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According to the head of Turkey’s Council of Higher Education, Yekta Sarac, Turkey hosts nearly 150,000 international students from 182 different countries.

At a graduation ceremony of the Turks Abroad and Related Communities (YTB) held yesterday, Turkish President expressed his interest in increasing the inflow of international students in Turkey.

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Here is what he said:

“Our goal is to increase international students [in Turkey] to 200,000 until 2023. We see you as Turkey’s ‘mission chiefs’ when you return to your home countries,”

He further added:

“In this hall, I see future ministers, premiers, politicians, artists and — hopefully — Nobel laureate scientists. In this hall, I see hearts that will serve both their countries and the whole of humanity with their works,”

Turkey is now accepting Turkish Government scholarship applications from international students from around the world, which is a great opportunity for Pakistani students.

Such scholarships will enable qualifying students to study at some of the best universities in Turkey and gain very useful insight, skills, and research.

Moreover, this will help Turkey improve mutual relations and understandings with other countries.

As of now, only international students interested to apply for bachelor, masters or Ph.D. are eligible to apply for the Turkey Scholarships.

Benefits Of Turkey Scholarships for international students

Some of the best advantages of the scholarship program are listed below:

  • Free Accommodation
  • No tuition fees
  • Health expense
  • Travel Expenses

Language Course Requirement for Turkish Scholarships

Students who lack fluency in the Turkish language will be required to take a one year long Turkish Language Course to sharpen up their language skills.

We hope Pakistani students will make the most out of this opportunity in Turkey.

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