Tuba Aamir Lashes Out Against Abusive Labour Practices in Pakistani Factory


Mohsin Abbas Haider and his wife Fatema Sohail have been all over the news recently for Fatema’s allegations of domestic abuse on Mohsin.

While FIRs have been filed and press conferences have been held to hear both sides of the story, it is important to also pay some attention to people who cannot speak up for themselves so easily.

The Man Who Brought Mohsin Abbas into the Industry Breaks Silence on the Matter!

What sort of mentality is this and in what environment this beast was raised?

Said a tweet with comment by Tuba Aamir, Aamir Liaquat’s second wife, which brought into light how badly laborers are being mistreated at a garment factory in Korangi.

While in the first image we see the man with his foot resting on the back of a laborer already in punishment, in the second photo we see the laborers in a queue with their kameezes tied to each others.

Here is what the Pakistani law says about health, safety, and protection of laborers:

Health and Safety

Employer Cares

Chapter 3 of Factories Act makes it obligatory on the employer to provide for safe and healthy working environment to the workers. (Section 13-33Q)

Free Protection

No specific provision in the laws on provision of protective clothing, however Labour Protection Policy 2006 directs the enterprises to provide workers with protective clothing and equipment.

In the same way, Factories Act, 1934 (section 23-A) provides for compulsory vaccination and inoculation of workers and expenses are to be borne by employer.

And here is what LABOUR POLICY 2010 says:

  • Social and economic well-being of the people is one of the principal objectives of the present people’s government.
  • Just and humane conditions of work be guaranteed to all workers.
  • Forced labour in all its forms to be eliminated.

Clearly, what we see in the photos is in no way a healthy or safe environment.

We hope that due notice of the matter is taken soon after Tuba Aamir’s tweet and such inhumane treatment is put an end to.

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