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The day has finally arrived. It might not be the day of judgment for all of us, but for Indian and Pakistani cricket teams, it sure is. The fire was already ignited as soon as the match was announced between India and Pakistan. Rest assured, we knew what was about to come. Today, India and Pakistan are all set to face each other in Dubai’s ICC Men’s T20 World Cup 2021.

From big screening displays to brands offering food discounts, the party has sure started. The #PakvsInd is trending on #1 on Twitter. While both countries wait for the fate of their respective teams, the public will be biting their nails glued to their screens. However, the best part about the building up tension is the meme game which has already started.

Pakistan-India Match – Things Are ‘Bout To Get Serious

Over the years, several memes from the India-Pak cricket matches have gone viral on social media. The most recent example is from the ICC ODI World Cup 2019.

Momin Saqib, the man behind the ‘maaro mujhe maaro’ reaction from the match, was featured in another video. “Kya aap tayyar hai jazbaat se bharpoor Pak-Bharat ka match? Do hi toh match hain. Ek Pakistan India ka aur dusra Aamir Khan ka Lagaan movie wala,โ€ he said in the video.

Saqib’s meltdown from the 2019 World Cup had become a sensation on social media, and even to this day, he is recognized as the ‘maaro mujhe maaro’ fan.

Looks like he has something prepared or whether lady luck will be on his side again?

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While the teams are busy preparing for the match, the public is busy sharing memes and coming up with solid comebacks. The memes sure are adding fuel to the fire while providing a hint of humor to tone down the tension.

Here is a look at some of our favorite memes.

The situation cannot be more accurate.ย 

Pakistan Vs. India Match Meme Historyย 

The Pakistan and India matches will definitely go down in history. Every match tends to give us a gold mine of memes and laugh-worthy content. Similarly, some of the old memes are revived for today’s Pakistan VS India match.

Let’s take a trip down memory lane before we get some more content ahead of the match.

What better way to remember this meme than thinking? Hopefully, we won’t feel like this tonight.ย 

Just as the first ball after the rain delay was about to be bowled, the veteran wicketkeeper was seen yawning. And surely, the internet did not spare him.

And who can forget this? Not you, not me, as this phrase lives in our mind rent-free.ย 

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While there is a lot more to come, we sure can’t wait to see what the teams have in store for us. Till then, stay tuned to get your dose of humor.

Good luck to both the teams!

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