NAS-Daily is coming to Pakistan

Famous travel blogger and significant other of the popular NAS Daily, Alyne Tamir took to Instagram yesterday to announce a very important news:

She has finally received her Pakistani visa and is all set to visit us!

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NAS has an Israeli passport and could not travel to Pakistan. However, two years ago, Alyne and he made a one minute video on Pakistan.

“A month ago, I wondered if it would be possible to make the best 1 minute video about a country I can’t enter: Pakistan,”

said NAS Daily.


Here is how Alyne shared her excitement on her official Instagram account.

“I can’t believe it! I GOT MY VISA TO PAKISTAN! 😱 Remember last year when I spent two weeks in Istanbul trying to get it and I failed…well, they made a new online a visa system and I literally got it in a day!,”

She further requested everyone to update her with all the knowledge regarding Pakistan.

Fans want her to bring Nuseir Yassin, aka NAS Daily along with her. She had earlier stated that they had tried to get the visa a year ago but failed.

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Staying positive, he collected images and videos through the internet and made the video hoping to visit Pakistan one day.

In terms of tourism, Pakistan is a hidden treasure left unexplored by many, including those living here. More people need to explore the land and it’s always a delight when foreign travel bloggers decide to visit Pakistan.

NAS Daily has been dating Alyne Tamir who is also his travel companion and appears in a majority of his videos. She also manages her own vlog titled Dear Alyne which tackles several topics such as feminism, sexism, materialism, vegetarianism, consumerism, female empowerment and, obviously, travel.

While Alyne is definitely coming, let’s hope NAS can come along and explore Pakistan too!

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Are you excited for her visit to Pakistan? Let us know in the comments!

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