dhoop ki deewar
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The upcoming web series, Dhoop Ki Deewar, featuring the star couple Ahad Raza Mir and Sajal Aly were trending for a while after the trailer was launched. At first, people were liking the acting by the stars but then when they focused on the storyline, Twitter erupted with backlash.

Indo-Pak Conflict on Dhoop Ki Deewar 

Mostly, the idea about the ban was a direct result of the ever-deteriorating Indo-Pak relations. But for some people, it was also about Kashmir. They said that the atrocities by India in Kashmir are continuing; we are not holding them accountable, instead, we are telling a story that is highlighting India as a victim.

Twitter Trends with #BanDhoopKiDeewar

Social media was loaded with the hashtag BanDhoopKiDeewar. Netizens could not digest the trailer of the web series because they felt that it would deem their patriotism invalid. Hence, be it the actors, writers, or directors, everyone was openly being shamed.Of course, one can say that this was just the trailer and that the show features kids of both Indian and Pakistan army mourning for their fathers. But the fact, that it shows the Pakistani girl more fierce, and the Indian boy more traumatized gives the vibe that India is suffering more.



We haven’t yet seen the web series so we do not know what the story is. Since the Zee5 channel is an India property, maybe just maybe the story is Pro India. But the problem is that seventy four years, there has always been hatred between the two nations.

Soldiers suffer the most

Whenever there is a conflict on state level, there is a direct effect on the borders. Whether we suffer or not, the soldiers from both sides suffer losses. And the families of the soldiers have to go through even worse; having to lose their loved ones. It is a story about that. It is a story about losses on both sides. Because the truth is; the conflict between India and Pakistan, does take lives of soldiers more than anyone else.

If we start preaching love instead of hatred, maybe we won’t lose as many soldiers as we do fighting on the Indo-Pak border or fighting for Kashmir. But does standing for love makes it alright to compromise on your patriotism? This question requires some brainstorming.

While you brainstorm, drop comments on whether you will be watching the series airing June 25?

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