Pakistani TV Stars
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Most of our favorite Pakistani TV stars keep alternating between TV and film platforms. Not everyone is able to maintain the talent on each platform. But some of those stars are as elegant as ever regardless of the platform they are on. And now some of them are venturing or have already ventured into web series as well. Let’s take a look at some of those TV stars, shall we?

1. Sajal Aly

We all know and love her. We saw her act in projects ranging from Chup Raho to Gul e Rana and then in the beloved Yaqeen ka Safar. Sajal is known for her amazing acting skills, who will give her all to her projects. Her recent web series, “Dhoop ki Deewar” is set with the background of the seemingly unending conflict between Pakistan and India. The series portrays the view that war is never good and peace will always be better.

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2. Ahad Raza Mir

Wasn’t it just yesterday that Ahad got his iconic role in Yaqeen ka Safar? Who didn’t love the insanely handsome Dr. Asfandyar? Now, married to his Yaqeen ka Safar co-star, Sajal Aly, the legendary couple is starring together in the above-mentioned web series, “Dhoop ki Deewar.”

3. Madiha Imam

Madiha is a name known in all households of Pakistan. Famous for her roles, such as Heer and Dhani, she will always be highly regarded by many. Her most recent work Ishq Jalebi aired during Ramadan this year and immediately became the month’s highlight. Madiha’s contribution to the web series came in the form of “Ek jhooti love story.” The series follows two people who try to find their ideal partner by making fake profiles on social media.

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4. Bilal Abbas Khan

If you haven’t watched O Rangreza, what are you even doing in life? Despite debuting in 2016, Bilal has been named ‘The Best Emerging Talent’ by the media, and we agree. Acting so good that we almost forget it is just acting. Bilal makes one immerse completely in the plot. He co-starred with Madiha Imam in the Web series “Ek Jhooti Love Story” Bilal plays the role of Sohail, who creates a fake profile on social media with the name, Nofil.

5. Sarwat Gilani

Our favorite and your favorite, how can we not mention this amazing star? She has acted in exceptional dramas from “Meri Zaat Zarra-e-Benishaan” to “Matta e Jaan Hai Tu.” Just last year, she starred in a web series “Churails,” a bewitching story, pun intended, of course. To put it in a few words, the series follows four women who decide to covertly form an agency solely devoted to catching cheating husbands in action.

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6. Yasra Rizvi

Yasra Rizvi is popular for doing many amazing works, including “Manto” and dramas like “Ustani Jee.” She is yet another household name and is known for portraying the roles of women in problematic situations. She worked alongside the previously mentioned Sarwat Gilani on the “Churails” project, another work centered around women. Yasra, in “Churails,” plays the role of Jugnu, who is in the top leadership of the agency.

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7. Mehwish Hayat

Mehwish Hayat is an icon in her own right, known for roles in comedy films like “Actor in Law,” “Punjab Nahi Jaaongi,” and romance dramas like “Ru Baru” and “Dil Lagi.” A remarkable actress with insanely popular dramas and films, the actress played the main role in a web series “Ennaya” in 2019. The series follows Ennaya, aka Mehwish as a college student with a love for music which ends up getting into a college band, after which the drama ensues.

Check out the web series mentioned and tell us whether you liked them or loved them because there is no third option. Hopefully, more of our favorite TV stars will start signing web series.

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