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Former skipper Shahid Afridi has called out former Indian cricketer Gautham Gambhir for a senseless suggestion.

Ghambhir had suggested for India to boycott its World Cup 2019 match against Pakistan.

During a press conference on Saturday, Afridi called-out the cricketer-turned-politician claiming his remarks as foolish and criticized Indians for electing a candidate who has literally ‘no sense’.

Ghambhir was elected from East Delhi on BJP’s ticket. While addressing his nation on a local TV channel, he said that the country should boycott the match at any cost.

Game Changer Controversy: Gautam Gambhir Hits Back at Afridi

We can’t play with the sentiments of our country. Two points are not important than the lives of our soldiers, but for this, the entire country needs to be on the same page. We should have the courage to lose points even it’s the first match or the finals. Even if we boycott playing the World Cup final against Pakistan, the country must stand together- Gautam Gambhir

In response to the statement, Afridi spoke up and lashed out saying:

Do you think it is sensible what Gautam Gambhir has said? Does this sound like something a sensible person would say? Do educated people talk like this?

The Afridi-Gambhir Clash

Before this commotion, Gambhir had called out Afridi for the content in his latest biography called the Game Changer.

Afridi referred to him as a person with no personality and an attitude problem as well as a  cross between Don Bradman and James Bond.

To this, Gambhir spat back on Boom Boom by offering to take him to a psychiatrist. Lala did not wait to respond back! He tweeted:

The Indian Government doesn’t normally give visas to our people, but I will welcome everyone from India to Pakistan. Our people and our Government have always welcomed Indians and as for Gautam, I will get a visa arranged so that his treatment can be done here.

We have yet to see if India takes the newly elected politician’s advice or locks horns with Pakistan at the World Cup 2019 format.

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