Cricket fanatics sheerly enjoy the moment when their favorite team lifts the trophy and brings it home. However, Pakistan vs Australia T20I TUC Trophy did the complete opposite, instead of celebrating, Twitteratis trolled it viral!

It wouldn’t be wrong to say that it took a first few looks and a magnifier to understand that the biscuit on the TUC Trophy was actually real.

Nonetheless, a trophy is a trophy though it may seem bizarre.

What really caught our eye was that a responsible authority like International Cricket Council (ICC) also made fun of a trophy which is absolutely absurd at their end.

The ICC board and members should appreciate the fact that designer is going out of their way to bring new designs and concepts to the playing field.

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On the other hand, Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) had the right idea of keeping it simple, the unveiling of the ‘Brighto presents TUC Cup 2018 T20I series trophy unveiling ceremony.’

Coming back to the Twitter laughing stock fiasco, here’s what some of them had to say about the Pakistan v Australia T20I TUC Cup.

Twitter Reacts to Pakistan v Australia T20I TUC Cup



The trophy also became a popular topic on Facebook’s Khalid Alvi Marketing Next group!

Khalid Alvi Marketing Next Reacts to TUC Trophy




Faraz Hussain shared some interesting concepts for future trophies as well.

What are your thoughts about the Pakistan v Australia T20I Tuc Cup?

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