pakistani politician mistakes gta

There is no doubt about how loved GTA is. As per 2017, a staggering US$58m per month revenue was generated from the GTA franchise in a year, from mid 2015 to mid 2016.

However, the reason for GTA being discussed in Pakistan today is not its amazing features or modes.

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A Pakistani politician shared an animated clip from the video game, mistaking the clip for real footage, and the internet has been broken again.

The politician Khurram Nawaz Gandapur, who is Secretary General of Pakistan’s Awami Tehreek Party, took to Twitter to marvel at the amazing “narrow escape” of a jetliner landing over a tanker truck parked on a runway.

Here is the video clip:

He soon realized his folly and deleted his tweet. However, he was not fast enough to escape the speed of social media, so here is what he said:


And so began the public’s reaction to his mistake!

The masses are clearly amused.

Some are using it as a chance to be reminded to think before one speaks/tweets.

Many are using it as an opportunity to take a dig at Pakistan’s intellect, implying that Pakistanis elect such politicians because the nations itself lacks intelligence.

Needless to say, it has made for some great laughing stock for not just Pakistanis but for netizens all around the globe.

What do you think about it? Can we spare the Pakistani politician, considering it as ‘human error’?

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Let us know in the comments.

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