, and this time she does it again!

Rebuilding the image of a dadi, the product being advertised converts Bursha into a cool Dadi, who sings, dances and wears whatever she wants to! She’s too cool to care and knows that everyone else is a fool.

On a recent show with Nida Yasir, the legendary actress pointed out that age is just a number to her. “Honestly, in order to keep your heart young, it’s important to change your mindset in reality,” she had said.

While we love the idea of breaking the norms, the execution could have been a bit better, we feel. But wait, we’re not complaining and love to see people do as they please without social judgment and restrictions! Why should young people or men have all the fun?

However, society finds it hard to accept a senior artist play a cool granny and there are mixed social media reactions. Some mocked at the fashion sense, while others criticized the makeup stating that dadi is only making a fool of herself.

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Social Media Reacts to Bushra Ansari as Dadi Cool

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Watch the TVC below and tell us what you think!

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