Punjab Civil Secretariat

A video has caught social media’s attention as women not covering their heads have been barred from entering the Minister’s Block at the Punjab Civil Secretariat in Lahore.

This came to attention after Noor Imran tweeted about her experience as she and her colleagues were not allowed to enter the premises without a dupatta on their heads.

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This came as a surprise for Noor as this was not her first visit and never faced an issue with her apparel before. However, this time around, she was stopped by the security and staff of the Minister’s block in the security checking room.

When confronted, the police officer on duty named Raza stated that this rule was imposed on the women to prevent men from staring at them and were set by the Minister.

Noor further shared that she then took a dupatta from a friend. When she wore it on her shoulders, she was still not allowed to enter. The female staff members told her that it had to be on her head.

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Noor’s colleagues had faced the same problem the following two days as one of the girls did not have her head covered. When the officials were asked to present an official notice of this new rule, they responded by saying it is not on paper, but just verbal orders.

In the video, the guard takes the name of Dr. Yasmin Rashid, one of the Ministers who wanted this rule to be implemented. Twitter users have taken it to the social media platform to call out Dr. Rashid and have asked for an explanation.

This incident even got noticed by Pakistan People’s Party Parliamentarian and Senator Sherry Rehman.

What are your thoughts about this new rule? Dupatta or no dupatta?

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